Hollyoaks eventsEdit

  • 2003 - Matt Musgrove is viciously assaulted by Scott Anderson.
  • 2008 - Amy Barnes discovers she is pregnant.
  • 2018 - Holly Cunningham jilts Damon Kinsella at the altar after discovering his affair with her mother, Cindy. Milo Entwistle and Dirk Savage later have an argument about Dirk knowing about the affair, which results in Milo pushing Dirk into a swimming pool. He turns on the pool lights to be able to see Dirk, unaware that they were faulty, causing Dirk to be electrocuted to death.

Real life eventsEdit



Episodes aired on 25th July in the following years:

  • 1990s - To be added
  • 2000s - To be added
  • 2010s - To be added, 2019
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