Caleb Ramsey was the brother of Zak and Hayley Ramsey. He arrived with Hayley in May 2009, in The Dog in the Pond. Zak appeared to have a dislike of his brother's presence. Michaela McQueen was impressed with his fitness level and appeared to admire him. In June 2009, Zak returned from a weekend at army camp, where he claimed to have been working hard. Caleb started to get suspicious when Zak claimed to have fired a gun, Caleb then told Michaela that Zak was lying.

In mid June 2009, Caleb and Zak helped Ash Roy refurbish Relish, however, after Ash was rude to them, they quit. Ravi Roy convinced them, and Archie Carpenter, to return and promised them a bonus. After the completion of Relish, Ash, who was annoyed of his brother's popularity, told Caleb that Ravi might fancy him. Caleb, who did not know Ravi was bisexual, ran up and punched him. Ash found out what Caleb did and threatened him. Zak told Caleb that he was embarrassed and did not want to speak to him. Ravi went to the hospital after collapsing and was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. In the SU Bar, Caleb started an argument with Kris Fisher and Ravi. He took Kris by his T-shirt but Ravi pushed him off. Caleb told him to go outside so they could fight as Ash arrived. Ravi, knowing fighting could cause his aneurysm to kill him, refused and ran out. Ash told Ravi he was ashamed, as his brother had run out. Caleb later told Zak that he had been called back to Afghanistan by the Army. Caleb revealed he was scared. He got drunk and approached Leila Roy and Elliot Bevan, where he asked Leila for a kiss. Elliot stood up for his girlfriend, holding Caleb back as he grabbed her. Ravi saw them, ran up and punched him. Ravi shouted to Caleb to stay away from his sister. The next day, he attended Zak's graduation. After, Caleb reluctantly returned to the Army in Afghanistan.

In April 2010, Zak received a phone call from his mother to inform him that Caleb had died in Afghanistan on patrol. It was initially thought his death was an accident, but however his friend, Tariq Mistry, had inadvertenly caused his death as whilst on patrol, Tariq tried to save a boy and regretfully told Caleb to drive their truck the opposite direction, leading Caleb to a roadside bomb. The bomb exploded and killed Caleb.

After his death, Hayley gave birth to a son in 2010, whom she named after Caleb.

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