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Charles Hayton was the husband of Margaret Hayton and the father of Becca and Nancy Hayton. Charles and Margaret were wealthy and seen as snobbish by Jake Dean and his family. When Charles first met Jake, he was in gardening clothes. Jake, assuming he was the gardener, proceeded to tell him all about how humourless and stuck up Charles was. His mother, Frankie Osborne, her son Craig Dean, and her daughter Steph Dean dropped in for an unplanned visit, and a drunken Frankie told the Haytons all about Jake's affair and his giving an STI to Becca. The families also clashed over wedding preparations and cost. In spite of this turmoil, Charles and Margaret attended Becca's wedding and wished her well.

Charles suffered a heart attack in early 2006 and Becca went to visit him during his recuperation. During another visit a few months later, she was in the midst of an affair with Justin Burton and wasn't with Charles when he suddenly suffered a second heart attack, which proved to be fatal.

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