Hollyoaks eventsEdit

  • 1985 - Mel & Sophie Burton are born.
  • 2003 - Toby Mills proposes to Ellie Hunter, who accepts.
  • 2009 - Hannah Ashworth is knocked unconscious by Clare Devine whilst searching for Justin Burton at The Loft. As Clare prepares to set the place alight, Hannah attacks her, causing her to drop the match. The pair fight but end up falling over the balcony. Clare manages to escape and Justin saves Hannah. Warren Fox ends up injuring himself attempting to escape, trapping himself on the landing of the stairs. The cable holding the mirror to the roof snaps and the mirror falls, causing Warren to be impaled by the shards of glass.
  • 2013 - Texas Longford's funeral takes place.

Real life eventsEdit


Episodes aired on 29th May in the following years:

  • 1990s - To be added
  • 2000s - To be added
  • 2010s - To be added, 2019
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