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Charles Adam "Charlie" Dean is the son of Becca Dean, the biological son of Justin Burton, the adoptive son of Jake Dean, and the ex-boyfriend of Ella Richardson.

Charlie was born in prison, with Becca (who was serving a sentence for alleged sexual activity with Justin, a minor) initially unaware whether the father was Justin or her husband, Jake Dean, whose name had been written on Charlie's birth certificate. After Becca was murdered in prison and Jake ended up in a psychiatric facility, Charlie's aunt Nancy Hayton became Charlie's legal guardian. Charlie is named after Becca's late father, Charles Hayton.


2006-2007: Conception/Birth[]

Becca Dean discovered that she was pregnant in May 2006, but was unaware of whether the father was her husband, Jake Dean, or her student, Justin Burton, whom she had been having an affair with. She initially kept the pregnancy from Justin, and let Jake believe that he was Charlie's father. However, Becca and Justin's affair was revealed two months later, and Jake realised that he may not be the father.

Becca chose Justin over Jake, but later changed her mind and went back to Jake, deciding that Jake would be the baby's father, regardless of the baby's paternity. Justin reported Becca to the police for their affair, and lied that they had begun a sexual relationship when Justin was 15. Becca was arrested and imprisoned, but went into labour at her sentencing and gave birth to a son in hospital. She named the baby Charles (after her late father, Charles Hayton), nicknaming him Charlie. Charlie stayed with Becca in prison. Justin eventually admitted to lying, and Becca was released. However, on the day she was released, Becca was stabbed by Fran Hathaway and she died in hospital.

2008: Leukemia/Paternity[]

Nancy took Charlie to the hospital, worrying about his high temperature. Charlie was diagnosed with leukemia, and Jake was tested to see if he was a match for Charlie. Jake discovered that he was not a match, meaning that Justin was Charlie's father. Charlie underwent chemotherapy, which was delayed when he developed an infection. When Nancy left Jake after he attempted to rape her on their wedding night, Jake withdrew Nancy's visiting rights to Charlie, which lead Nancy to seek Justin's help to win custody of Charlie from Jake.

2008-2009: Custody Battle[]

After Jake and Justin had a fight, Justin decided to help Nancy with the custody case, not wanting Charlie to be raised by Jake. Nancy and Jake continued to argue and fight, which resulted Nancy throwing Jake out of the flat, and Jake making Nancy appear to be an unfit parent. Outside the court room, Jake goaded Nancy into exploding at him and causing a scene. Jake was awarded custody, and revoked Nancy's visiting rights.

Jake held Charlie's christening the next day, choosing his sister, Steph Dean, and step-brother, Darren Osborne, to be Charlie's godparents. Nancy later revealed that Jake had tried to rape her on their wedding night, and Sarah Barnes and Hannah Ashworth convinced her to go to the police. Jake was arrested for attempted rape, but released. However, Steph backed up Nancy's story and Jake was exposed. Jake took Charlie in his car and drove to a remote location, attempting to kill himself and Charlie by gassing them in his car. Nancy was able to track them down and saved Charlie, but left Jake to die. However, Jake survived and came after Nancy. He attempted to take Charlie to France, but was arrested and admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Jake later confessed to the murder of Sean Kennedy in exchange for Justin giving his parental rights to Jake's mother, Frankie Osborne.

Justin later went on the run, taking the blame for the fire at The Loft, saying goodbye to Charlie before his departure. Jake was later released from the psychiatric hospital, but Frankie was worried about Jake's mental health and decided to give Nancy parental rights. Charlie went missing in the care of Nancy's boyfriend, Kris Fisher, and everyone worried that he might have been with Jake, which he had not.

2012-2013: Disappearance[]

Darren and Nancy later got together, and married in a surprise ceremony in February 2012, meaning that Charlie was reunited with Jake's side of the family. Nancy also gave birth to a son, Oscar. Nancy began to struggle, however, and exploded at Charlie. Charlie, believing he was unwanted, ran away. Whilst out in the woods, Charlie slipped and knocked himself unconscious when he fell onto a tree branch. He was later discovered by Seamus Brady and rushed to hospital. However, Charlie had only minor injuries and was discharged not long later.

2013-2014: Near Death Experiences[]

Darren and Nancy hired a nanny, Sienna Blake. Sienna became obsessed with taking Nancy's place in the family. She managed to drive a wedge between Darren and Nancy, and Darren chose Sienna over Nancy. However, Charlie and Oscar preferred Nancy over Sienna. After Sienna framed Nancy for a fire at The Dog in the Pond, Nancy was seen as a danger to her children.

Sienna later told Nancy to take Charlie and Oscar and leave. Nancy sped off with them in the car, whilst Sienna injured herself and told Darren that Nancy had attacked her and kidnapped the children. Nancy panicked when she saw a police car and lead a police chase into the car park of Dee Valley University Hospital. Nancy collided with another car, swerved and crashed through the brick wall. She managed to get both Charlie and Oscar out of the car before it fell, narrowly killing them. Nancy was arrested, upsetting Charlie.

Darren and Sienna decided to move out of 1 Stockton Lane, and tried to take Charlie with them. Frankie and Jack Osborne tried to stop them, but Sienna blackmailed Frankie over her knowledge of her affair with Ziggy Roscoe. Sienna later kidnapped Tom Cunningham, Oscar and Charlie when Nancy was released. She tried to gas them all in her car, but the police arrived and Sienna crashed whilst trying to flee. She was then arrested and Darren and Nancy eventually reconciled.

2015: The Gloved Hand Killer[]

At Hollyoaks's gay pride parade in October 2015, Charlie witnessed The Gloved Hand Killer, Lindsey Roscoe give Charles S'Avage a fatal injection. Charlie was left traumatised and began having nightmares. Lindsey threatened Charlie, and he refused to speak to anyone. Nancy and Darren were concerned when Charlie began drawing dead people, and eventually managed to get him to admit that he witnessed Lindsey murder Charles. However, Lindsey was murdered by Silas Blissett before facing prosecution.

2016-2019: Nancy's Multiple Sclerosis[]

Charlie discovered that Nancy had been researching multiple sclerosis, and worked out that she was ill with the disease. Charlie researched the disease and told Oscar that Nancy was dying, and also told Darren. Darren revealed to Nancy that Charlie knew about the illness, and Nancy told them the truth, leading to them all reconciling.

Darren was later arrested for drug dealing and served a prison sentence. Despite his insistence, Tom took Charlie to see Darren. Frankie died of a stroke in November 2017, and Oscar and Charlie read out a eulogy at her funeral. Whilst exploring the school, the pair almost discovered Kim Butterfield, who had been kidnapped by Ryan Knight, but were interrupted by Ste Hay.

Nancy and Darren split when Darren's affair with Mandy Morgan was revealed. Charlie eventually forgave his father and tolerated Mandy's daughter, Ella Richardson. Meanwhile, he took a liking to Kyle Kelly, Nancy's new boyfriend. Charlie and Ella snuck into the underground tunnels during the construction of Cunningham's Grande Bazaar, and were left trapped when the crane collapsed. However, they managed to escape. Charlie discovered that Nancy and Darren had slept together when they were trapped in the tunnels looking for Charlie and Ella, but Nancy confessed to Mandy not long afterwards.

2020-2021: County Lines Drug Dealing[]

Charlie began to feel ignored by Nancy and Kyle when they had relationship problems following Nancy's miscarriage. Charlie began secluding himself, opting to spend all of his time playing video games. Charlie would occasionally play with Sid Sumner. However, unknown to Charlie, Sid's drug dealing cousin, Jordan Price, would use Sid's account to get Charlie to think that he and Sid were friends.

Jordan later befriended Charlie, and asked him to hold onto a package. He then started getting Charlie to hold onto drugs, but Charlie found out and confronted Jordan. To Jordan's surprise, Charlie agreed to hold onto drugs for him, for a higher price. Kyle eventually discovered what Charlie was doing, and was torn between telling Nancy or trying to help Kyle secretly. Nancy and Kyle began having problems in their marriage and ended up splitting. Charlie was left distraught when Kyle took his own life following years of depression, which he had managed to keep hidden from his family. Under pressure from Jordan, Sid used the situation to manipulate a reluctant Charlie into dealing drugs for him. Charlie later helped Juliet Nightingale convince Mandy's daughter, Ella Richardson, to also deal drugs.

On New Year's Eve 2020, Ella refused to smuggle drugs inside her body for dealer Victor Brothers, so the pair hid in The Hutch. They were found by Jordan, unaware that he was planning to help Juliet Nightingale and Sid escape from Victor. Charlie grabbed Jordan's knife and stabbed him to defend himself, but Ella grabbed a knife from the kitchen and fatally stabbed Jordan.

In the aftermath, Charlie made an immediate false confession to PC George Kiss and arrested. Charlie wasn't released on bail, and was informed by solicitor James Nightingale that he could be facing seven years imprisonment. In March 2021, Charlie wrote a letter to Ella, explaining that he planned to tell the truth. The letter was used by Nancy as evidence to have Charlie released and Ella arrested. Charlie, however, omitted Mandy's involvement in his detaining.

2021-: Relationship with Ella[]

After Ella was given a non-custodial sentence for Jordan's death, she moved into 17 Basswood Road due to her strained relationship with Mandy. Bonding over spending time in prison, the pair began to grow close and embarked on a secret relationship, later exposed when Nancy mistakenly believed that Leah Barnes was Charlie's girlfriend. The relationship soon became sexual, and Ella later worried that she was pregnant until a test came back negative.

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Attempted Murders[]

  1. Jordan Price, 31st December 2020 - Stabbed Jordan in defence of Ella Richardson.



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