Callum Kane
First Appearance
6 September 2011
Last Appearance
7 October 2013
Sixth Form Student
Martha Kane (Mother)
Ash Kane & Lacey Kane (Sisters)
Portrayed By
Former Home
Date of Birth
February 25th, 1995
Date of Death
October 7th, 2013 (age 18)

Callum Kane is a fictional character from the British television soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Laurie Duncan. The character and Duncan's casting was announced on 25 August 2011. Callum was introduced to the show along with five other regular characters.

Characterisation Edit

A writer for the official Hollyoaks website said Callum was both loyal and compassionate. He would always help out someone in need and tries to do the right thing. The writer observed that Callum was moody, clever and "a little bit gloomy." While Duncan described his character as being "a bit of a mystery man." Callum does not care what anyone else thinks. He does not enjoy socialising or being perceived as a cool guy. Duncan said "I think, most of the time, Callum is the kind of character who just doesn't really want to be bothered by anything or anyone. He wants to do his own thing, get on with his own life, and he's very introverted." Callum often preferred to spend his time reading and watching European cinema. Duncan revealed that he chose to do some research for that aspect of his character's personality and began reading lots of poetry. Callum reads a lot of Bukowski and Duncan told Elizabeth Horsfall from AGENT2 Magazine that he chose to read some of Bukowski's works and had not put the book down for three days. When asked if Callum was similar to him, Duncan replied that he talks all the time, unlike Callum who prefers to be quiet. He also thought they were both nice people, but Callum was "a bit more intense" than himself.

Arrival Edit

Callum first appears where he starts Hollyoaks sixth form college, he is seen as quiet and weird. He later meets Maddie Morrison (Scarlett Bowman), and he partners up with her to work on a project. Maddie soon develops feelings for Callum and they show their affections for each other by insulting one another. During a night out Callum spots Maddie with Joel Dexter (Andrew Still) and is jealous, after Maddie has a row with Joel, Callum walked her home where they later kissed each other, but Maddie ignored him the next day.