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Hollyoaks events[]

  • 1997 - Driving at speed whilst drunk, Lee Stanley flips the car which he and Ollie Benson are driving in, in an attempt to avoid a reversing lorry. Kurt Benson also crashes the car in which he, Tony Hutchinson and Bazz are in, leaving Kurt comatose. Bazz goes missing following the accident. Max Cunningham meets O.B., whom he bickers with.
  • 2010 - On the day of Lanika and Jamil Fadel's arranged wedding, the pair end up changing their minds after agreeing that they don't really want to marry each other.
  • 2020 - Jordan Price and Leela Lomax are arrested for possession with intent to supply illegal drugs.

Real life events[]

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Episodes aired on 6th October in the following years:

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  • 2000s - To be added
  • 2010s - To be added