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Brooke Hathaway is the child of the late Fran Hathaway and the foster child of Darren and Nancy Osborne and the parent of Thierry Hathaway. Brooke identifies as non-binary.


2002/2003-2018: Backstory

Brooke was born in the year either 2002 or 2003 to Fran Hathaway. Brooke was close with they mother in they early childhood however Fran was sent to prison in 2006 and would remain there for years after since they had murdered Becca Hayton during a fight. Brooke had autism so found some everyday stuff hard to deal with this caused her to have a timid upbringing.

2018: Arrival

Brooke is first seen in July 2018 when they are seen spying on local Teacher, Nancy Osborne not long after Nancy was contacted by Fran eventually after Brooke signs up for Nancy's one to one tutoring lessons, Nancy finds out that Brooke is the child of Fran. Brooke tells Nancy that they mother is dying this helps Nancy be able to forgive Fran for kill Becca nine years prior before Fran passes away to Brooke's devastation. Brooke is then taken in and fostered by The Osborne family at first Brooke finds it difficult to adjust to new family life with new people mainly due to her autism but after countless chats with Nancy. Brooke starts to adjust and gets settled in they new life.

2018-2020: Relationship with Ollie Morgan

Brooke starts to get along with fellow teen Oliver Morgan and the two eventually start dating after confessing their feelings to one another. Brooke is one of the first to notice Ollie's Football coach, Buster Smith sinister intentions when they spot Buster touching Ollie in an inappropriate manner but unknown this is sinister behaviour from Buster. Brooke gets the wrong end of what was really going on when they come to the conclusion that Ollie is gay they say this to Ollie infront of Ollie's step mother, Mandy Morgan. Brooke is called an idiot by Ollie and that nothing like that happened, Ollie's aggressive manner towards Brooke cause them to have a break down they are supported by Ollie's friend, Imran Maalik and Brooke briefly dates him after splitting with Ollie but quickly ends the relationship when they discover that Imran has been hitting out at his mother and sister, Misbah and Yasmine Maalik after which Brooke reconcile's with Ollie and eventually finds out who Buster really is and supports Ollie along with Brody Hudson who was another victim of Buster's.

Brooke begins to be come a victim of bullying when newcomer, Juliet Quinn joins Hollyoaks High School, Brooke is targeted by Juilet constantly as Juliet belittles and embarrass' them on a continual basis as well as trying her hardest to break up Brooke and Ollie's relationship as Brooke's relationship goes from strength to strength they eventually fall pregnant with Ollie's child but Brooke is not ready/wanting to become a parent just yet as they is not ready but Ollie is causing many problems in their relationship. Brooke eventually gives birth to a baby boy whom they call Thierry Hathaway naming him after Footballer Thierry Henry. Brooke puts Thierry up for adoption and his eventually adopted to a couple named, Mal and Zoe.

Brooke and Ollie still finding it difficult to move on from Thierry decide to go to a party but due to the cancellation of ear buds that tone the lound sounds down Brooke decides not to go and seeing red Ollie lashes out by telling Brooke they are selfish and make everything about them without giving him a second though Brooke is heart broken by this and calls off the relationship between them and Ollie. Brooke is even further left heartbroken when Ollie leaves Hollyoaks without saying a word towards Brooke before departing but Ollie returns and apologises to every he said towards Brooke and they get back together but its again short lived when they discover that Ollie is addicted to ketamine a class A drug along with this Ollie sleeps with Juilet. Brooke, devastated end they're relationship with Ollie and starts a relationship with with Imran again. Despite breaking up from Ollie and being with his best friend, Imran, Brooke does they're best to help Ollie escape from gangster Victor Brothers but soon backs off after Victor threatens to harm them.

2021: Coming out as Non-Binary & Relationship with Ripley Lennox

Brooke starts to form a very close friendship with Sid Sumner along with Imran and the trio decide to form a band during which Brooke also forms a close bond with newly store owner, Ripley Lennox. Brooke takes a liking to some men's clothing and after talking to Ripley starts wonder who they are, Brooke listens to Ripley telling them about Non-Binary and Brooke relates to every aspect and every comes out as Non-Binary themselves.

Not long after this Brooke starts to develop strong feelings for Ripley as they get closer with one another eventually they confess they're feelings and decide to start a relationship.

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