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Barney Harper-McBride was a student at HCC between 2011 and 2013.

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Barney arrived during Freshers Week at HCC, where Leanne Holiday directed him to his room in the halls. There, he met his roommates Annalise AppletonWill SavageRob Edwards and Scott Sabeka). Barney taught the other students about his posh wine, and he went out on a night out with the other students and got drunk. The next morning, he woke up in bed with Jade, and the rest of the boys were shocked that Barney is the one that managed to have a one-night-stand. He later attempted to learn how to use a washing machine and adjust to life as a student.

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Departure Edit

Barney took his friends to spend New Year at his home as his parents were away on a skiing strip. When Barney overheared his friends criticising his lifestyle, this causes an argument between them. Barney decides to loosen up and party with his friends, but his parent unexpectedly returned home. His father, Angus, told him that he would like him to leave HCC and attend a high class university. Barney was reluctant, but his mother, Judith, threatened to stop his allowance. When Judith scrutinised Ash for her dress sense and bemoaned his choice of friends, Barney lashed out at his parents and defended them. Barney decided to defy their wishes and return to HCC, and they refused to give him money and took away his inheritance. Barney began to struggle without money. He accidentally left money in College Coffee and was mugged by Phoebe Jackson (Mandip Gill. With no money left, he takes a job cleaning the Student Halls. Barney goes to visit Scott where he is hiding from an old friend and eventually convinces him to make up with him. In 2012 Barney, along with his flatmates, left the halls and became homeless. However, Barney and Rob later moved into Tony Hutchinson and Cindy Longford's flat. Nana McQueen later asked Barney to begin dating Carmel McQueen in exchange for money. He finished his second year at university but decided to return home to his family in Scotland.

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