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Cleopatra "Cleo" McQueen is the daughter of Reenie McQueen, sister of Celine McQueen and half-sister of Porsche McQueen. Cleo was the youngest of Reenie's three children and was raised without a father figure until Reenie began dating Pete Buchanan. Cleo and Pete's relationship became sexual as Pete began manipulating and abusing Cleo. Cleo began dating Harry Thompson who learned of the abuse and exposed Pete. Cleo realised Pete's true ill-intentions at the court trial and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Cleo's love life turned disastrous after discovering that Harry was gay, and he dumped her for Ste Hay. In March 2016, Cleo was a passenger when Holly Cunningham - who was under the influence of alcohol - crashed into Nathan Nightingale and Rachel Hardy's car, which exploded and killed Rachel. Cleo took the blame for Holly but ended up beginning a relationship with Nathan, which ended after he learned of the charged against her.

She next began dating Joel Dexter, but the relationship ended after she discovered his involvement in the death of Katy Fox. She began to develop bullimia, which she struggled with even after reconciling with Joel. At the altar, Cleo suffered a heart attack and decided to end their relationship as she didn't think she could recover whilst still with Joel. She went on to date Mitchell Deveraux, but he cheated on her with Scott Drinkwell.

After falling for Toby Faroe, Cleo believed that she had found her soulmate, despite Toby's traumatic upbringing and anger issues. However, in January 2022, Toby confessed to killing Lisa Loveday before Salon de Thé de Marnie exploded with Toby, his family and Cleo inside. Their relationship ended after he was arrested and imprisoned. After a failed attempt at reconciling Joel, Cleo received a job offer as a medical researcher in India and decided to accept, leaving in May 2022.


1998-2015: Early Life[]

The youngest of Reenie McQueen's children, Cleo was born in August 1998. Her biological father was absent from her life, as the case with her full sister Celine and half-sister Porsche. Reenie began a relationship with Pete Buchanan, who began sexually abusing Cleo from the age of 13, successfully convincing her that they were having an affair. Cleo left for a boarding school in France, whilst Reenie ended up in-and-out of prison.

2015-2016: Arrival, Relationship with Harry Thompson & Abuse Reveal[]

Cleo is first seen in January 2015 when she arrives to live with her two older sisters, Porsche and Celine with the rest of the McQueen family. She quickly enrols into Hollyoaks High School and Cleo quickly gets into trouble with headteacher, Patrick Blake when shes caught vandlising School property along with Nico Blake and Dylan Jenkins, however, they fled only leaving Cleo to take the blame.

By February 2015, Cleo meets fellow teen, Harry Thompson and quickly becomes friends with him and after a few flirtatious moments, Cleo starts to like Harry and vice versa and the two of them begin a relationship with one another but is unaware that Harry is hiding his true sexuality and that he is in fact gay. He even calls the relationship off a few times but they manage to reconcile.

When Pete arrives in early 2015, Porsche reveals that Pete sexually assaulted her when she was fifteen and wants him nowhere near the family. However, no one believes her and Pete stays. There are then several scenes between Cleo and Pete, in which Pete tells Cleo how he wants things to go back to how they were before she left for France. He then starts grooming and manipulating Cleo until she tells him she doesn't want it anymore. Pete then leaves, knowing it will cause Reenie to start drinking again. A while later, Cleo begs Pete to come back home and Pete agrees, knowing Cleo will agree to the grooming. He makes Cleo believe they are having an affair and he's in love with her and tells her the proposal to Reenie was just to be closer to her.

On the day of Pete and Reenie's wedding, she reveals to Harry that her and Pete had been having an affair. Harry realises what's going on and reveals the abuse and that Pete is a pedophile at the wedding. At first, Reenie doesn't believe it and thinks Porsche talked her into doing this, to get back at her. Cleo is in denial about the fact it was abuse and in anger, she reveals to Porsche and Celine that he has been messaging a local schoolgirl named Jade as well. Myra and Nana then talk to her about how she should put her kids first and then Celine comes with messages Pete has been sending to Jade.

Cleo refuses to go to the police about the abuse. Eventually, she makes a confession to the police and Pete goes to trial. During the trial, in June 2016 it is revealed that Pete had been grooming her ever since she was 13. Mercedes thinks Cleo may be planning to help Pete get out and tells Celine. Later, they find out that Pete and Cleo have a secret email account on which they've been communicating since she was eleven. The emails gave enough proof to put Pete away.

2016: Car Crash & Love Triangle with Nathan Nightingale[]

During her family issues by March 2016, Cleo has made really good friends with fellow teen, Holly Cunningham during her time in Hollyoaks so far and helps Holly decide who she loves more out of twin brothers Robbie and Jason Roscoe. Holly drinks despite Cleo's pleas the two girls still get in Holly's car and attempts to stop the two boys from leaving at the airport, however, Holly is drunk and speeding and ends up crashing into Nathan Nightingale and his girlfriend, Rachel Hardy. While Nathan manages to escape, Rachel is not so lucky when the car explodes, killing her instantly. Cleo, who is already having a spark with Nathan, takes the blame so Holly does not get into trouble but is furious with Holly when Holly becomes close with Nathan and begins a relationship with him.

Cleo starts to feel betrayed by Holly as well as isolated when the whole village thinks she's the one who killed Rachel this leads Cleo to wonder if she has done the right thing covering up for Holly and having no one to support her as her family seem too busy with their own issues and while this storyline is during the events above, Pete is still around and he uses this to manipulate Cleo further into his grooming of her. The day of the trial of Rachel's death takes place even when Myra and Celine suspect something is odd between Cleo. Later, due to the pressure of facing jail time, Cleo suffers a huge panic attack, Cleo is then only given community service and not a prison sentence this angers Nathan who wanted Cleo sent down for Rachel's death this leads him to tip a bin over Cleos head and begins to be cold towards her.

The truth is finally outed on the day of Pete's sentencing when the court room question her over Rachel's death as Pete attempts to use this against Cleo and his defence but Holly is finally outed for killing Rachel three months after her death. A guilty Nathan apologises to Cleo and is disgusted with Holly later Cleo and Nathan share a huge heart to heart with one another and this leads them to share a kiss and they continue to grow closer each time they're around one another and eventually Nathan gives Cleo a job at The Dog where he lives but Cleo realises how much Holly is struggling with herself so Cleo attempts to reason with Nathan and asks him if he should forgive Holly over Rachel's death which leads Cleo and Nathan to fall out with each other.

On the day of Cleo's 18th birthday party, Nathan gets a note telling him too meet him at The Loft, Nathan who has now developed strong feelings for Cleo despite falling out with each other, assumes Cleo sent it however it was in fact, Lisa Loveday despite this Cleo is left surprised when Nathan tries to kiss her but she rejects him and despite also having really strong feelings for Nathan, Cleo helps set up Nathan's relationship with Lisa but instantly regrets it. Cleo is also later warned off by Lisa who begins to be jealous of Cleo's and Nathan's friendship.

2016-2017: Celine & Nathan's Deaths, Drug Abuse & Relationship with Joel Dexter[]

After a long period of searching, Celine's body is finally found in the lake and it is revealed she was killed by her seiral killer ex-boyfriend, Cameron Campbell, Cleo struggles to accept that she is gone and keeps convincing herself Celine is still alive and cleans the entire house before she comes home. Ryan Knight later stops by at Myra's request with the items Celine had on her when she was found to make Cleo realize that Celine was in fact gone. At Celine's funeral, her family convinced Cleo to go declare her love for Nathan before he proposes to Lisa but when she arrives she sees Nathan fall from a window and die in front of her eyes. After this, Cleo is left heartbroken and alone.

When Cleo's estranged cousin Bart returns, Cleo finds out he's on drugs, he tells her it will help her forget, at first Cleo throws him out. Later, Cleo gets so desperate to feel better that she turns to Bart for heroine until one day she takes an overdose desperate to forget and is brought to the hospital by priest Joel Dexter and his father Warren Fox after which she promises to stay away from the drugs so Joel and Warren wouldn't tell her family. at Carmina's christening party, Cleo reveals to everyone that Bart is an addict and that they were trying to sneak out to get high on heroine. After all this Cleo begins too deal with losing Celine as well as Nathan with the support of Joel which leads Cleo to begin to have feelings for Joel as he is the only one showing his support for her.

Cleo's cousin, Goldie, is the first to notice that Cleo really likes Joel but Cleo dismisses Goldie's claims. Later, Cleo meets with Goldie and they bump into Joel, Warren and Warren's fiancée, Sienna Blake, as Cleo drinks she becomes more high rate and ends up embarrassing herself, she is then kindly taken home by Joel where Cleo attempts a kiss but Joel rejects her leaving Cleo even more embarrassed by her drunken evening despite this they remain close friends but Cleo starts to be suspicious of Joel when he acts odd at the mention of Bart whom has been murdered by Joel's dad, Warren for his supposed involvement in Warren's sister's, Katy Fox's death. Later after Warren encourages Cleo to tell Joel how she really feels about him, Cleo does so but Joel is cold towards her when he then states to her to leave him alone but again they put aside their feelings and still continue to be close friends for sometime.

Cleo and Joel's friendship continues to go from strength to strength, with Cleo hoping that Joel will stop being a priest, in order for him to have relationship with her in her mind. Later on, Cleo sees Joel buying drugs and not wanting him to go back on drugs, Cleo offers her support and the two start clean on Joel's motorcycle. Cleo eventually tells Joel that she is in fact in love with him but to her delight, Joel tells her the same and the two of them decide to go on a trip with each other but it ends in disaster when they crash the bike against a car, driven by Cleo's cousin, Prince. Cleo flys off the bike down a hill and is not found until Joel come round and rushes to find her, Cleo is found but is entering a cardiac arrest but thankfully, she survived. After months of being with Joel, Cleo is disgusted when she discovers that Warren has murdered her cousin Bart and Joel told him a lie that Bart was the reason Katy was dead. Cleo is disgusted and ends her relationship with Joel. Although they do briefly come together after breakig up when they're both kidnapped by Goldie's ex-boyfriend, Shane Sweeney, along with Darren Osborne all escaped thinking Shane was killed however this was not the case. Cleo then briefly dates Brody Hudson and although the two kiss nothing more comes from their brief dating.

2017-2018: Bulimia[]

By December 2017, Cleo discovers that Joel is in a relationship with Warren's ex, Sienna, this leads Cleo to start eating food then making herself throw it up this goes on for the majority of 2018 with her family unaware of Cleo's suffering, Cleo and Joel rekidnle but Cleo keeps her bulimia a serect from Joel, however, on the day of their wedding, as the two have decided they love each other enough to marry, Cleo with the support of Farrah Maalik, Cleo begins to finally open up too her problems but after saying her vows to Joel, Cleo has a heart attack and is rushed to hospital, Cleo's family along with Joel find out Cleo is bulimic. Soon after Cleo and Joel spit up from one another.

2019: Relationship with Mitchell Deveraux[]

After her breakup with Joel and her recovery from bulimia, Cleo starts seeing fellow employee. Mitchell Deveraux. His grandfather, Walter, however, doesn't approve of the two and this leads to Mitchell eventually breaking up with her. When she reveals to Mitchell that she had bulimia, Walter retracts his disapproval towards her and let's the two of them date. Cleo becomes close friends with Scott Drinkwell after they're both had similar struggles and extreme mental health problems but this eventually leads to Mitchell questioning his sexuality, when he starts hooking up with Scott, while he's in drag. Mitchell tries breaking it up several times due to his denial about being gay but eventually reveals to Scott that he loves him. The affair keeps going on until Cleo finds out in the hospital, when Scott got hit by the crane. She is so upset and then leaves Hollyoaks to live with Porsche for a while.

2020-2021: Return, Relationship with Toby Faroe & Pete's Release[]

Cleo returns to Hollyoaks in November 2020 after a year away she takes a liking to Mitchell's brother, Toby Faroe and after discovering that Mitchell has left with out saying a word to now husband Scott, Cleo makes peace with Scott. Cleo then returns to work, she continues to grow fonder and closer with Toby but Cleo is unaware of Toby's real self and dark secrets such as murdering his cousin and Cleo's friend Lisa ans being the main reason Mitchell left without saying a word. At the start of their relationship, Cleo is often left confused by Toby's odd behaviour and angry outbursts even though Toby's sister, Celeste Faroe and his father, Felix Westwood often plea with Cleo to give. Cleo does give Toby another chance but after another outburst she calls their relationship off again but is left shocked to discover that Toby was isolated as a child by Doctor Ramsey Ley, Cleo offers her support for Toby and starts her relationship with him all over again.

As her relationship with Toby now seems to be going well, Cleo discovers by April 2021 that her abuser Pete is due to be released from Prison and after coming face to face with Pete who pleas that he has changed at first Cleo seems to believe Pete but soon discovers his lying she later then sees Pete hurt with a carving in his arm which was done by Toby, Cleo at first is against the idea of violence towards Pete but eventually comes round to the idea when she discovers that Pete is messaging and emailing a younger girl she prepares to kill Pete after arranging to meet him but is stopped by Toby who talks Cleo out of doing so and Pete is then arrested again for breaching his bale conditions.

At her place of work Cleo helps a young boy who seems to be bullied by his stepfather and has a broken hand which Cleo feels they are both hiding the true circumstances behind how he broke his hand despite trying to get the young boy to open up at first Cleo has no luck therefore to ensure his safety she keeps him at the Hostpital for aslong as possible and finally the young boy opens up to Cleo about his step fathers abuse, Cleo goes to the Police but he is released so Cleo along with Toby confront the man which leads Toby to attack him, Cleo still disagrees about Toby's ways but agrees that the man deserves it there relationship then goes from strength to strength even though Cleo has a kiss with Joel but she chooses to be with Toby and Toby supports Cleo when she along with her job are in trouble after she accidentally gives patient, Marnie Nightingale the wrong medication which nearly kills her after being left by her boss, Misbah Maalik due to Misbah being taken back at the arrival of new Hospital boss, Ali Shahzad. Marnie's son, James Nightingale threatens to sur but is talked round by Marnie Cleo however manages to keep her job despite weeks of being suspended and a picture that was shown by Peri Lomax that Cleo was drinking the night before the incident, Cleo is delighted. Cleo is left shocked to discover that Lisa has been murdered after her body was discovered in the Woods in December 2021.

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Attempted Murders[]

  1. Pete Buchanan, 25th June 2021 - Struck with a tree branch, following their encounter after his release from prison.



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It's your baby sister, back from France - what does it look like?
— First line, to Porsche McQueen.

Why's it all happening so fast?
— Final line, to Misbah Maalik.

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