Bethany "Beth" Johnson (also Osborne) is the illegitimate daughter of Dawn Cunningham and Jack Osborne. She was the result of an affair between Dawn and Jack, causing Jack's daughter Ruth Osborne ending their friendship, however Dawn put Bethany up for adoption. Bethany arrived in Hollyoaks when she needed a kidney transplant and Jack was the only option. Jack donated one of his kidneys after some hesitation. Dawn's sister Jude Cunningham tried to blackmail Jack about Bethany, but instead she ended up getting drunk and telling everyone at The Dog of Bethany. Jack tried to explain to his wife Celia Osborne, but she went back to America taking their son Darren Osborne with her. In 2004, Bethany came looking for Dawn and Jack before moving to Australia with her adoptive parents Dean and Jacqui and their son Noah, and before she leaves she meets Jack, Dawn's brother Max Cunningham, their sister Cindy Cunningham and her daughter Holly Cunningham and discovers that Dawn died of leukemia and her grandfather Gordon Cunningham was in a car accident which led to his death.

In 2005, Jack sent an invitation for his wedding to Frankie Osborne Dean for Bethany, but found out that she's couldn't attend. In 2017, Jack called her that her stepmother died of stroke and decided to visit her after the funeral. Follow by her funeral, Jack went to see her. When he returns from the village, he mentioned this to Cindy that her niece is doing really good and working to support his adoptive family, although she still remembers her real mother, after remembering what he told her about her in 2004.


  • In December 1996, Bethany's parents were mentioned to be Mr & Mrs Martin, but later were revealed to be Dean and Jacqui Johnson.
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