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Dale Greer was a man who Warren Fox caught stealing from a supply truck that was delivering alcohol to The Loft in May 2009. Whilst grabbing alcohol from the truck, Dale accidentally dropped a military knife which Warren returned to him. Dale told Warren about receiving the knife whilst in the army, and that he had been struggling with guilt over accidentally fatally shooting a child. Warren managed to talk Dale out of killing himself.

Dale later visited Warren at The Loft, offering to work to pay him back for the stolen alcohol. Warren realised that Dale was homeless and insisted on paying him for the work done and convinced Dale to get back in touch with his sister. On 29th May 2009, Dale rescued Warren who ended up trapped in the cellar after Clare Devine set the club alight. Warren realised that nobody knew that he escaped, so he stabbed Dale with the knife and left him to die. Dale was subsequently mistakenly identified as Warren. Warren confessed the truth to Theresa McQueen upon his return in December 2010.

Kill Count[]


  1. Unnamed child, prior to May 2009 - Shot by Dale. Dale was serving in the military at the time and attempted to flag down the car, but the car didn't stop so Dale opened fire, later learning that the driver was actually a teenager joyriding.

Attempted Murders[]