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Hollyoaks events[]

  • 1998 - Finn O'Connor is born.
  • 2000 - Dylan Jenkins is born.
  • 2013 - On the orders of Brendan Brady, Joel Dexter attempts to murder Seamus Brady by beating him unconscious with a baseball bat before setting fire to a shack with Seamus inside.
  • 2017 - Joel Dexter realises that Sienna Blake was planning to have him killed by Warren Fox and confronts her. As he calls the police, she hits him over the head with his motorcycle helmet, knocking him out. She moves him into the garage and accidentally knocks over a petrol canister and a light, causing a fire. Warren arrives and realises Joel is in the garage, but as he goes in to save Joel, it explodes. Diane Hutchinson returns to the village from France.
  • 2019 - Romeo Quinn is arrested for assault.

Real life events[]


Episodes aired on 4th January in the following years: