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Bartholomew "Bart" McQueen was the son of Sarah and Victor McQueen. He was beaten to death in April 2017 by Warren Fox for his involvement in Warren's sister, Katy Fox's death in February 2014.


1995-2010: Backstory[]

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2010: Arrival and Relationship with Jason Costello[]

Bart is first seen at his stepmother's funeral, at the funeral he eventually meets his long lost aunt Myra McQueen aswell as his second cousins Michaela and Theresa McQueen. After the funeral finishes, Bart is later caught out shoplifting by Dominic Reilly, who brings Bart back to the McQueen's home. Bart then tells Myra his shoplifted before and also has a anti-social behaviour order aswell as burning a school down although he was not proven guilty. Dominic decides to take Bart taken into custody but Myra agrees to look after him as Bart has no one left to look after him anymore. Myra then warns Bart not to get up to any mischief. after the first night of living in the McQueen house hold Bart is coasted into helping Carmel McQueen at the local beauty salon Evissa. Heidi Costello then shows up with her child Jason Costello, who at the time goes by his birth name, Jasmine. "Jasmine" is very dismissive of the thought of a makeover. The two teens get along well together and the two strike a friendship, but Bart's rebellious behaviour would come to front when he steals the money from the till even ingnoring Jason's pleas to put it back. Carmel does not catch Bart around the till. Bart then spends the rest of the day with Jason. They share a kiss by the end of the day but Jason runs off after the kiss. Jason's father, Carl Costello is later told by Mitzeee about the two seeing one another. Not best pleased by this, Carl later angrily confronts Jason who is with Bart, but Jason's half-sister Jem Costello weighs in when she sides with her sibling.

Bart then would later become friends with Taylor Sharpe, the two plan to have a house party at the McQueen's plan to throw a party and Duncan Button is enlisted to bring the alcohol however Duncan posts the details of the party online and heaps on students arrive to which the house is trashed. Bart then steals money from Jacqui's purse Jacqui is furious when she finds out the money is gone and confronts Bart and a angry confrontation erupts between Jacqui and Bart, Myra sides with Bart as she believes his 'innocents' angry by Myra siding with Bart. Jacqui goes throughs Bart's room which angers Myra, the two then argue after the argument Myra is still siding with Bart, angry and upset Jacqui moves out. Bart is gleeful and tells Jason, but Jason isn't impressed.

2011-2012: Relationship with Sinead[]

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2012-2013: Bus crash and departure[]

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2017-: Return/Murder[]

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Background information[]

  • Bart is named after "Bart Simpson" from The Simpsons.

Introduction shots[]

  • 2010-2013: Bart spray paints the camera.
  • 2017: Bart sits on a vintage motorcycle and smiles at the camera.

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