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Celeste Faroe (née Megan Deveraux) was the triplet sister of Toby Faroe and Mitchell Deveraux, the half-sister of DeMarcus Westwood and the long lost daughter of Martine Deveraux and Felix Westwood. She and Toby arrived in the village to get revenge on the Deveraux family for the family abandoning Toby, but it was later revealed that she was Toby and Mitchell's triplet sister.

Upon discovering that she had a brother (Toby), Celeste spent her life keeping Toby in line. As their search for revenge brought them to Hollyoaks, Celeste prevented Toby doing anything rash against their plan. Things took a turn when Toby killed Lisa Loveday, believing that she was Mitchell, and helped him cover up her death. Finding a place at home with Martine and Felix, the pair dropped their revenge plan and moved in with the Deverauxes.

Not long after Lisa's death, Felix learned the truth and helped Toby and Celeste with the cover up. However, investigations by undercover officer Saul Reeves threatened to expose their secret. Toby ultimately came clean to Martine and his girlfriend Cleo McQueen as he faced death in the Salon de Thé de Marnie explosion, with Celeste dying whilst trying to convince Toby to escape from the collapsing building with her.


1994-2019: Early Life[]

Celeste was one of three triplets born to Martine Deveraux and Felix Westwood on 10th March 1994. Felix sold two of the triplets to Ramsey Ley (who named them Toby and Celeste Faroe) for £50,000, as the third triplet - named Mitchell - wasn't expected to survive.

With the two children, Ley carried out a "nature vs. nurture" experiment, documenting her findings in her book. The experiment involved Toby spending his life locked in a room, whilst Celeste was treated normally - the pair separated by a red door. In 2007, Celeste discovered that Toby was behind the door and slid a key underneath, with the pair learning of the experiment and setting the facility ablaze.

2019: Revenge plan[]

Celeste arrived in the village with her 'husband' Toby to view a flat, previously owned by Mitchell Deveraux. Toby and Celeste introduced themselves to Scott Drinkwell. After they decided to purchase the flat, they introduced themselves to their neighbours, Mandy Morgan and Darren Osborne. The pair were eager to impress Toby and Celeste, which the pair tried to use to their own advantage.

The pair also introduced themselves to Jesse Donovan and Courtney Campbell, and also decided to make a fool out of Jesse by telling him that they wanted to use his salon to style their models and actors for music videos. Jesse, in his excitement, posted a vague comment to social media about having a potentially famous client at the salon, which they saw and told Jesse that the client had been put off by the post, having previously asked Jesse to keep quiet about the client. He and Celeste secretly took enjoyment in Jesse's disappointment, laughing at him behind his back.

Toby and Celeste began watching the Deveraux family closely. They attended a sermon held by Walter Deveraux in December 2019, with Toby getting angry over Walter being a hypocrite as he talks of “Martine's precious son”, when they cast their own son out, whispering this to Celeste. Toby was anxious to confront Martine and reveal his identity to her, but ended up changing his mind. Celeste revealed that she had a photo of Mitchell kissing Scott Drinkwell, which she planned to use to destroy to the family due to Walter's homophobic views, and told Toby that he needed to plant the photo in their flat.

On New Year's Day, Mandy had her drink spiked by Juliet Quinn, and ended up in Celeste and Toby's flat by mistake. The pair worried that she had overheard their plan. They decided to take Mandy and Darren out for a drink to see if Mandy knew anything, and took the opportunity to try make fools out of them, with Celeste taking an embarrassing video of Mandy. Toby gave Darren his business card so he could go into the studio and Celeste convinced Mandy to let her see her portfolio to send to modelling agencies, only for Toby to revoke his offer to Darren and tell Mandy that the agencies did not have the reaction expected to Mandy's portfolio.

Toby and Celeste then decided to throw a housewarming party in an attempt to get closer to the Deverauxes, inviting some of the other villagers to be more subtle. Toby discovered from Walter that Martine did not raise Mitchell, but he and his wife, Gloria, did so. However, the party ended abruptly when Mitchell was arrested. Lisa Loveday apologised to Toby on her family's behalf and flirted with Toby, and Celeste and Toby realised that she was their way into the family.

Whilst Toby was busy flirting with Lisa to plant the photo in the flat, Celeste began an affair with Romeo Quinn, who was left smitten by her when she visited Salon de The de Marnie. She came outside indecently dressed and flirting with Romeo, tempting him and convincing him to help "fix the shower". The pair began a fling (which Romeo believed to be an affair), eventually ending when Celeste coldly rejected Romeo.

2020: Finding Felix[]

Martine planned a birthday party for Mitchell, which took place in March 2020. Toby was left furious as he was ignored by the Deverauxes, exploding and revealed that he was Martine's son whom she gave away. Martine later worked out that Celeste was the daughter she had also given away, which Celeste confirmed before slapping Martine. Celeste eventually realised that Martine was not the person they needed to take revenge on, and began tracking down Felix. She was successful, but the pair were left angry when Felix attempted to defend himself as Martine told them that Felix had put them up for adoption.

Celeste later overheard Felix and Walter speaking, discovering that she and Toby were sold for £50,000. Toby later beat Felix unconscious, with Celeste convincing him to keep quiet and telling D.S. Cohen what Mitchell said about hoping that Felix never awoke. Felix never regained his memory and Verity Hutchinson managed to get Mitchell off the GBH charges.

As Celeste subtly began softening towards the Deverauxes, Toby's anger continued to be an issue. On the day of Mitchell's wedding to Scott, Toby took a fireplace poker to the room Mitchell was supposed to be staying in and bludgeoned the person under the covers - who turned out to be Lisa. Celeste assisted Toby with the cover-up, but the pair were nearly caught when Martine told them about the hotel undergoing grounds refurbishments. However, Mitchell found Lisa's body in the back of a car in Warren's Wheels. Celeste and Toby held him captive and gave him an ultimatum: leave the village for good, or end up dead like Lisa. Mitchell then left the village for good. However, Felix later found out, but kept quiet.

2021-2022: New Beginnings & Death[]

Celeste struggled to keep Toby in line as he grew paranoid of his secret escaping. However, the pair ended up forming a bond with the Deveraux family, especially after Walter fell ill with kidney problems and Toby stood in as a donor. As Toby calmed down, Celeste found herself able to focus less on Toby and more on herself, starting to study at a law school whilst working at Dee Valley Law. On a night out with Cleo McQueen and Verity, Celeste met and found herself attracted to Sam Chen-Williams.

In January 2022, Celeste attended the Dee Valley Heroes event at Salon de Thé de Marnie, where an explosion occurred caused by a faulty spin bike and a smoke bomb thrown by Becky Quentin. Toby told Martine and Cleo that he killed Lisa, and opted to stay inside the collapsing building. Just as Celeste convinced Toby to leave, the ceiling caved in and Celeste died of her injuries moments later. Her death was confirmed in the following episode, when Martine tells Felix that Celeste is ‘in the chapel’.



Address Duration
7 Weirside View 29th November 2019 to 2020
5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 3 2020 to 12th January 2022

Employment history[]

Job Duration
Trainee lawyer/clerk at Dee Valley Law 2021 to 12th January 2022

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We came to see the flat. Oh, hello tiger.
— First line to Mitchell Deveraux and Scott Drinkwell.

Run. Be free.
— Final line to Toby Faroe before death.

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