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Beth first appears when she is run over by Rhys Ashworth whilst they are both on their way to purchase tickets to see a band. Beth is not injured, but discovers Rhys has bought the last tickets for himself. Rhys gives Beth a ticket, which belonged to his friend Gilly Roach. The pair swap numbers and begin to date. They quickly fall for each other. Rhys's family does not believe him when he tells them he has found a girlfriend. However, Beth begins to avoid Rhys. Unknown to Rhys, this is because her father has died. Rhys's father Noel Ashworth dies and Rhys attends the wake. Noel's brother Neville then introduces Rhys to Noel's daughter, Beth. Rhys and Beth avoid each other, and Rhys is angry, believing Beth had known all along that they were half siblings. He then tells her that he never wants to see her again. However, Beth soon begins at Hollyoaks Community College, despite applying for a transfer. Beth befriends fellow students, Zoe Carpenter and Kris Fisher, giving her a reason to stay in the village. Slowly, Rhys and Beth resolve their differences as Beth moves in with the Ashworths. The family throw her a birthday party to make her feel welcome. She becomes friends with her cousin Hannah Ashworth and they go on a double date with Gilly and Danny Valentine. Beth and Gilly eventually kiss and become a couple, which makes Rhys jealous. After months of hiding their feelings, Rhys and Beth give in. However, they both try to forget about it the next day. Gilly then takes Beth on a trip to Thailand. Before they leave, Beth and Rhys admit their love for each other, despite knowing it is illegal.

Beth and Gilly return from Thailand and are surprised to see Rhys has a new girlfriend, Mercedes McQueen. The following day, Rhys warns Beth that Gilly is planning to propose marriage to her. When Gilly proposes, Beth reluctantly agrees, despite continuing an affair with Rhys. Rhys and Beth decide to run away together, but Rhys realises his family need him. Beth becomes even more jealous of Rhys and Mercedes' relationship. Eventually Beth breaks down in front of Rhys, telling him she wants to be with him. As they kiss, they are both unaware that Mercedes' sister, Michaela McQueen is watching. Michaela confronts them. However, they tell her it is due to her drug habit. Angered, Michaela tells Gilly what she saw. However, he refuses to believe her. Despite this, he returns home, only to find Rhys and Beth in bed together. As the rest of the Ashworths return home, Gilly attacks Rhys and informs his family of his affair. Neville, Suzanne, Josh and Hannah are disgusted. Rhys and Beth are then thrown out of their home, having to move into the student accommodation. Beth and Rhys are questioned by the police and a court date is set. Realising they face prison, the couple decide to flee Hollyoaks. Gilly confronts them, before giving them the keys to his campervan. Rhys and Beth drive off. However, as they kiss, Rhys unknowingly drives onto the wrong side of the road and ends up in a collision with a lorry. Rhys wakes up in hospital the next day. However, he is told Beth was killed in the crash.

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