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Callum Kane was the son of Martha Kane, and the brother of Ash Kane and Lacey Kane, until he was murdered by Jade Hedy when he was stabbed with a samurai sword.


2011: Arrival[]

Callum arrive in September 2011 when he joins Hollyoaks High School where he meets Maddie Morrison and the two end up clashing at first but soon start to develop feelings for one another but would often insult each other to hide how they really feel until one night after Callum spots a drunken Maddie arguing with Joel Dexter to which Callum offers to walk Maddie home where they would then share a kiss. Callum and Maddie begin to actually tell their feelings to one another especially when George Smith and Tilly Evans end up locking them in a cupboard.

All seems to be going well for a short time until Callum puts his foot in it when Callum decides to bad mouth Maddie's friends, George and Tilly. Callum apologises the next day though and they quickly get back together but sick of Maddie not being totally honest Callum decides to end their relationship.

2012: Family and Relationship Issues[]

Callum is then soon joined by his family byJanuary 2012. His jonied by his mother, Martha Kane and sisters Ash and Lacey Kane as well as his mothers new Australian boyfriend, Ally Gorman whom Callum takes a huge disliking too. Callum is soon faced with his family problems when his mother is seen to be a alcoholic this causes Callum to pull Martha up on her excessive drinking but this would usually lead to heated rows between Callum and his mother. Eventually after giving his mother a ultimatum, Callum himself decides to get drunk which results in Callim getting violent when he trashes his home and pushes over his sister Ash this then leads Callum to be arrested after all this Callum and his mother have a heart to heart where Callum manages to convince her that his mother should seek help for her alcoholism.

Not being Ally's biggest fan. Callum decides to do some detective work by trying to find out who Ali really is this leads to Callum finding out that Ali has been in multiple relationships with women under multiple identities and his real name isn't Ally. Callum then sets up Ally on his lies but abides his time. Callum then makes amends with his mother after multiple arguments.

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