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Not to be confused with Ben Davies (actor)

Benjamin "Ben" Davies was the son of Will and Alison Davies, the brother of Abby Davies, the husband of Izzy Cornwell and the father of Arthur Davies.


1982-2000: Backstory[]

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2000: Arrival/Hit-and-Run[]

Ben arrived in Hollyoaks in August 2000, and was later joined by his father, Will, and his sister, Abby. Mandy Richardson and Cindy Cunningham immediately took a liking to Ben, and the pair fought over him, but Ben chose Cindy over Mandy. Ben comforted Cindy when her daughter, Holly, was hospitalised after finding and consuming an ecstasy tablet that she found in The Loft. When social services got involved, Cindy worried that Holly would be taken from her and decided to flee to Spain. Ben accompanied her to the airport, and was in the car when Cindy struck Anna Green. Cindy fled the scene, but Ben anonymously called for an ambulance. Tony Hutchinson was initially suspected of the crime, as Anna had been run over in his car.

2000-2001: Relationship with Mandy[]

Ben began working a firefighter, and was called out to an explosion at The Dog in the Pond on New Year's Eve 2000, and rescued Sol Patrick. He later took a liking to Mandy, who reciprocated his feelings. Ben also became friends with Luke Morgan, supporting him towards the end and in the aftermath of Mark Gibbs, Kenneth Boyd and Stephen MacGregor's trial for raping Luke. Mandy and Ben decided to begin a relationship, but kept the relationship secret from Luke. Luke eventually discovered their relationship, and he and Ben fell out.

Ben and Luke became enemies, and Ben believed that Luke and Mandy setting up a website business was Luke's attempt at getting closer to Mandy. When Ben began working at The Loft as a bouncer, he was furious to see that Luke had also been hired, and the pair wound each other up. Mandy and Luke's girlfriend, Laura Burns, decided to chain Ben and Luke to a park bench until they could resolve their differences, which had little effect.

Mandy and Ben's relationship hit a bump when Ben and some of his friends accompanied Mandy on a driving lesson. Mandy ended up getting the car stuck in the mud, and Ben and his friends laughed at her and made jokes, to Mandy's fury. Mandy blanked Ben and refused to speak to him. A few days later, a colleague and friend of Ben was killed in a blaze after being trapped under a beam. Ben began to blame himself, believing that he could have saved his friend. Mandy supported Ben, which he appreciated.

However, the pair's relationship took a turn for the worse, and Ben made an advance on Laura. Mandy learned this and was furious. She decided that she could not forgive Ben, and ended their relationship.

2002-: Relationship with Ellie/Potholing Disaster[]

Following his break-up with Mandy, Ben had several one night stands before meeting Ellie Hunter. The pair decided to be 'friends with benefits', but later decided to begin a relationship. After winning the 'snog-athon' of July 2002, Ellie and Ben later discovered the body of a young woman inside the dumpster outside The Loft - the first known victim of The Hollyoaks Serial Killer.

In November 2002, Ben joined his friends Jamie Nash, Max Cunningham, O.B. and Theo Sankofa on a potholing trip. During the trip, it began to rain and the quintet narrowly escaped drowning in the flooding. However, the rain caused a landslide, which flipped the van in which they were travelling in. As the van teetered over the edge of a cliff, the doors opened and Theo fell out of the van. Ben managed to escape, along with Max and O.B. However, whilst attempting to save Jamie, the van fell from the cliff. Jamie later died in hospital.

The accident left Ben traumatised and his relationship with Ellie broke down as a result. Ben sought counselling, but Ellie began dating Toby Mills - unaware that he was the serial killer.

2003-2004: Fling with Dale/Engagement and Marriage to Izzy[]

Will began a relationship with DCI Dale Jackson, and she accepted his invite to move in. Abby started to see Dale as a mother figure, but Ben did not take a liking to Dale. The pair began sleeping with each other, and their dislike turned into teasing. Will learned of their affair, but held no grudge against Ben. Dale was later fired by the police commissioner, and left the village after Will asked her to leave.

Ben began a relationship with Izzy Cornwell, having previously taken an interest in her but been let down gently two years prior. He had competition with Scott Anderson, resulting in a feud between the pair. However, Izzy chose Ben, although Scott refused to accept this and still attempted to pursue her.

Izzy went travelling in Australia, but drunkenly left Ben a voicemail saying that she was not going to return. Ben then met D.C. Emma Chambers, and the pair had a one-night stand. Emma later discovered that she was pregnant, but both she and Ben were unsure about keeping the baby. Izzy later returned and the pair reconciled, getting engaged in October 2003. However, Ben did not tell her about Emma's pregnancy.

Ben and Izzy's relationship was rocky up to the wedding. Izzy cancelled the wedding on several occasions, such as when Izzy had problems with her dress, and when she caught Ben kissing Becca Hayton. This resulted in a fight between Izzy and Becca. Izzy was injured in the fight, but she and Ben made up in hospital.

Scott was horrified to learn of Izzy and Ben's wedding, and discovered that Emma was pregnant with Ben's baby. On the day of the wedding, Scott delighted in telling Izzy about the baby, to which Izzy punched Ben and jilted him at the altar. However, she later returned and the pair married.

2005-2006: Relationship with Lisa/death[]

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Background Information[]

  • Ben and Ellie Hunter broke the Guinness Book of Records record for longest on-screen kiss on 8th July 2002. The record was previously held by 1941 film You're in the Army Now.
  • Although Ben's death was initially ambiguous, Hollyoaks: In The City producer Daran Little confirmed via Twitter that it was his intention to kill Ben off, and have that revealed in season 2, which was never broadcast.

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