Alistair Longford was the wealthy pensioner husband of Cindy Cunningham. In September 2010, he was eating at Il Gnosh when he began choking and was saved by Myra McQueen. Myra told him that Cindy had saved him, but she was annoyed when he gave Cindy money as a thank you. Alistair and Cindy begin a relationship, but when Cindy discovers Alistair is Texas and India Longford's grandfather, she leaves him. However, when India tells Cindy that Alistair is a millionaire from Sandbanks, an upmarket peninsula, Cindy rekindles her relationship with Alistair. She is gobsmacked when he proposes and she accepts. On their wedding day, Alistair's mother Blanche tries to stop the wedding, but is unsuccessful. They leave for their honeymoon in Switzerland, but Cindy returns to the village in March, revealing that Alistair fell off the alps on their holiday and was killed.

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