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Bobby Riley Costello is the son of Riley Costello and Mercedes McQueen, the step-son of Paul Browning, Russ Owen and Sylver McQueen, the half-brother of Phoenix Costello and Gabriel McQueen, the adoptive half-brother of JJ and Lexi Roscoe, and the step-brother of Alex Browning, Hilton Cunningham, Max Owen and Cher McQueen.


2011: Conception and Birth

Bobby was conceived in 2011, around the time his mother Mercedes McQueen was having an affair with Carl Costello - meaning that Bobby's father was either Carl, or his son and Mercedes's fiancé Riley Costello. Mercedes initially lied that she was pregnant to stop Riley's brother Seth Costello from exposing her affair, and discovered that she was really pregnant after being hospitalised from falling from the stage at The Loft.

After Carl and Mercedes's affair was revealed in October 2011, Riley's maternal grandfather Silas Blissett held Mercedes captive in the cellar of The Dog in the Pond, intending to kill her after Bobby's birth. Silas was apprehended for several murders and Riley found and rescued Mercedes, who had gone into labour. Mercedes gave birth to a son, and Bobby was confirmed as Riley's son through a DNA test.

2012-2013: Riley's Death & Move to U.S.

As Riley began a relationship with Mitzeee Minniver, Mercedes began interfering with their relationship in an attempt to get them to separate. After winning Riley back by framing Mitzeee for attempted murder, Mercedes had her adoptive niece Phoebe McQueen look after Bobby in a secret apartment so that she could convince Riley that Bobby had been kidnapped. After the truth was revealed, Mercedes took Bobby to the apartment roof where she threatened to jump with Bobby in her arms. Riley managed to talk her down and Mercedes was arrested. However, Riley was killed merely days later after being shot during a scuffle between Simon Walker and Brendan Brady.

A grief-stricken Carl decided to return to California, and that Bobby would be better off with him. After battling with the McQueens, Carl managed to convince Myra McQueen that he could give Bobby a better life. She agreed to let Bobby leave with Carl and, who took him to California in October 2012. Carl returned with Bobby in January 2013, but the pair returned to California with Mitzeee in February.

2018-: Corrupted by Silas

Bobby was kidnapped by Mercedes and brought back to England in July 2018. Carl ended up battling an alcohol addiction, so Mitzeee helped Mercedes take Bobby from Carl. Carl returned to the village to get Bobby back, but was killed (later revealed to be by Breda McQueen). After his death, Mercedes was granted custody of Bobby. Mercedes reunited with Sylver McQueen after his release from prison in 2018, and Bobby and Sylver became close. Sylver became Bobby's step-father when Mercedes and Sylver married in March 2019. In the same year, Bobby was accepted into a school for gifted children after Mercedes convinced the admissions officer to give him a chance.

In October 2020, the McQueen family were blackmailed by an initially unknown blackmailer - later revealed to be Bobby's paternal great-grandfather Silas Blissett. When Bobby returned from Alicante in January 2021, Silas collected him from the airport but Mercedes managed to get him back. However, Bobby had already bonded with Silas over learning how to play chess, and secretly kept in contact with him.

With the arrival of Sylver's daughter Cher Winters in June 2020, Cher became jealous as Sylver prioritised Mercedes over her. Cher conspired to split Sylver and Mercedes by making Mercedes appear mentally unstable, which Bobby discovered. Bobby created a false identity, "Jade", and befriended Cher on social media in an attempt to stop her from ruining Mercedes's life. "Jade" encouraged Cher to spike Mercedes's punch as revenge for her affair with Cher's boyfriend Romeo Nightingale, which Sylver drank and suffered a cardiac arrest. In the aftermath, Cher attempted suicide but survived.

After Bobby was revealed to be "Jade", Sylver and Mercedes took him to Alicante in an attempt to reunite the family, with Cher opting to stay behind. Upon the family's return, Bobby was increaingly unhappy at home and Mercedes was alarmed to discover that Bobby was looking into going into foster care. In January 2022, Sylver left the village, which Bobby overheard from Mercedes and Cher whilst hiding behind the Salon de Thé de Marnie counter. The building later exploded and Sylver - who had returned after receiving a video call from Cher - attempted to rescue Bobby. However, he was crushed by falling debris and Bobby escaped, lying that he did not see Sylver. Sylver ended up dying in the disaster.



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