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Bel Roy is the wife of Govinda Roy, the mother of Ash, Ravi and Leila Roy, and the adoptive mother of Anita Roy.



Bel arrived as a new hairdresser at Evissa. She was favoured by Louise Summers when she got rid of Cindy Cunningham. Bel has made friends with Louise Summers and Carmel Valentine. After Warren Fox killed Louise, Bel recommended to Warren that Carmel should be the new manager.

Justin Burton's and Leila's relationshipEdit

When she discovered Justin Burton accidentally asked Leila to move in, Bel took Leila's clothes to Justin's flat and accused him of just wanting sex. He stated that they were committed. Justin and Leila however split up.

Anita's self hateEdit

In April 2009, the Roys discovered that Anita had poured bleach over her legs. Worried, Govinda assumed she did it because she was ashamed of her race.


When the school was vandalised, Govinda accused Theresa McQueen, but it was actually Anita, who was fed up of people taking advantage and not listening to her. After Ravi was put in a coma, Ash, who caused it, revealed to Anita that she was adopted by Gov and Bel. Ash tried to lie his way out of it, however Ravi had overheard him telling her. The Roys then disowned Ash. Anita revealed that Gov had covered up her when she stole exam papers, resulting in Gov having to resign. He then got a new job in Middlesbrough, which he and Bel moved to alone.

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