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Anna Blake (also Savage) is the wife of Patrick Blake and ex-wife to Dirk Savage, as well as the mother of Sienna Blake, Dodger, Will and Liberty Savage.

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Anna arrives to care for her wheel chair using son, Will and poses as Ellie, his new care worker. She manages to fool Will when he discovers that she is not named Ellie. Will invites her to attend his engagement party to Texas Longford. Upon her attendance Anna's true identity is revealed. As she tries to give her three children an explanation, as Dodger told that Will life becomes depression since she left, while Sienna and himself were upset she left them for Dirk. She is shocked to learn that Sienna is present and apologizes for leaving her with Patrick. She claims that Patrick used to abuse her and he reveals that she tried to kill Sienna and Dodger when they were young. Patrick arranges for Anna to be sectioned. Will starts visiting Anna in hospital and convinces Sienna too. Patrick is annoyed and threatens Anna, ordering her to refuse to see her children. Anna refuses to see her children and they begin to resent her.

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Ash Kane arrives on Anna's secure unit to carry out a placement for her course. She grows close to Anna, but when Will learns of their meetings he forces Ash to stay away. Dodger soon begins to visit his mother and Ash returns to see her. Will fears that Anna will reveal the truth and begins to plot murder. Anna fears for Ash's safety and attempts to warn her that Will killed Texas. Anna pleads with Will to confess but he refuses and carries Anna into the bathroom where he drowns her in the bath. Before she dies, she was about to speak to ex-husband Patrick, telling him that she still loves him.

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  • Anna had a love for begonias.

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