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Bobby Riley Costello is the son of Riley Costello and Mercedes McQueen.

At first Bobby's paternity was unknown because of Mercedes' relationship with Riley Costello and her affair with Riley's dad Carl Costello. Mercedes went into labour in the basement of The Dog in the Pond public house because she was being held captive by Riley's grandfather Silas Blissett, a serial killer who wanted revenge on Mercedes for betraying Riley by having an affair with Carl. After Bobby was born, DNA tests later proved that Riley is Bobby's father.

He is the stepbrother of Cher McQueen .

In November 2012, after Riley was shot dead by Simon Walker in an accidental struggle with Brendan Brady and Mercedes was arrested for stabbing herself and framing Riley's girlfriend Mitzeee Minniver, Bobby was taken from the McQueens to live in California with Carl and his family, hoping he would have a better life without Mercedes.

Bobby returns in 2018, after his mother Mercedes, who has spent the last year in America bonding with him, leaves him in the care of her cousin Cleo McQueen. Bobby is happy to be reunited with his maternal family, especially his maternal grandmother, Myra McQueen. Carl returns to take Bobby back, where it is revealed that Mitzeee and Mercedes agreed that Bobby should live away from Carl because he has developed alcoholism. So he now starts his new life with his mother and the McQueen family.

Bobby develops a strong father-son relationship with Sylver McQueen after he starts dating Mercedes, with Sylver and Mercedes marrying in 2019.

In January 2021, when his family is being blackmailed, Bobby is taken from the airport by his serial killer grandfather, Silas Blissett, Who is out to get Mercedes. Mercedes arrives to save Bobby and is forced to choose whether Bobby goes with Silas or stays with the McQueens, this last choice however includes Silas killing Mercedes. Mercedes chooses for Bobby to stay with the McQueens but just when Silas is about to kill her, Theresa McQueen knocks Silas out and saves Mercedes. Bobby later finds Silas and tries to do CPR and Silas wakes up. Mercedes arrives and Bobby tells her Silas has gone but left a message that she won the game and he won't be back. Bobby then asks Mercedes why she never told him about his great-granddad, to which Mercedes answers it was to protect him.

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