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Cleopatra "Cleo" McQueen is the daughter of Reenie McQueen and Mickey. She is also the sister of Celine McQueen and the half-sister of Porsche McQueen.


1998-2015: Backstory[]

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2015-: Arrival/relationship with Harry Thompson[]

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2015-2016: Reenie's arrival and Pete's abuse[]

When Pete arrives in early 2015, Porsche reveals that Pete sexually assaulted her when she was fifteen and wants him nowhere near the family. However, no one believes her and Pete stays. there are then several scenes between Cleo and Pete in which Pete tells Cleo how he wants things to go back to how they were before she left for France. He then starts grooming and manipulating Cleo until she tells him she doesn't want it anymore. Pete then leaves knowing it will cause Reenie to start drinking again. a while later Cleo begs Pete to come back home and Pete agrees knowing Cleo will agree to the grooming.

He makes Cleo believe they are having an affair and he's in love with her and tells her the proposal to Reenie was just to be closer to her. On the day of Pete and Reenie their wedding, she reveals to Harry that her and Pete had been having an affair, Harry realizes what's going on and reveals the abuse and that Pete is a paedophile at the wedding. At first Reenie doesn't believe it and thinks Porsche talked her into doing this to get back at her. Cleo is in denial about the fact it was abuse and in anger she reveals to Porsche and Celine that he has been messaging a local schoolgirl named Jade as well. Myra and Nana then talk to her about how she should put her kids first and then Celine comes with messages Pete has been sending to Jade. Reenie then throws him out and tries to run him over with a car. Celine collapses after taking pills to lose weight and Cleo refuses to go to the police about the abuse. Eventually, she makes a confession to the police and Pete goes to trail from 27-29th [[[June 2016]]. it is then revealed that Pete had been grooming her ever since she was 13. Mercedes thinks Cleo may be planning to help Pete get out and tells Celine. Later they find out that Pete and Cleo have a secret email account on which they've been communicating since she was eleven. the emails give enough proof to put Pete away.

2016-2017: Celine and Nathan's death and drug abuse[]

After a long period of searching, Celine's body is finally found in the lake and it is revealed she was killed by her ex-boyfriend Cameron. Cleo struggles to accept that she is gone and keeps convincing herself Celine is still alive and cleans the entire house before she comes home. Ryan Knight later stops by at Myra's request with the items Celine had on her when she was found to make Cleo realize that Celine was in fact gone. At Celine's funeral, her family convinced Cleo to go declare her love for Nathan before he proposes to Lisa but when she arrives she sees Nathan fall from a window and die in front of her eyes. After this, Cleo is left heartbroken and alone. When Bart comes back and Cleo finds out he's on drugs, he tells her it will help her forget, at first Cleo throws him out. Later, Cleo gets so desperate to feel better that she turns to Bart for heroine until one day she takes an overdose desperate to forget and is brought to the hospital by Joel and Warren.

She promises to stay away from the drugs so Joel and Warren wouldn't tell her family. at Carmina's christening party, Cleo reveals to everyone that Bart is an addict and that they were trying to sneak out to get high on heroine.

2017-2018: Bulimia and Relationship with Joel Dexter[]

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2019-: Relationship to Mitchell Deveraux[]

After her breakup with Joel and her recovery from bulimia, Cleo starts seeing Mitchell Deveraux. His grandfather, Walter, however, doesn't approve of the two and this leads to Mitchell eventually breaking up with her. When she reveals to Mitchell that she had bulimia, Walter retracts his disapproval towards her and let's the two of them date. Cleo becomes close friends with Scott after they're both had similar struggles and extreme mental health problems but this eventually leads to Mitchell questioning his sexuality when he starts hooking up with Scott while he's in drag. Mitchell tries breaking it up several times due to his denial about being gay but eventually reveals to Scott that he loves him. The affair keeps going on until Cleo finds out in the hospital when Scott got hit by the crane. She is so upset and then leaves Hollyoaks to live with Porsche for a while.

2020-2021: Return and dating Toby Faroe[]

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