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Celia Osborne (née Moorcroft) is the mother of Ruth and Darren Osborne and the ex-wife of Jack Osborne.

Celia arrived in Hollyoaks with Jack and Darren where they joined their daughter, Ruth, as Jack became the new landlord of The Dog in the Pond after Greg Andersen decided to sell the bar following the death of his daughter, Natasha. After the revelation of Jack's affair and impregnation of Dawn Cunningham, Celia emigrated to the United States with Darren, leaving Jack running The Dog. They later divorced, and Celia met and married a man named Jerry in 1998.

In July 2005, Darren told Jack that Celia couldn't attend his wedding to Frankie Dean. In September 2013, Darren discovered that Sandy Roscoe was his biological mother. In 2014, Darren went to visit Celia in America. In 2016, Jack went to visit Celia, where she forgave Jack for his affairs with Sandy and Dawn, and revealed that she was working as a teacher. In 2017, Darren and Jack went to visit Celia after Frankie's death. Upon his return, Darren told his wife, Nancy, that Celia had retired.

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