4 Oakdale Drive has been the home to Tony Hutchinson and his wife Diane O'Connor and their children Dee Dee Hutchinson and Ant Hutchinson since 2013. In 2015 nephew Scott Drinkwell and Tony's oldest son Harry Thompson moved in. From 2013 to 2014/2015 Sinead O'Connor and Finn O'Connor lived in this house as well. Sinead O'Connor left with her daughter Hannah Hay-O'Connor after Ste Hays affair was exposed with Harry Thompson Finn O'Connor also left after he was found guilty of the rape of John Paul McQueen and attempted rape of Nancy Osborne.

4 Oakdale Drive was home to Sinead O'Connor daughter Katy O'Connor but she passed away as a baby. When Ste Hay and Harry got back together in July 2016, Tony invited him to move in. In January 2017, Diane returned with her niece Lily Drinkwell who later moved in with her husband Prince McQueen. Since Sinead moved back to Hollyoaks in October 2018 she has moved back in with the Hutchinsons along with her and Ste’s child Hannah Hay and her husband Laurie Shelby. Rose Lomax moved in after Tegan Lomax died in October, as she is Tony and Diane's biological daughter. Harry has since then moved out and is currently living with boyfriend James Nightingale and Lily died in April 2018.

Current residents Edit

  • Tony Hutchinson
  • Diane O'Connor
  • Sinead O'Connor
  • Scott Drinkwell
  • Rose Lomax
  • Dee Dee Hutchinson
  • Anthony Hutchinson
  • Hannah Hay

Former residents Edit

  • Harry Thompson
  • Ste Hay
  • Laurie Shelby
  • Lily Drinkwell
  • Finn O'Connor
  • Katy O'Connor
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