Courtney Campbell

Courtney campbell

First Appearance
29 August 2016
Last Appearance
Current Character
Science Teacher at Hollyoaks High
Former part time drug dealer
Lockie Campbell & Cameron Campbell (First Cousins)
Granny Campbell (Grandmother)
Uncle Tommy (Uncle)
Peri Lomax (First cousin once removed)
Steph Cunningham-Lomax (First cousin twice removed)
Iona Campbell (Daughter)
Portrayed By
Current Home
Liam Donovan (one night stand)
Jesse Donovan (boyfriend)
Attempted Murder Victims

Courtney Campbell is the cousin of Cameron Campbell and Lockie Campbell. She is a science teacher, and is portrayed by Amy Conachan. In August, it was confirmed she is pregnant.

Characterisation Edit

Courtney is the cousin of Cameron Campbell (Cameron Moore) and his brother Lockie (Nick Rhys), and she arrives in the village searching for Lockie following his disappearance.

Arrival Edit

Courtney is first seen inside Esther's Magic Bean where Sally St. Claire gets caught on Courtney's wheelchair. Sally politely asks Courtney to move, but she has headphones on and can't hear her. Sally taps Courtney on the shoulder, to which Courtney reacts very rudely to this. Sally notices Courtney is looking at Hollyoaks High School, and asks what she's doing. Sally reveals she is the headteacher there, and leaves.

Intro Edit

2016-: Courtney is at the loft with Tegan and Leela.

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