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Adam Morgan was the enigmatic new lifeguard at the local college swimming pool. Adam had a fling with Jasmine Bates, before beginning a relationship with Kerri, his Australian girlfriend. Kerri asked Adam to move to Australia with her, but he decided to stay in the village and finish his degree. Adam then dated fresher Geri Hudson, before starting a relationship with Izzy Cornwell after saving her drowning. They split when she discovered that he had cameras set up in Tony Hutchinson's house for a college project, although Adam tried to reconcile with Izzy. Adam's friend, Jamie Nash, arrived and stayed with the Morgans. At New Year's, the family are shocked to discover Jamie and Mandy Richardson having sex on their sofa. Adam's mother Sue threw Jamie out of the house.

Adam grew frustrated with Mandy's treatment of the family and confronted her. They got in Mandy's car and Mandy sped off. They argued and as Mandy tried to get Adam to leave the car, she lost control of the car and careered into a tree. The car slid and rolled down the hill, landing on a railway. Mandy survived the crash with minor injuries, but while Adam survived, he was told that he may be paralysed.

Adam's sister Beth confided in Adam that she had been raped by Scott Anderson. Adam supported Beth through their trial and is annoyed when Scott is acquitted. Adam subsequently became moody, arrogant and frustrated, also to do with his paralysis. He visited Luke in Canada and when he returned, he found he could move his legs.

After reconciling with Mandy, they began a secret relationship. Luke, who had a relationship with Mandy, returned for their parents Andy and Sue's wedding. Mandy realised that she still has feelings for Luke and they had sex. Luke discovered that Mandy and Adam are in a relationship and Adam realised that Mandy and Luke had sex; they both dump Mandy. Luke returned to Canada and Adam entered the final year of his degree. Jamie was killed in a potholing accident and Adam comforted Jamie's girlfriend Becca Hayton. They kiss and Becca agreed to start a relationship on the condition that it is slow. They eventually moved in together. Adam completed his degree, started to take his first steps following the accident, and was offered a job in New York. Adam wanted to move, although Becca wanted to stay in the village; he eventually decides to move to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a director.

By September 2019, Adam had at least two children who lived with him, as Luke called Adam to ask if he could stay with him. When Adam told him that he couldn't, Luke said "give my love to the kids".

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