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Amy Barnes was the daughter of Mike and Kathy Barnes, and the sister of the late Sarah Barnes. She was also the ex-girlfirend of Josh Ashworth and Ste Hay and the wife of the deceased Ryan Knight, and the mother of Leah Barnes (whom she had with Billy Parker) and Lucas Hay (whom she had with Ste Hay).


1991-2005: Backstory[]

Amy was born in June 1991 to parents, Mike and Kathy Barnes, Amy was the second child born after her sister, Sarah whom was born two years prior.

2005-2006: Arrival[]

Amy was first seen in November 2005 when she was walking to school with her older sister, Sarah and her two friends at the time in Nancy and Hannah. Amy takes a liking to Hannah's younger brother, Josh Ashworth and their cousin Fletch, however who the three girls dub the boys as losers Amy soon loses interest. Amy is then seen again in the same month when her and Sarah's mother, Kathy pick Amy up from Nancy's flat which was owned by Becca and Jake Dean at the time.

Amy is briefly seen again in the following month when she has a mini run in with Nicole Owen however, Sarah shows her caring side when she sticks up for her. Amy is not seen until early January 2006 when she is seen with her mother running the local swiming baths and are eventually joined by their father, Mike.

By February, Amy meets new teen, Michaela McQueen and the two of them cause mischief and become quite close and take a interest in boys despite Josh and Fletch attempting their luck with the girls. Amy and her family eventually move to Hollyoaks full time by the beginning of March 2006.

2006-2008: Ste and Pregnancy[]

Amy eventually gets bored of going swimming training with Sarah so starts to set out more with Michaela. Amy meets a rebel teen named Ste Hay. along with his friend at the time Wayne Tunnicliffe whom took a liking to Michaela. Amy starts to fancy Ste due to his rebellious nature and the two start a relationship but Amy's 15th birthday she meets another boy named, Billy Parker. Amy ends up sleeping with Billy not telling anyone but she soons discovers that's shes pregnant promoting her to tell Michaela whom supports Amy whom is scared but does not want a abortion. Ste and Amy's relationship then starts to become a rebellious one despite pleas from her male friends, Josh and Fletch to get rid of Ste.

Amy along with Josh, Fletch, Michaela and Ste decide to steal one of the teachers car from the School's car park, Ste breaks into the car and the teens follow in Ste then hot wires the car and he takes Amy along with Josh, Fletch, Michaela for a joyride aswell as drinking however Ste crashes the car and Amy is then left fighting for her life in Hostpital with her family left frantic but unknown to them that Amy is left pregnant, Michaela after waking up in hospital from the accident is left worried about Amy and her condition she ends up telling then nurse and Josh's who also mother Suzanne Ashworth. That Amy is pregnant this prompts Suzanne to look after Amy but when she wakes up Amy begs her to keep it a secret to which Suzanne reluctantly agrees too, Amy is then released from Hostpital after spending nearly a week inside. Ste who managed to flee the scene of the crash was later arrested by Calvin Valentine. then sent to Prison. After Ste is sent to prison Amy dumps his and begins to date Josh Ashworth but Mike was not best pleased with Amy's choice in men and even punched Josh when he demanded Mike shows some respect to Amy and apologises for the way his been but Josh ruin his chances with Amy when he attacks Mike with brick not knowing he was infact defending himself.

After months of keeping her pregnancy a secret from her family. Amy eventually gives birth by February 2007 much to her fathers, Mike and sisters, Sarah's shock however even though in great shock that Amy is giving birth due to not knowing she was. they are very supportive in insisting her through giving birth however her mother, Kathy isn't best pleased with Amy and decides to take the baby off Amy and raise her as a daughter as shes ashamed of Amy. The baby is the later named. Leah Barnes. Ste then later returns by October 2007 after his stint in prison after finding out Amy has had his child Ste tells her he wants to be part of her and Leah's life and tells Amy that he has changed Amy forgives Ste but Mike sees red and attacks Ste but is stopped in his tracks when Amy reveals that Ste is in fact Leah's father which upsets both Mike and Kathy.

2008-2009: Relationship with Josh Ashworth[]

Amy begins to have feelings for her ex boyfriend, Josh Ashworth who helps Amy get away from Ste, Ste and Josh enter a feud over Amy's affections.

2009-2010: Sarah's death and Mike's departure[]

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2010: Helping Ste[]

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2010-2011: Relationship with Lee Hunter[]

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2012-2014: Brief returns[]

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2016-2017: Return/death[]

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Background Information[]

  • Amy was intended to be killed off in the 2010 Il Gnosh fire. She, Malachy Fisher and Steph Roach (other casualties in the fire) did not appear in the revamped title sequence until November 2010. A scene with Steph revealing Amy's death was filmed but cut, and Amy's departure was covered by saying that she was staying in a hospital in Manchester to recover.

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