Bethany "Beth" Johnson (previously Cunningham) is the biological daughter of Dawn Cunningham and Jack Osborne (conceived during an affair in 1991), and the adoptive daughter of Dean and Jacqui Johnson. In 1997, Beth fell ill and needed a kidney transplant. Dawn was tested but wasn't a match, so she told Beth's biological father - revealed to be Jack - about Beth. Dawn's sister, Jude Cunningham, discovered that Jack was Beth's father and tried to blackmail him. However, she got drunk and revealed Jack's secret to everyone in The Dog in the Pond, causing Jack's wife, Celia Osborne, to split from Jack and take their son, Darren, to the United States. Jack was tested and found to be compatible, and after some hesitation, donated one of his kidneys to Beth.

In September 2004, Beth returned to the village, searching for her biological parents before her move with her family to Australia. Jack informed Beth that Dawn had died from leukemia in December 1997, and also informed her that Dawn's father, Gordon, and step-mother, Helen, had been killed in a car accident in February 2004. Beth met her biological uncle, Max, aunt Cindy and cousin Holly, before moving to Australia with her adoptive parents and brother, Noah.

In 2005, Jack invited Beth to his wedding to Frankie Dean, but Beth was unable to attend. He also invited her to Max's wedding to Steph Dean in 2008, but she was unable to attend the wedding or Max's funeral. In 2017, Jack informed Beth of Frankie's death and visited her in Australia after the funeral. Jack returned and told Cindy that Beth was doing well and still remembered Dawn.


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