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Brendan Seamus Brady is the son of Seamus Brady, the half-brother of Cheryl Brady, the father to Declan and Paddy Brady, born to Brendan and his ex-wife Eileen Brady, and the on and off again boyfriend of Ste Hay. Eileen and Brendan also had a daughter, Niamh, who died shortly after birth.


1980-2010: Backstory[]

Brendan was born in November 1980 to a unnamed mother and Seamus Brady, however, his sister Cheryl Brady has a different mother. While a child Brendan was often sexually abused by his father who often beat and raped Brendan regularly, as a result Brendan grew up to be troubled and violent and got into drug dealing and eventually worked and went into business with local gangster Danny Houston. Troubled by his childhood and the constant homophobia he suffered from his father, he eventually met a woman named Eileen whom he would later be married to for a decade and have three children; Declan, Paddy and Niamh Brady. Brendan would later cheat on Eileen to a bloke named Vinny. However, Vinny was later murdered by Danny when Vinny made a move on Danny, unknown to Brendan until November 2010. 10 years prior to April 2011, Brendan went on a camping trip with Cheryl and their school friend Pete Hamill. Brendan got drunk and came onto Pete inside his tent but after Pete rejected his advances Brendan ran to their car and tried to drive away but Pete, concerned for his safety, got in the car with Brendan and tried to take the wheel but Brendan refused to let him drive and, in his drunken state, crashed them into a lorry. Brendan and Pete both survived the crash but Pete was left in a wheelchair.

2010: Settling in Hollyoaks, Gang business and Sexuality[]

Brendan arrives during a fight between his sister Cheryl Brady and Mercedes McQueen, Cheryl is beside her self with excitement when she sees Brendan whereas Malachy Fisher seems more dejected at his arrival in which Brendan spots straight away, Cheryl asks Brendan why his here and talks about Eileen Brady who is Brendan's ex-wife to which Brendan replies to Cheryl to change the subject Cheryl asks why to which Brendan replies that she cheated on him much to Cheryl's anger Cheryl later takes Brendan to where she lives and asks him if his staying to which Brendan replies yes to.

Brendan starts to help Cheryl run her club she decides to look for a new manager so Cheryl interviews multiple employees such as Rhys Ashworth, Jacqui McQueen and Carmel Valentine however she eventually gives the manager role to her brother much to his delight and the people she interviewed disappointment.

While Brendan starts the job, he gets off on the wrong foot with already employee Ste Hay as Ste takes a disliking to Brendan and the two have a tiny feud going on with the two always getting one up on one another Bren eventually gets tired of Ste's remarks and eventually threatens him Ste finally gives into Brendan's threats and stands up to him Brendan shockingly kisses Ste and the two have sex, Ste feels like Brendan should be open about being gay but refuses and eventually hits Ste on more than one occasion this is eventually discovered by Ste's ex Amy Barnes who encourages Ste to seek help and report Brendan for domestic abuse. Brendan makes Ste get a girlfriend in order to cover their tracks which he eventually takes a major disliking to Ste's 'girlfriend' Rae Wilson, Brendan tries to make Ste jealous by dating India Longford while doing this Brendan tries his best by making Amy not tell anyone about him and Ste and that she saw nothing Amy occasionally sticks up for herself but is always left uneasy by Brendan's presence, Amy does her vest however to support Ste to make sure he is safe and away from Brendan and remains quite to Rae.

Brendan's long lost gangster friend Danny Houston arrives in October 2010 when his sister Cheryl has needs help in buying the local club this conversation is over heard by Carl Costello and when he hears Danny's name he recognises it and approaches Malachy Fisher to warn him that Danny is dangerous and shouldn't be trusted a worried Malachy approaches Brendan about Danny and is left more worried when Brendan tells him to back off later Brendan is put as manager of the club not long after Danny and Cheryl go into business also Brendan does a lot of dealings for Danny including trying to get Carmel Valentine to smuggle drugs to Barcelona but Carmel was told by Ste who Brendan was sleeping with not to go later however things take a massive turn when Warren Fox returns feeling threatened by his return Danny orders Brendan to get rid of Warren at first Brendan does not want to do it Danny brings his loved ones into it however Brendan foes not back down however is taken back by Danny's confession that he spiked Brendan's ex lover Vinny's drink that lead to a car crash killing him shock Brendan at first plans to get rid of Warren but the two strike up a deal to make Danny sign his half of the club over to Warren and let Warren deal with Danny afterwards so his not Brendan's problem any more the Brendan later asks Danny to come to the club where Danny comes to meet him however his only met by Warren and who demands if he has the papers for him to sign for Brendan's side of the club Brendan not long after comes down and both confess to stitching Danny up they tell Danny the plan was he signs half the club and Warren deals with him however not taking notice of the threat of Warren, Danny signs his share over to Warren and he walks up to Brendan and threatens Ste who Brendan is in love with and in a fit of rage to the threat Brendan headbutts Danny and then beats him with a hammer killing him Warren who witnessed Brendan doing so pulled Brendan away and confirms his dead much to Brendan's surprise and somewhat relief the two men decide to get rid of the body but before doing so Brendan plants Warren's bank card in Danny's suit pocket trying to set Warren up for the murder since that was the original plan all along.

2011: Feud with Warren Fox and accusation of murders[]

Brendan started 2011 trying to work out who Warren really is. he eventually discovers that Warren is helping Theresa McQueen against previous convict Kyle Ryder after Warren enlists men to free Kyle from hospital after Kyle is beaten up in Prison by someone who owed Warren a favour, Brendan then later poses as Warren in order to see what Warren is up too he eventually finds out that Warren is protecting Theresa's secret that she shot and killed Calvin Valentine from Kyle and Brendan plays Kyle for more information eventually Kyle kidnaps Theresa but is later shot and killed by Warren. During his time trying to work out Warren Brendan still has the ongoing feud with Rae Wilson whom is with Ste who Brendan secretly has feelings for Rae threatens Brendan countless time that she will tell Warren that Brendan is gay in which he eventually backs off however Rae later tells Warren anyway but Warren is seen uncaring to the fact Brendan is gay. Warren is later arrested for Danny's murder after Brendan planted Warren's credit card in Danny's suit pocket after Brendan had killed him back in December 2010 however this isn't enough evidence to get Warren charged and after realising that Brendan planted the bank card as revenge Warren tells Ste that Brendan was the one who killed Danny in order to protect Ste, Brendan is furious when he finds out Warren has told Ste that he killed Danny so later the two men later come to blows however after a long fight the two men call it a truce and shake hand however. Ste, who is feeling unsafe now knowing what Brendan is fully capable of after Brendan even confesses to killing Danny when Ste confronts him. He later attacks Brendan from behind with a baseball bat which hospitalized Brendan putting him in a coma. Cheryl at first think Warren is the culprit, however, when Brendan wakes up and tells her it was Ste and he deserved it and that he is gay shocking Cheryl.

By April, Brendan finds out that Warren has had business on the side line that's earning him 3,200,000 so Brendan later hires a female named, Rebecca Massey who is told by Brendan to pose as 'Jenny Houston' in order to try and make Warren believe that she's in fact Danny's sister, however, Warren threatens to kill Rebecca making her back off but Brendan manages to locate the money Warren clicks on that Brendan is the one behind everything so he threatens to out his gay or kill Ste, Brendan calls Warren's bluff and outs himself as gat when he kisses Ste in a packed Chez Chez in which Brendan later buys 49% of the club with the 200,000 pounds he stole off Warren which infuriates Warren and Rebecca is later murdered by killer Silas Blissett. After Brendan has finally came out as being gay, he wants him and Ste to be a couple, however, Ste has a new boyfriend, Noah Baxter. Brendan continues to do his best to split Ste and Noah up he tries to seduce Noah it works as Ste catches him however even though the split Ste and Noah see through Brendan's plan and get back together. Brendan is jealous to find Ste and Noah are planning on going to move to Newcastle, however, Noah leaves and Ste stays.

By July, Brendan again finds Warren keeping secrets from him so he enlists the help of Dodger Savage whom was working for Warren at the time to get the pin of Warren's safe. Dodger manages to to so, however, there isn't any money there. Brendan and Warren come to the conclusion it was Dodger. They confront him, however, they find out it wasn't him. The following month, Brendan is caught sleeping with Ste when his ex wife, Eileen walks in on the pair and angrily asks Brendan what is he doing and if their children ever find out she will stop him from seeing them. Eileen then reveals why she’s visiting because she wants Brendan to look after their son, Declan while she goes away, Brendan agrees to do so and lies to Ste telling him he wants to go to Florida with Ste, however, changes his mind and decides to go to Blackpool with Declan instead.

When Brendan returns he begins to support a scared and timid Lynsey Nolan who is being harassed and stalked by the evil seiral killer, Silas Blissett. Ste also returns from Florida and tells Declan his father is gay. Brendan punches Ste for this and threatens him to stay away Declan walks in on Brendan punching Ste then Ste threatens to go the police, Brendan does the unusual and opens up to Ste about his childhood and that his father use to beat Brendan up and would often be drunk doing so. Brendan later decides all of a sudden however he wants to be in a relationship with a woman and starts to charm his way around Lynsey who is still in a ongoing feud with Silas, Lysney gets so scared and Brendan sees this so Brendan breaks into The Dog and confronts Silas and threatens him that if he ever catches him around Lynsey he will kill him, Silas seems very reserved to Brendan's threat. Brendan tells Ste in a ordering manner to look after Lynsey while his away Rae takes a disliking to how Ste does everything Brendan tells him to do. Angry Rae vents to Silas, who encourages Rae to stand up to Brendan, however, Silas is after revenge on Brendan after Brendan threatened to kill him. Brendan is then met with Rae at his and Lynsey's house and after a brief argument with Ste, shouts at the top of her voice “Brendan is gay” and Declan hears this. (MORE TO BE ADDED).

2012-2013: Walker & Seamus and Downfall[]

To be added.

Kill Count[]


  1. Danny Houston, 28th December 2010 - Beaten to death with a hammer after Danny threatened to kill Ste Hay.
  2. Flo Brady, 21st September 2012 - Suffocated in a bear hug after discovering that she knew of the abuse he endured at the hands of his father.
  3. Simon Walker, 19th March 2013 - Kicked in front of a train during a showdown.

Connected Murders & Deaths[]

  1. Cameron Walker, 14th September 2012 - (accidental) Supplied Cameron with dodgy drugs that caused severe brain damage and eventually caused his death.
  2. Mick Cornus. 19th September 2012 - (instigated) although he wasn't the one to finish him off Brendan abducting him in order to scare him into staying away from Joel and his mother was what ultimately lead to mick's death as in an attempt to scare mick they dangled him from a lighthouse but accidentally pushed him off the top which caused them to think he was dead when he was alive but seriously injured and he was later finished off by Simon walker who suffocated him in the trunk of Brendan's car with a plastic sheet afterwards Brendan cut up mick's corpse and disposed of it
  3. Riley Costello, 3rd October 2012 - (accidental) Although Brendan did not pull the trigger, when wrestling for the gun Brendan pointed the gun outwards to which a shot was fired by Simon Walker which hit Riley resulting in his death

Attempted Murders[]

  1. Warren Fox, 27th December 2010 - Went to meet him, prepared to bludgeon him to death with a crowbar, on the orders of Danny Houston, but warren and Brendan struck up a deal instead.
  2. Mick Cornus, 18th September 2012 - Savagely beat him after he had abducted Theresa McQueen, as revenge for Brendan and Joel abducting him, but Brendan was stopped by Joel before he could finish him off.
  3. Seamus Brady, 4th January 2013 - Paid Joel to kill Seamus, resulting in him knocking him out with a baseball bat and dragging him into a shack in the woods and setting it on fire but Seamus woke up and escaped the burning shack.
  4. Joel Dexter, 9th January 2013 - Knocked him to the ground and prepared to bludgeon him with a stool but changed his mind and smashed it next to Joel instead.
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First And Last Lines[]

"Surprise!" (First line to his sister Cheryl Brady)


"You changed everything, Steven. Everything!" (Final line to Ste Hay before Brendan Is taken to Prison)


  • 2010-2011: Brendan's first shot had a close-up of Brendan standing in a room of candles stroking his moustache with his mouth wide open, he then shuts his mouth looks suspicious and quickly turns away and does a small spin.
  • 2011-2013: Brendan's second and final shot has Brendan standing in the same room but this time he is standing far away from the camera holding a handful of cards, he then throws the cards and one of them passes the camera and reveals the Hollyoaks logo.