Burton Phillips is a businessman and the brother of Sandra. He is the father of Melanie Price, whom he gave to Sandra, and made as minimal contact with Melanie as possible.

Burton was a self-centered modelling agency owner and businessman. He looked after his employees but often used them to get what he wanted. Melanie's mother, Burton's ex-girlfriend and employee Kay Price was murdered by an unknown assailant in August 2006, and Kay's brother Mickey began watching the agency. Burton had plans to build a casino, and had Ben Davies and Tank Top torch a warehouse, where Mickey lay dead inside. Burton tricked employee Troy into starring in gay pornography, which led to Troy quitting his job.

An investor pulled out of the casino, so Burton sold his bar to Stella Grey, and Stella also took Ben and Lisa Hunter from Burton (however, Ben was working "undercover"). When Lisa was kidnapped by Stella's henchmen, Burton, Ben and Tank Top tried to find the location of the warehouse. Burton was interrupted by a furious Troy, who had been disowned by his family. Troy beat Burton up, and threw him through a window. An injured Burton managed to tell Ben the address and got Tank Top to drive him to the warehouse. Burton was horrified when Ben was shot by Lisa, who mistook him for one of the henchmen, whilst trying to save her.

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