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Damon Kinsella is the son of Maggie Kinsella and Buster Smith, the half-brother of Scott Drinkwell, the ex-husband of Maxine Minniver and best friend of the late Brody Hudson.


1992-2017: Backstory[]

Damon was born in 1992 to his parents Maggie Kinsella and his father whom was a famous footballer, Buster Smith, somepoint throughout his early childhood, Damon befriended Brody Hudson and the two became close friends as the years went on however Damon was unaware of Brody being victimized by his own father which lead to Maggie to throw Buster out and get a divorce, Damon was also unaware that Maggie had another son, Scott Drinkwell whom she gave away for adoption when Scott was born.

2017: Arrival & Scott's Reveal[]

Damon was first heard when Scott Drinkwell called Maggie's house phone surprised it was not his biological mother Maggie whom answered, Damon demanded to know who was on the other end of the and in a panic Scott put the phone down and was shocked when Damon also revealed he was Maggie's son. Damon is then seen in July 2017 when Scott meets him at a bar who Damon was part owner with his best friend, Brody Hudson, Damon gets on well with Scott unaware of who Scott really is and they soon quickly become good friends with one another but Brody knows Scott is hiding something. Damon is then shocked to discover that Scott is in fact his half brother and is cold towards both Scott and his mother but after Brody helps Damon and Scott bond again, Damon starts to warm to Scott and they start to get to know each other properly especially when Damon along with Brody help Scott through his mental health battle along with Scott's auntie, Diane Hutchinson. Damon then along with Brody manages to bag himself a job at the local pub know as The Dog in the Pond where he meets Holly Cunningham and gets along with Holly to the point he starts a relationship with her.

2018: Maggie's Death, Buster's Arrival, Gambling & Sleeping with Cindy[]

Damon is beyond devastated when he discovers in January 2018 that his mother, Maggie has terminal Overian Cancer so Damon along with Scott and Brody make Maggie comfortable during her final days and all three of them are beside Maggie when she passes away. On the day of Maggie's funeral Damon is angered when his father, Buster Smith arrives and is at first not wanting to know Buster for all the years of abandonment but soon quickly allows his father back into his life. Damon is left baffled as too why Brody is acting frosty towards his father unware of the history between the two and due to being unware Damon is more yhen happy to hey to know his father again. Damon also develops a gambling addiction and finds himself skint after losing to a game of cards to gangster, Glenn Donovan, Damon then ends up sleeping with his own girlfriends mother, Cindy Cunningham this ends up with Damon being punched by Holly's close friend, Zack Loveday afte breaking up with Holly on their wedding day after Damon comes clean during the ceremony that he had slept with her mother Cindy leaving Holly devastated and embarrassed.

2018-2019: Buster's Downfall, Relationship with Maxine & Time in Prison[]

Damon is enlisted by Glenn's ex Grace Black to support Maxine Minniver after being kidnapped by Liam Donovan whom is wanting answers surrounding his fathers death however initially being payed by Grace and against his will Damon actually starts to fall for Maxine and even after a few weeks he moves in for a kiss which upsets Maxine however Damon gives Maxines daughter Minnie a surprise when he dresses up as Santa which Maxine is grateful for and she in fact ends up kissing Damon herself but is annoyed when nothing else comes from it so and also even further annoyed when she is told by Sienna that Damon originally lied to the police about Buster and Damon is insulting to Maxine when she confronts him about this so on New Year's Eve Maxine goes out her way to make Damon jealous when she flirts with Zack. But the same night Damon discovers the truth behind Buster and Brody when Brody finally reveals what Buster did by sexually exposing him as a child as well as countless other younger boys one of which was local teen, Oliver Morgan. Damon is also shocked to discover Maxine Ahmad been rushed to Hostpital and is in a serious and critical condition after Maxine awakes Damon reconciles his relationship with her.

Damon supports Brody during and after Busters arrest, Damon also supports his best friend when Busters trial is then taken place in January 2019 after Buster is sent down for six years for the abuse of Ollie but not Brody, Damon helps Brody rekindle his relationship with Sienna Blake. Damon is put in a awkward situation when Maxine thinks they are about to move in together after the assumption from Scott also eggs on her belief however Damon was in fact planning on flat sharing with Brody instead which upsets Maxine not long afterwards Damon finds Maxine collapsed in the floor shocked Damon rushed over to Maxine who is claiming to Damon that she cannot feel her own legs, Damon rushes Maxine to Hostpital being left worried for her state. But Damon is unware that doctor Misbah Maalik is unable to detect a issue regarding Maxine but Damon finds himself feeling more and more worried for Maxine as she continues to feel ill and collapses a few more time and after Damon asks Grace too look after Maxine, Grace tells Damon she suspects Maxine is pregnant with his child which excites Damon but Damin is quickly let down when Maxine tells him that she is in fact not pregnant. Its then soon revealed after a few more trips to the Hospital that Maxine is faking her own illnesses.

Damon marries Maxine in July 2019 unware that Maxine is lying too him, Damon then later hears a confession which was recorded on Minnie's toy Parrot that of Maxine telling Minnie that she is not really Ill when Damon confronts Maxine and demands the truth but discovers that Maxine is still being to him not being able to trust his now wife, Damon breaks up with Maxine. Damon is later sentenced to six months in Longmere Prison thanks to Maxine forging his signatures and upon his release Damon is cold towards Maxine and files for a divorce.

2020-2021: Surporting Brody & Relationship with Liberty[]

Damon finds herself having to find his best mate whom has been kidnapped by Sienna's ex, Warren Fox. However Damon and Liberty mange to find Brody locked in a shipping container. Damon then begins to grow closer with Liberty and quickly begins a relationship with her he then also finds himself being kept hostage with Liberty by the revengeful Summer Ranger who wants revenge for her fathers, Cormac Ranger's death, which Brody was a part of. Damon is left devastated when Brody is murdered by Warren however unaware it was Warren who killed Brody.

Introduction Sequence[]

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