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123lilly123louise123layla 123lilly123louise123layla 28 October 2019


I've been exploring on my IG explore (as you do) and I've learnt that 17 characters are at risk. Brackets are the actor/actress' name:

  • Nancy (Jess)
  • Darren (Ashley)
  • Cindy (Steph)
  • Luke (Gary)
  • Ollie (Aeden)
  • Tom (Ellis)
  • Peri (Ruby)
  • Yasmine (Haiesha)
  • Mandy (Sarah)
  • Leela (Kristy)
  • Breda (Moyá)
  • Tony (Nick)
  • Scott (Ross)
  • Mitchell (Irman)
  • Charlie (Charlie)
  • Ella (Erin)
  • Woody (Jake)

Bold is my middle prediction, Italic is my highest & both is my lowest. Who's yours

(Ross got all sensitive about it btw)

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Ladybee2018 Ladybee2018 31 July 2018

Edit this

I edit things

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Danielroxheaps Danielroxheaps 20 March 2018

Re-Adoption of this Wikia

Hello fellow contributor,

I am required to inform you of my intention of adopting this wikia. It has been abandoned by the site's only administrator, and therefore has been subjected to heavy vandalism. These users are currently able to get away with such edits as there is no administrator or anyone in "power" to ban them, therefore that has triggered my decision to apply for administrative rights on the site.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via my message wall. Thanks :)

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Kit0804 Kit0804 27 August 2016


There is a lot of new news! Let's distribute it!

=== Joel Dexter (Last seen 2013)

Jude Cunningham (Last seen 1998)

Diane O'Connor (Last seen 2016)

Nana McQueen (Last seen 2016)

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Kit0804 Kit0804 3 October 2015

Pages That Need Revamps

These are the pages that need to be revamped to the current standards like Simone Loveday (characters) and Karl Collins (Cast).

  • Phoenix Costello
  • Olivia Johnson
  • Amanda Clapham
  • Ethan Scott
  • Ziggy Roscoe
  • Sonny Valentine
  • Gilly Roach
  • Jane Andersen
  • Bart McQueen
  • Emma McQueen
  • Michaela McQueen
  • Leela Roscoe
  • Ayden Callaghan
  • Greg Andersen
  • Tegan Lomax
  • Jack and Francine Osborne
  • Riley Costello
  • Seth Costello
  • Jason Costello
  • Joe Roscoe
  • Alan Roscoe
  • Danny Lomax
  • Celia Osborne
  • Becca Dean
  • Texas Longford
  • Carl Costello
  • Charleen McQueen
  • Oscar Osborne
  • Peri Lomax
  • Mel Burton
  • Sandy Roscoe
  • Freddie Roscoe
  • Rhys Ashworth
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