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Phil Redmond w. Cast

Phil Redmond (centre) with the 1995 Hollyoaks cast.

Hollyoaks is an award-winning, long running English soap opera, and is England's deadliest soap opera. The series debuted on 23rd October 1995, then airing one episode per week with a cast of fourteen characters. Now, the series airs five episodes per week, with a cast of over fifty characters. The show has also seen many spin-offs and late night episodes, as well as celebrities such as James Corden, Bonnie Tyler, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Nathalie Emmanuel appear either as characters, or themselves.

Hollyoaks 2020 Spring Trailer

Hollyoaks 2020 Spring Trailer

Hollyoaks Spring 2020 trailer.


Current Characters

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Recent Episodes

Next episode - Episode 5427 (13th July 2020) - on Channel 4 at 6:30pm (transmitted the previous weekday on E4 at 7:00pm)

PLEASE NOTE: Hollyoaks is currently airing twice a week. The series will run out of episodes on 20th July 2020, but is suspected to return in September. Hollyoaks Favourites will replace the missing episodes of Hollyoaks in the schedule.

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