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Kris and Malachy prepare to return home to Ireland with Malachy in low sprits after Mercedes‘ rejected his marriage proposal. Kris sees Mercedes and informs her it’s not certain if Malachy will return to Hollyoaks after their trip home – but Mercedes claims she’s happy about never seeing Malachy again. However, as Kris and Malachy prepare to leave, Mercedes swallows her pride and arrives to say goodbye as Malachy declares he is determined to marry her. They embrace as Mercedes begins to genuinely consider his proposal. After bumping into SteAmy agrees to accompany him to his anger management session, unaware that Rhys has seen them walking off together. At the session, Ste apologises for his behaviour and resolves that it will never happen again. However, Amy reiterates that she has no intention of rekindling their relationship. Meanwhile, a furious Rhys tells Josh that Amy is back together with Ste but Amy convinces Josh that he is the one she wants. Warren and Louise’s planned trip to the Lake District goes awry when Louise receives a call from her Mum, who has had an accident and needs help. Meanwhile, Mandy is forced to look after Holly at the last minute, leaving her plans for spending time with Warren in ruins. 

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