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Adam Donovan was the son of Tracey and Glenn Donovan, the brother of Liam and Jesse Donovan, the half-brother of Grace Black, Clare Devine and Toby Wilde, the husband of Maxine Minniver, the adoptive father of Minnie Minniver and the presumed biological father of Toby Wilde - but later finds out it's his dad. In May 2018, he was murdered by his father Glenn for snitching to the police about Glenn's criminal activity. His body was cremated after his funeral on 15th June.


1986-2016: Backstory

Adam was the eldest son, born to his mother Tracey Donovan and father Glenn Donovan in 1986. Then followed the birth of his brothers, Liam and Jesse Donovan. Adam was not the oldest child of Tracey, however, as he along with his brothers have two sisters, Grace Black and Clare Devine, whom Tracey had with fellow gangster Fraser Black. Adam grew up with his brothers not really keeping in contact with Grace and Clare, due to Fraser and it's also hinted that Adam did not get along with Trevor Royle as well as. Some point in his early adult life around 2006, Adam met a woman named Darcy Wilde and fell in love with her, however, Darcy went missing in 2012, when she faked her death after a fight with Tracey and Grace, which devastated Adam. Adam alongside his brothers where quite close with Glenn when growing up.

2016: Arrival

Adam was first seen in April 2016, along with his youngest brother, Jesse when they both come to pick up their brother, Liam, who is seen arguing with both Tegan Lomax and Celine McQueen, as Liam was playing the two. Adam gets out the car and tells Liam why has he chose Hollyoaks to move too and soon comes to the realisation that it's where his older sister, Grace Black resides. Seeing what Liam's plan is, Adam tells him to forget it and the three brothers enter the car and leave.

Adam is not seen until June, when a struggling Grace is mourning the loss of her husband, Trevor Royle, whom was murdered by Nico Blake on their wedding day. Adam is contacted along with his brothers by Grace's closest friend, Esther Bloom who sees that Grace needs family around her. At first, Adam does not want to support Grace on the day on the funeral as he could not stand Trevor. However, after some persuasion from Esther, Adam decides to support Grace and even carries Trevor's coffin along with his brothers Liam and Jesse.

After the funeral, Adam decides to stay with Grace for a while and to get to know his nephew, Curtis as well as rebounding with Grace, whom is delighted her brothers have choose to support her. Adam along with his brothers Liam and Jesse decide to open a Salon, below Grace's night club, The Loft and move to the village for good.

2016-2017: Relationship with Maxine Minniver

After the wedding drama when Grace finds out that Trevor had an affair with Sienna Blake, before his murder. Grace sets out for revenge and when confronting a guilty and heart broken Sienna, Maxine Minniver does her best to defuse the situation, however, Grace attacks Sienna but Adam kicks down the door and runs in to stop Grace from hurting Sienna and carries her out. Maxine later shows her gratitude by thanking Adam for his help as she was helpless during Grace's attack on Sienna. Darren Osborne and his then wife Nancy Osborne are worried that Maxine is worrying to much over her ex-husband, Patrick Blake’s body being found and they see that Maxine is getting along with Adam but Darren at first is a bit cautious of Adam, as he is related to Grace but eventually comes round to the idea of helping them date, however, Adam and Maxine's date does not go to plan and much to Adam's devastation, Maxine goes to America.

Adam is delighted when Maxine returns a few weeks later, however, is soon left again gutted when he finds out that she's engaged to a guy called 'Mike Jones'. Adam makes a comment about how quick she is and the two argue and it's later revealed that Mike is in fact Warren Fox after being released from prison. When this is revealed Adam comforts Maxine, who feels embarrassed when she finds out she's been played by Warren and Sienna who is seeking the truth about her father.

When the feud with Warren and Grace heats up, Grace decides to kill Warren by shooting him, however, she mistakes her younger brother, Liam for Warren and shoots him. This angers Adam, who confronts Warren as he's been arrested and Adam is further angry when he learns that Warren has been in touch with Maxine. Later, Adam punches Warren for his involvement in the supposed shooting but before Warren can retaliate again, he's arrested. Adam then later promises to look after Maxine and her daughter, Minnie. and a thankful Maxine later sleeps with Adam.

By September, after Patrick's body was found, Adam demands to know the truth on his death but Warren shows up demanding to know if she's pregnant with his child. Adam then realises he in fact could be the father of the child if Maxine is in fact pregnant due to him sleeping with her a few weeks earlier. Maxine tells Adam of the abuse Patrick put her through during their relationship and Adam feels sorry for her but is taken aback when she reveals she hid the body but did not actually kill him. Eventually, the whole Patrick saga comes to an end and Adam and Maxine start a relationship by October 2016.

2017-2018: Darcy's reappearance and child reveal

Things seemed to be going quite relatively well for Adam and Maxine but whenever Maxine brought up Adam's ex, Darcy Wilde he often wanted to change the subject and as the Po police never recovered a body after Darcy went missing. Maxine tried to pitch the idea that Darcy could still be alive which Adam dismisses however this did not stop Maxine and Adam's mother, Tracey Donovan to dig up any leads that will lead them to Darcy eventually by March they found a lead of a woman going by the name "Rebecca" after this encounter Maxine is shock when Tracey tells her that is in fact Darcy after Maxine shows her a photo they confront Darcy who is in shock to see Tracy however Darcy later decides to visit Hollyoaks and give Adam a visit in doing so.

Adam is in disbelief that Darcy is still alive after all those years of her going missing they have a reunion but Adam is double gobsmacked when Darcy reveals that she has a son to Adam and introduces him as four year old Toby Wilde. Adam also notices that Liam seems to be keeping something from him he confronts Liam to which Liam tells him his hiding nothing however its revealed that a few days before Darcy went missing that Liam had slept with her Adam does find this out however he comes to forgive Liam. Adam tells Darcy his learned to move on from her and is in love with Maxine however Darcy does her best to manipulate Adam and try and win him back however Adam and Maxine still marry.

When Toby suffers from breathing difficulties and is taken to Hospital, Adam is left beside him self but soon sees that Darcy is keeping something from him and when Darcy's ex Marcus shows up at the hospital, Adam is taken a back when he tells him that he is Toby's biological father Darcy pleas to Adam that his lying and just wants to ruin her after she left him later Marcus demands money (40,000 pounds) from Darcy to which Adam pays much and a DNA test shows that Adam is in fact Toby's father.

In October, Adam is not best pleased to see his father, Glenn Donovan after the death of his mother Tracey whom unknown at the by the the Donovan's was killed by Darcy. Adam is also later devastated when he finds out that he is in fact not Toby's father as Darcy tampered with the results. Even further betrayal for Adam was when he discovered Glenn was in fact his father.

2018: Attempt to take down Glenn and death

By early 2018, Adam is somewhat accepting his father back into his and his brother's lives. However, he discovers Glenn had been leading a gangster lifestyle and in doing so, he hires Trigger to perform an attack on Glenn, in order to show Grace he cares. However, Adam and Jesse intervene when Adam discovers his father's gangster nature. He's not pleased Glenn and even finds out that and when Jesse nearly goes to Prison when his caught with drugs Adam is angry to find out that the only reason that he never went to prison was because his father had threatened a Judge. Adam even compares Glenn to his mother's fellow ex gangster husband Fraser Black. And even asks Glenn if he has killed anyone which Glenn coldly told him not to asks questions he won't like the answer too, this shocks Adam.

Adam starts to realise that his father is bad news for him and everyone in the family he strikes a deal with DI Cassidy after sleeping with her to try and bring Glenn down and get him sent down for life but in order to do this Adam decides to ask Glenn he wants in his criminal activities Glenn accepted but warns Adam that it's not a lifestyle to be taken as a joke. Adam then starts to put his plan into action and little by little he feeds Cassidy little information however never enough to arrest Glenn. By March, Glenn starts to realise that someone is informing the Police of his activities and wrongly assumes it's Trigger not giving Adam a thought Adam is left shocked and disgusted in himself when its revealed Glenn killed Trigger thinking he was the one snitching and later in the same month when Shane Sweeney is causing Glenn a few problems not paying money back to Glenn, Adam is enlisted by his father to set fire to where Shane is residing at the time which was 26 Leigh Road, assuming no one is inside the house Adam follows through with what was set of him however his younger brother Jesse and his girlfriend at the time, Goldie McQueen. Where inside however thankfully they were saved Glenn was then later arrested and questioned for Trigger's murder however nothing suggested he killed him so was released later Glenn and Adam forced Shane to confess to the murder of Trigger in order to save his two sons from being killed by Glenn's men Prince and Hunter McQueen.

Adam is feeling guilty about Shane and Trigger but still puts his mind on taking his father down. By April, he helps Glenn carry out a heist but again Glenn manages to escape charge. The following month after, Glenn assumes that Zack Loveday is the one grassing him up after his associate, Jay Johnson tells him that there is a grass within his bubble and Zack was working for Glenn. Adam is shocked when Glenn and himself kidnap kidnap Zack but Adam is left in further shock when Glenn tells Adam that he is the one that is going to kill Zack, Adam goes along with it but when Glenn answers a phone call Adam tells Zack that he plans to bring Glenn down and his the one that's grassing him up but as Adam is about to make it look like his killed Zack, Glenn arrives and its revealed he knows everything. Glenn tells Zack to leave and after a few words with Adam, Adam is left terrified when Glenn raises a gun telling him how sorry he is. A gunshot is heard through the forest and Adam is seen lying on the floor, its shown that Glenn had killed his eldest son bringing Adam to a tragic end.

Adam appeared in a one off guest stint in Episode 5057 (11th December 2018) when he was seen in a video recording seemingly recorded before he was killed by Glenn. the recording is Adam telling Maxine and her daughter Minnie how much he loves them a heart broken Maxine watches in with tears down her face however main they were tears of thankfulness.

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"You could say I'm their boss." - First line to Tegan Lomax and Celine McQueen about Jesse and Liam Donovan.

"Dad." - Final line to Glenn Donovan just before Glenn shoots him dead.

Introduction Shots

  • 2016: Adam stands in a magazine-like studio.
  • 2016-2018: Adam shows off his blazer in the salon.

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