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Cameron Campbell made his first appearance on 20th June 2014. He's the childhood sweetheart of Leela Lomax and the father of her daughter, Peri, but had been in prison for fourteen years after Leela's mother, Sam, framed him to get him out of the picture. He made his last appearance on 26th January 2017 going down for six murders - one of which was his own brother Lockie Campbell.


1986-2014: Backstory

Cameron was born in 1986 and along with his brother Lockie and cousin Courtney he was brought up more or less by his controlling grandmother, Granny Campbell. Cameron was a tear away teen often getting into fights and committing petty crimes. Cameron eventually meets Leela Lomax at a young age but her mother Sam Lomax who is a detective sets Cameron up for a crime he did not commit in 2000. A 14 years old, Cameron was sentenced to years in Prison. His mother was said to be heartbroken and died while Cameron was inside due to cancer also unaware that Leela was pregnant with his child.

2014: Arrival

Cameron is first seen in June 2014 when he is visited by Sam Lomax to tell him to stay away from Leela when his released however Cameron gets straight onto the phone with his solicitor telling them to hurry with the release after his release Cameron follows Sam around Hollyoaks where he eventually kidnaps her and forces the truth out of her which he voice records on a phone and hands it to the Lomax family who are disgusted in what Sam did to Cameron.

In a bid to start a new life, Cameron gets a job at The Hutch as he learned to be a chef, while in prison. Tony Hutchinson is willing to give Cameron a chance but he finds himself clashing with Leela's current boyfriend Ziggy Roscoe. Just two months into his arrival, Cameron is angry to find out that Sam and her husband Danny are about to take his daughter, Peri Lomax away for good in a bid to stop them at first Cameron enlists the help of Freddie Roscoe in order to plant evidence that Sam killed Fraser Black to make it as though Sam wanted Fraser away from her daughter Tegan Lomax but when this back fires seeing no option Cameron purposely runs down the Lomax's car in a van which results in their deaths and after the accident Cameron gets rid of everything that can link him to the murder but is happy when he gets what he wanted in that Peri isn't going anywhere.

Cameron also takes the life of dangerous gangster known as Big Bob during a hospital siege where he shoots Bob with his own gun during a struggle in October 2014 and during the same month Cameron's charismatic brother, Lockie arrives where Cameron at first thinks his a stranger kissing Leela but is shocked to learn it's Lockie.

In November, Cameron along with his brother are involved in a train crash however they managed to surrive but Cameron finds out that Tegan has got cancer but Ziggy tells him to keep quiet but Cameron supports Tegan and encourages her to come clean to Leela.

Cameron also then has many run ins with Ziggy as well as finding himself in debt to a loan shark named Shane. In a bid to get the money, Cameron, along with Rick Spencer, attempt to rig a boxing match involving Rick's two sons Robbie and Jason Roscoe. They attempt to place a fake bet for the fight against gangster Trevor Royle, however, the original bet that Robbie loses is no more when Robbie's pride gets the best of him and he beats Jason leaving Cameron and Rick angry. Cameron, however, manages to pay Shane and threatens him to keep away from his family.

2015: Attempt At Family Life

In January 2015, Cameron is confront by a teenage boy named Dylan Jenkins thinking Camerom is his father Cameron is confused but Trevor arrives to tell them that Dylan is in fact his son. During the same month, Cameron goes through Peri's phone where he sees texts between Peri and her boyfriend Tom Cunningham where Cameron correctly comes to the conclusion that the two teens have had sex thus he confronts both Peri and Tom at Hollyoaks High School leaving Peri embarrassed by the way Cameron has gone about it this leads them to go on a family holiday and Cameron puts magic mushrooms in his soap which causes him to confess to killing Sam and Danny. Leela orders him to leave or she will call the police.

Cameron returns in March when Lockie tracks him down for help in order to get money to pay off Trevor Royle who Lockie has ended up in debt with before Cameron helps Lockie he confesses that he caused the deaths of Sam and Danny. The two brothers then steal the money from someone they know and return to the village in order to pay off Trevor and 'save' Lockie's wife Porsche McQueen. Cameron then decides to return to Hollyoaks and Leela at first is furious Cameron has returned but seeing how happy Peri is she decides to let him stay. Cameron having been so in love with Leela decides to kidnap her on her wedding day to Ziggy where its recorded that Cameron is admitting to killing Sam and Danny later Tom blackmails Cameron in order to stay with Peri. Cameron then tells Tom not to tell Peri as it will break her heart.

Seeing no way back with Leela, Cameron then starts a relationship with Celine McQueen in a comedic fashion as Cameron helps Celine to rob a house in order to raise money for a charity but Celine's boss, Charles S'Avage finds out Cameron resorts to blackmailing him when he discovers that Charles is not a qualified Doctor in order for Celine to keep her job and to stop Charles from going to the police Cameron reasons with him by coming up with a deal is Charles keeps quiet then so will he. Cameron then uses the money to open up his own cooking business but after all seems to be going well Cameron is again blackmailed by Tom over the video again when Peri threatens to have an abortion but Cameron supports Peri and threatens Tom to back off as revenge Tom uploads the video to the School messaging bored but changes his mind however Peri goes into labour and he forgets about the video the truth is then outed and Cameron is punched by Ste and hands himself over to the Police not long after Peri gives birth to Steph Cunningham-Lomax.

Cameron spends a few months back in prison but is eventually found not guilty after Leela gives him such a positive portrayal towards the court this results in Cameron's release he rekindles with Celine but the build up for Christmas is an explosive one when Leela decides to leave Hollyoaks with Peri over finding out that Ziggy has been having a affair with Tegan. Cameron sets the gass' off in the house Leela is staying in. In a bid to kill her but they are saved by Ziggy the house explodes and it results in Ziggy during after he receives a bang to the back of his head. Cameron then ends his relationship with Celine after discovering Celine lied about being in contact with Peri.

2016-2017: Murderous Spree

After confessing to his brother, Lockie that him running down Sam and Danny was on purpose, worried he might tell Cameron kidnaps Lockie and holds him hostage in January 2016. Lockie manages to escape weeks later but Cameron catches him before he can tell anyone and off screen Cameron kidnaps Lockie again only this time Lockie's fate is very much unknown but its eventually revealed months later that Cameron did in fact murder Lockie in a flashback scene is shown Cameron disposing of Lockie's body in a lake.

Cameron is also seek of Ste's meddling and always putting up with Ste always giving chance after chance Cameron tricks Ste into thinking he has taken a drug named methadone and does his best to get Ste to take some it takes some persuading but Ste eventually caved in but realises that Cameron tricked him into doing it and in fact not taken any at all. Cameron gets what he wants when everyone sides with him bar Ste and his boyfriend Harry Thompson.

By August 2016, Cameron's cousin, Courtney arrives in a bid to see if Cameron has heard anything from Lockie as he usually calls to see how things are going. Cameron however plays dump towards Courtney and after weeks of Courtney not leaving it Cameron makes it look as so that Lockie took some money and fled and seems not wanting to be located.

By October 2016, Cameron is accused of causing Maxine Minniver to miscarry after supposedly locking her in a lift a baby she was due to have with Warren Fox who furiously confronts Cameron in the very lift Maxine was found the two get heated but before anything can go further its calmed down between the men by Maxine. This was all nothing but a lie told by Nico Blake who wanted Warren to harm Cameron. Cameron during the same month finds out that Nico was harbouring a dangerous obsession against his daughter Peri and finding this out Cameron sets out to kill Nico and thus tracks her down in the Spooktacular maze along with her mother Sienna Blake. Cameron sets the maze on fire which has devastating effects as it does seemingly kill Nico but also stops a nearby Ferris wheel that had Mercedes McQueen and Joe Roscoe onboard which causes Joe to jump in desperation to be saved but he falls to his death.

Cameron is unknowingly however caught on Camera and its seen by Celine who confronts Cameron who panics seekng no option Cameron kidnaps and then kills Celine to keep her from going the Police. Cameron's downfall starts to unravel a month after Celine's murder in January 2017 when Cameron takes his family away at a cabin but Tegan and Courtney find a body which Cameron confesses to them its Lockie he then locks them in a shed off screen and confesses everything the Leela and Peri. Cameron then attempts suicide with them but is stop by Ste who manages to track them down along with Ryan Knight. As Cameron is escaping his hit by a campervan driven by Mac Nightingale who was with Lisa Loveday. Mac forces Lisa to flee despite not knowing if Cameron will surrive or not. He does but Cameron tells Leela that he has one more trick up his sleeve and that's his kidnapped Zack Loveday who Leela was having a connection with at the time Cameron eventually however tells the police where Zack is and his saved. Cameron is then visited by Peri who tells him shes going have a perfect life but without out him being in her life she then leaves. Cameron is then sentenced to life in Prison off screen.

Months after his sentence. D.S. Armstrong tells Leela that Cameron escaped prison and that they should keep an officer and offers himself for protection however this was so Armstrong can get close to Leela as he was harbouring an obsession with her at the time and in May 2018. Nico was in fact revealed to be alive having surrived the Maze fire the deceased person was that of a young woman in and around Nico's age who was unknowingly trapped in the maze when Cameron set it alight.

Kill Count


  1. Danny Lomax, 5th August 2014 - Knocked over in a vehicle by Cameron's van.
  2. Sam Lomax, 5th August 2014 - Knocked over in a vehicle by Cameron's van.
  3. Big Bob, 9th October 2014 - Shot during struggle.
  4. Ziggy Roscoe, 25th December 2015 - Epidural Hematoma due to banging his head off the concrete because of house explosion caused by Cameron.
  5. Lockie Campbell, 19th January 2016 - Bludgeoned to death with what or how is unknown.
  6. Unknown Female, 1st November 2016 - Burned to death in the maze fire started by Cameron. When her body was found, it was mistaken for Nico Blake.
  7. Joe Roscoe, 2nd November 2016 - Knocked off Ferris wheel when maze fire explosion threw his balance.
  8. Celine McQueen, 5th December 2016 - Strangled with rope.

Attempted Murders

  1. Leela Lomax, 23rd December 2015 - Cameron snuck into her house while she was asleep and left the gas on attempting kill her via carbon monoxide poisoning but she was saved by Ziggy Roscoe.
  2. Ste Hay, 12th May 2016 - Cameron left Ste to drown in a lake but then saved him when he saw Leela Lomax show up.
  3. Nico Blake, 1st November 2016 - Set fire to the wooden maze while Nico was inside as revenge for her kidnapping his daughter Peri.
  4. Leela Lomax, 24th January 2017 - Attempted to burn down the cabin while she and Peri were inside but he was interrupted by Ste Hay.
  5. Peri Lomax, 24th January 2017 - Attempted to burn down the cabin while she and Leela were inside but he was interrupted by Ste Hay.


Mrs Lomax. It's been a while.
— First line to Sam Lomax.

— To Robert Gupta, before being involved in a struggle with him over a gun, resulting in Robert's death.

Please don't make this any harder than it has to be.
— To Celine McQueen just before her murders her.

Peri! Peri!
— Final line to Peri Lomax.

Background Information

  • Cameron was 14 years of age when he went to prison and spent 14 years inside meaning he was 28 years of age when he got out this meant Cameron was born in 1986.
  • Cameron has the fourth highest kill count out of all the killers in Hollyoaks behind Toby Mills (13), Breda McQueen (9), Warren Fox (9), just above Fraser Black (7) and the Gloved Hand Killer Lindsey Butterfield (7). Note: This is only taking into account confirmed murder victims as characters such as Fraser Breda and Silas were all killers long before they first arrived in the village and in Silas's case long after so they most likely have more murder victims that we don't know about.
  • Cameron was sent down for six out of his eight murders: Sam Lomax, Danny Lomax, Lockie Campbell, Celine McQueen, Joe Roscoe, and Nico Blake later to be an unknown female. This resulted to a 104-year sentence meaning he's likely never going to be released.

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  • 2014-2016: Cameron's shot has him standing up against prison bars with streaks of light going across him and the bars.
  • 2016-2017: Cameron is walking in the rain.