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Carl Costello was the husband of Heidi Costello and the father of Riley, Jem, Jason and Seth Costello. Carl arrived in July 2010 and departured the series in December 2011, however. Carl made brief returns between September to October 2012 and again in January to February 2013. Carl made another return in July 2018 where this time he was murdered by seirel killer Breda McQueen upon his departure for the final time.


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Kill Count[]



Attempted Murders[]

  1. Simon Walker, 15th February 2013 - Prepared to stab Walker with a knife to avenge the death of Riley Costello, but aborted his plan.

Background Infomation[]

  • Paul quit the role of Carl In September 2011 but returned for short stints In 2012 and 2013 respectively, And again five years later In 2018.

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