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Rebecca "Becky" Quentin is the ex-girlfriend of Oliver Morgan and the mother of Henry Quentin.

She met Diane Hutchinson in July 2021 outside of Dee Valley University Hospital, having recognised her as the woman in the room next door as she gave birth to her son, Henry. Diane was stressed about entering the hospital, so Becky invited her on a walk to talk. Becky revealed that she was left to raise her son alone after the death of Henry's father during her pregnancy. In the years prior, Becky's beliefs in conspiracies such as those surrounding 5G and the COVID-19 Pandemic, left her estranged from her family, telling Diane that "sometimes people don’t like admitting you're right and they just bury their heads."

In August 2021, Becky advised Diane to not vaccinate Eva. Diane was convinced that vaccinating was the right choice by nurse Peri Lomax, but later worried to Becky. Becky sent her links to anti-vaccination articles, and convinced her that she had made the wrong decision. Diane, however, disagreed with Becky and had Eva vaccinated again.

After Diane struggled to cope with becoming the new managers of The Dog in the Pond and the move to 1 Stockton Lane, and decided to leave to visit her sister. Becky decided to help Diane's husband Tony run the business, working as a barmaid and staying in the flat due to the inconvenience of returning home each day. As Tony spoke highly of Becky (who had managed to turn the pub into a success), Becky tried to kiss Tony who rejected her. When Diane returned, Becky told her that Tony had tried to kiss her which Diane believed.

In November 2021, Diane became worried about Henry's health and threatened to call social services if Becky did not take him to hospital. Becky was informed that Henry was suffering from meningitis, which had caused profound deafness. Blaming the doctors and Dee Valley University Hospital for his condition, Becky discharged Henry from the hospital and threatened to sue for negligence, causing Diane to end her friendship with Becky.

Becky later befriended Ollie Morgan, helping her protest against Ripley Lennox, Brooke Hathaway and Zara Morgan's protest over the Christmas decorations outside Cunningham's Grande Bazaar. The pair ended up getting close, especially when Becky claimed that Ollie's father's frontotemporal dementia was curable. At the protest, Ollie shoved P.C. Franks to prevent Becky from being arrested, with Becky kissing him when collecting him from the police station. The pair subsequently began a relationship, despite Zara and Cindy Cunningham's strong disapproval when Becky let Ollie take the blame for trashing the hospital pharmacy storeroom.

Becky's activism led to her taking extreme action, with her convincing Ollie to protest outside Salon de Thé de Marnie during the "Dee Valley Heroes" ceremony. The building exploded shortly after Becky threw a smoke bomb inside, but the fire crew determined that a gas leak had caused the explosion, with D.S. Cohen clearing Becky of any wrongdoing. However, James Nightingale - whose mother Marnie was killed in the blast - blamed Becky for the disaster and ultimately ignited a feud with her.

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