Daniel Lomax, half brother to Peri Lomax, Zack Loveday and Lisa Loveday, was born 3 months prematurely to Leela Lomax on her Christmas wedding day.

Birth Edit

7 months previously Leela had discovered she was pregnant and a who's the- daddy storyline was initiated as it was suspected that Leela had been unfaithful to her then-boyfriend Cameron, with whom she had fallen out with at the time. As soon as a baby boy was delivered to Leela, a boy she named Daniel after her late father Danny Lomax, he was rushed straight out of the ward and put on a ventilator to assist with his breathing. With Cameron besotted with the boy he believed to be his son, he maintained a vigil by Daniel, and soon noticed a strange mark on the baby's leg. After Cameron initially accused the doctors of harming 'his son', Tegan Lomax, Leela's sister, revealed privately to Daniel's mum that it was in fact a birthmark that was particularly rare in a child of two white parents, but much more common in those that were mixed-race. As this inevitably raised a question over Daniel's paternity, Tegan ran blood tests, the results of which concluded that Cameron could not be the biological father. Leela was forced to tell Cameron the truth shortly after, as Daniel's true skin colour would soon start to develop, and this news triggered Cameron's anger issues to resurface. Cameron then attacked Zack Loveday, believing that he was the one who had slept with his wife. However, with rumours rife that Zack was now a father, the true father paid a secret visit to his new-born son and the woman with whom he had had a one-night stand, and he was revealed to be Louis Loveday, Zack's dad. baby daniel played by bèau bell 2016-2017 and currently played by kyzo-drè 2017-

Introduction SequenceEdit

2019-: Daniel sits in a paddling pool as Peri, Leela, Ste, Lucas and Leah have a water balloon fight.


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