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Alexander 'Alex' Bell is the father of Charlie Green and former student of Hollyoaks Community College.


1982-1999: Backstory[]

Not much is known about Alex's upbringing other then his dad left when he was of young age. this was revealed that his father had left his mother because he turned out to be gay.

1999-2000: Arrival[]

Alex moved into Tony Hutchinson's student house in 1999 with his friends and his robot named "PHART". He had a love for computers and technology. Alex began dating a girl on the internet, and decided to visit her in Ireland. However he was shocked to discover that she had died and her parents had been sending the emails. Soon afterwards, Alex went on a trip with the lads on Rory Finnigan's stag night in, where he was chased by angry transvestite who stole his money belt. When Alex returned to Hollyoaks, he began to realise that he had feelings for Anna Green, but he was side-tracked when he discovered that he was infertile. Alex confided in Anna about his infertility and Anna told Geri Hudson, and Geri spread the gossip. Alex began to find it difficult coming to terms with his infertility and took it out on Anna for telling Geri. Meanwhile, Alex heard Chloe Bruce on the radio, making jokes about infertility and assumed she was having a dig at him. He exacted revenge by having a one-night stand with her and dumping her the next morning.

2000-2002: Father/relationship troubles[]

Alex's dad arrived to put things right with his son after years on end with no contact and with Alex, Anna was left in shock that Alex's father was in fact gay and this later turned out to be the reason his father left his mother. Alex at first refused to speak to his father after learning this, but eventually began to realise how unkind he had been to Anna and his father and he started to get to know him he then also apologised to Anna for the way he has been treating her the pair finally got together. However, they relationship hit the rocks when Anna falls pregnant, Alex refused to believe he was the father of Anna's baby because of his infertility. Alex then wrongly accused Anna of having an affair with local swim guard, Adam Morgan, but he was later left shocked when he discovered that the hospital had made a mistake and he was not infertile after all. Alex was full of apologise to Anna, but he told Anna that he didn't want the baby and offered to pay for an abortion for Anna. Despite Alex's attempts for Anna to have an abortion, Anna decided that she would give birth and then gave the baby up for adoption. When Anna gave birth to her child, Alex saw his child and was finally convinced that he wanted to keep him. Alex applied for Parental Responsibility and named the child Charlie, however Anna refused to accept the child. Alex was granted Parental Responsibility of Charlie and Anna realised that she has no choice but to try to make things work.

Anna and Alex both decide to provide the best for Charlie and they got a flat together to take tentative steps towards life as a family. As Alex presumed that Anna was happy, he was shocked and devastated when Anna revealed that she slept with Max Cunningham. Alex was shattered even more when Anna made it clear that she no longer loved him and moved in with the Cunninghams. Alex tried his best to persuade her to stay and asked her to marry him, but Anna made it clear that it is over between them. Slowly with the support of Becca Hayton, Alex saw Charlie as much as he could and began to date Becca. Alex than planned to take Charlie and Becca to live in Hong Kong for a new job offer he received without telling Anna. Alex's plan went well, but it reached a climax, when Anna made a mad rush at the airport to stop Alex taking away her son. Anna managed to catch Alex, and persuaded him to hand over Charlie, whilst Alex told Becca that he never loved her. Alex left Hollyoaks for Hong Kong, without Anna, Becca or Charlie, hoping that one day he could be reunited with his son.


Hey babe, wanna come back to my place?
— First line, using PHART

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