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Bartholomew "Bart" McQueen was the son of Sarah and Victor McQueen. He was beaten to death in April 2017 by Warren Fox for his involvement in Warren's sister, Katy Fox's death in February 2014.


1995-2010: Backstory[]

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2010-: Arrival and Relationship with Jamsine (Jason) Costello[]

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2011-2012: Relationship with Sinead[]

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2012-2013: Bus crash and departure[]

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2017-: Return/Murder[]

To be added.

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Background information[]

  • Bart is named after "Bart Simpson" from The Simpsons.

Introduction shots[]

  • 2010-2013: Bart spray paints the camera.
  • 2017: Bart sits on a vintage motorcycle and smiles at the camera.

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