Abi Raven is a nurse who arrived to help Amy Barnes deliver a son, Lucas Hay. In April 2009, she revealed to Ste Hay and Mike Barnes that Amy had left hospital during the night. Abi tried to convince Sarah Barnes to trust Ste and let him host a naming party for Lucas. At the naming party, Ste announced that Abi and Daniel would be Lucas's Godparents, however when they were on their own with Lucas, it appeared that they had bigger plans to be in his life.

In May 2009, Abi revealed that her and Daniel had a baby together called Michael who died of SIDS and this was the reason for her, Daniel and Natty's care for Lucas. However even though Daniel planned to give Lucas away to better parents, Abi disagreed to the idea as he had promised her that she would have Lucas. In July, Ste moved in with Abi and Daniel, they then continued to drug him. Mike confronted Abi after an argument with Ste and questioned she and Daniel's interest in Ste and Lucas. After discovering Daniel had interviewed a couple to possibly adopt Lucas, Abi and Ste began to grow closer. Abi told Daniel she will leave him and take Lucas if he tried to give him up. Abi was comforted by Ste. Abi the leant in to kiss him, however he pulled away and left. Ste was scared Abi had told Daniel of their kiss and attempted to avoid them. Whilst on their own, Abi and Ste once again comforted each other and slept together.

After discovering Daniel had interviewed a couple to adopt Lucas, Abi told him she would leave him. Daniel caught Ste almost shaking Lucas and convinced him to give him to the parents. Abi took Lucas and phoned the police. Daniel was arrested and Abi gave Lucas back to Ste. Daniel was then released and told Ste, who planned to leave with Abi, that she was only interested in Lucas. Ste realised this and told Abi to leave. Abi and Daniel then admitted they still loved each other and left.

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