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Charles S'Avage was the brother of Dirk Savage, the husband of the late Julie Savage and Mariam Andrews and the father of Dennis Savage. He was the seventh and final murder victim of serial killer The Gloved Hand Killer.



Dr. S'avage was first mentioned by his son, Dennis Savage, when Dennis told his cousin, Will Savage, of how his father left him with his uncle, Dirk Savage, to pursue his medical career at the time. In 2014, Charles was transferred to Dee Valley University Hospital. During the hospital siege in October 2014, Charles tried to stand up to detainer Big Bob when Freddie Roscoe was shot by Bob, but Charles was overpowered by Bob. Bob was later shot dead during a scuffle with Cameron Campbell, and Charles declared him dead. He promised to help Lindsey Butterfield get her job back at the hospital. It was also revealed that he is Dennis's father. Dennis and Charles struggled to reconcile, especially when Dr. S'avage disapproved of Dennis' transgender girlfriend, Blessing Chambers. However, Charles managed to convince Dennis to give him the matches, after Dennis threatened to blow up Trevor Royle's flat, in revenge for Trevor's bomb causing the death of Dennis's late wife, Leanne Holliday, in October 2013.

Finding his ex-wifeEdit

Dr. S'avage revealed to Tegan Lomax that the reason her daughter, Rose's blood transfusion did not work was because Rose was a different blood type than what Tegan was told at her birth - meaning that Rose was not her biological daughter. Later, Charles informed Tegan that her cancer treatment had not worked and to Tony Hutchinson that his cancer treatment had caused him to become infertile. After the baby swap dilemma came to light, the midwife who unintentionally switched them, Mariam Andrews, was revealed to be Dr. S'avage's ex-wife. Mariam blackmailed Dr. S'avage into helping her, threatening to expose one of his secrets. Dr. S'avage had Mariam pleaced in a mental ward, which Sienna Blake discovered. Sienna became close to Mariam to try and uncover his secret, and Dr. S'avage, panicking, promised to get Mariam out. Dr. S'avage was angry at his nephew, Will, for kidnapping Dennis in 2013, and later supported Dirk when he revealed he is being blackmailed over letting his son Will die when Will was murdered in February 2015. Dr. S'avage assured Dirk that he had nothing to feel guilty about. He also helped Dirk set up traps to catch the blackmailer, who was later revealed to be Robbie Roscoe.

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  • Charles's surname is pronounced sah-vage.

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