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Annalise Appleton was a student who attended Hollyoaks Community College between 2011 and 2013, and is the girlfriend of Rob Edwards, who moved to London with her in February 2013 after they reconciled.

Biography Edit

Arrival Edit

Annalise arrived at HCC with Rob Edwards, and met her flatmates; Scott SabekaWill Savage) and Barney Harper-McBride. Annalise became annoyed with Rob when he dared Ash Kane to trip off in front of the crowd in the SU Bar. When Rob forgot about his plans with Annalise and began attending parties without her, she accused him of not caring about her and forced him to sleep on the sofa. Rob forgot about his two-year anniversary with Annalise, but he offered to make it up to her by allowing her to organise a party at the SU Bar. Annalise was happy to do so and became fixated on making the party run smoothly. Annalise asked Rob to make some invitations for the party, when she received them, she realised that Scott had actually made them. She bonded with Scott, who told her that Rob was treating her poorly. Rob failed to turn up to their anniversary party and told Annalise he will would make it up to her. When Rob stood her up again, she vented to Scott and the two nearly kissed. However, they were interrupted by the police, who informed Annalise that Rob had been seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident. She felt bad and rushed to Rob's side to support him.

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Departure Edit

Soon after all the students moved out of the student halls, Annalise and Scott purchased a flat together. However, after realising their relationship would no longer work, Scott left alone for Thailand. Annalise was later involved in an accident when a bus crashed into the wedding venue of the wedding she helped to organise, but escaped with no serious injuries. She suggested some new business ideas to Mitzeee Minniver and her sister Maxine Minniver about Chez Chez. Annalise and Rob reconciled and left Hollyoaks together after Annalise was offered a job in London.

Introduction Sequence Edit

  • 2011-2013: Annalise stands in a messing room, clicks her fingers and the room is tidied.

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