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2021 is Hollyoaks's twenty-seventh year of production.


Bryan Kirkwood decided to stand down as executive producer in 2020, with his final episodes airing in July 2021. He was succeeded by former successor Lucy Allan. Hannah Sowden continued as series producer for a fourth year, with Josie Day's final episode airing in May and Gary Sewell's in September. Philip Dodds was promoted from series editor to series producer in September.

The programme continued to run with four episodes per week until 18th January, when the show returned to five episodes per week. With the show receiving a new change in executive producer, the pacing of the show began to slow and a week of episodes primarily focusing on a certain story/group of characters. Hollyoaks transmitted an hour long episode as part of Channel 4's Black To Front day - showcasing black talent in front and behind of the camera.

This year saw the return of Maxine Minniver's mother Trish, Romeo and Juliet Nightingale's mother Donna-Marie Quinn, and Goldie McQueen's son Prince. Luke Morgan's mother Sue returned in May, with his sister Zara returning in August upon learning of Sue's funeral. Debuts this year included Misbah Maalik's nephew (revealed to be son) Shaq Qureshi, gangster Fergus Collins, Diane Hutchinson's friend Becky Quentin, Shaq's biological father Ali Shahzad, stallholder Nate Denby, Prince's fiancée Olivia Bradshaw, Walter Deveraux's friend Pearl Anderson, and Felix Westwood's son DeMarcus.

Victor Brothers was sent to prison for his role in county lines drug dealing, George Kiss was killed by Sally St. Claire in defence of Theresa McQueen, Courtney Campbell left for a teaching job in Scotland, Brody Hudson was killed in a hit-and-run by Warren Fox and Summer Ranger went to prison for kidnap and attempted murder.


Hollyoaks Events[]

George Kiss is fatally struck with a bookend by Sally St. Claire.

  • 6th January - Bobby Costello returns from Alicante, meeting his great-grandfather Silas Blissett at the airport. (First appearance of Bobby since 2020)
  • 7th January - Silas Blissett prepares to strangle Mercedes McQueen, but Theresa McQueen knocks him out. Bobby Costello finds Silas not breathing and revives him, and Silas flees the village. (Final appearance of Silas)
  • 18th January - Brody Hudson proposes to Sienna Blake, who accepts.
  • 19th January - Diane Hutchinson discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 20th January - Trish Minniver returns to the village, revealing herself as the partner of Brad King. (First appearance of the character since 2012)
  • 21st January - Walter Deveraux collapses due to kidney problems.
  • 27th January - Jordan Price's funeral takes place.
  • 1st February - Under the orders of Victor Brothers, Sid Sumner attacks Oliver Morgan for not paying him for ketamine the previous day.
  • 2nd February - Threatened with arrest by George Kiss, Seth Costello flees the village without his girlfriend, Theresa McQueen. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 9th February - Doctor Ley is arrested on suspicion of fraud by false representation (after being exposed as an unqualified doctor) and cruelty to a child.
  • 12th February - Mandy Morgan proposes to Darren Osborne, who accepts.
  • 19th February - Cormac Ranger wakes up from his coma.
  • 24th February - Summer Ranger is informed that her father, Cormac, has died. Taking Grace Black's gun, Summer attempts to shoot Brody Hudson but inadvertently shoots Sienna Blake instead.
  • 25th February - Charlie Dean is hospitalised after being attacked in prison.
  • 26th February - John Paul McQueen is arrested for common assault when Peri Lomax reports him under the impression that he has been violent towards his boyfriend, George Kiss.
  • 3rd March - After discovering Sid Sumner's intentions to report him to the police for his involvement in the county lines operation, Victor Brothers stabs Sid who supposedly dies in the arms of Ste Hay.
  • 8th March - Runaway groom Shaq Qureshi, the nephew of Misbah Maalik, arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 12th March - Charlie Dean is attacked for a second time in prison.
  • 15th March - Darren Osborne & Mandy Richardson marry. Shortly after the ceremony Darren discovers that Ella Richardson killed Jordan Price and not Charlie Dean.
  • 16th March - Ella Richardson is arrested for the murder of Jordan Price.
  • 17th March - Brad King meets with dodgy businessman Fergus Collins. (First appearance of the character)
  • 18th March - Sid Sumner returns to the village, revealing that he survived being stabbed by Victor Brothers. Victor is arrested for possession of an offensive weapon. Mandy Richardson speaks to her imprisoned daughter, Ella, on video call.
  • 19th March - Juliet Nightingale receives a suspended sentence for drug dealing. Victor Brothers is charged with possession of an offensive weapon. (Final appearance of Victor)
  • 29th March - During a heist conducted by Warren Fox, Felix Westwood and Brad King, Maxine Minniver is run over by the target, Katja.
  • 6th April - Pete Buchanan returns to the village after being released from prison, traumatising Cleo McQueen. (First appearance of the character since 2018)
  • 7th April - After finding out that he has plans to abuse another child, Toby Faroe violently attacks Pete Buchanan.
  • 12th April - Summer Ranger collapses after being poisoned by Sienna Blake.
  • 23rd April - George Kiss is fatally struck over the head with a bookend by an unknown assailant.
  • 26th April - John Paul McQueen is arrested for the murder of George Kiss.
  • 30th April - Diane Hutchinson falls from a ladder whilst trying to change a lightbulb.
  • 4th May - Sue Morgan returns to the village with the news that she is dying. (First appearance of the character since 2002)
  • 6th May - Warren Fox is attacked by Summer Ranger.
  • 14th May - Martine Deveraux is diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • 20th May - Kathleen-Angel McQueen returns to the village. George Kiss's killer is revealed to be Sally St. Claire, who hit George over the head with the bookend to prevent him from attacking Theresa McQueen. (First appearance of Kathleen-Angel since 2016 and final appearance of George)
  • 27th May - Summer Ranger proposes to Brody Hudson, who does not give her an answer.
  • 28th May - Brody Hudson proposes to Summer Ranger, who accepts.
  • 1st June - Sue Morgan falls down the stairs after collapsing.
  • 7th June - Darren Osborne is injured after a sign for The Loft falls on him after it was sabotaged by Fergus Collins.
  • 9th June - Darren Osborne suffers a seizure, however he later wakes up from his coma.
  • 10th June - Donna-Marie Quinn returns to the village after Peri Lomax contacts her. (First appearance of the character since 2020)
  • 14th June - Liberty Savage is hit unconscious with a pair of heels by Summer Ranger after discovering that not only is she having an affair with Sienna Blake, but that she also accidentally shot Sienna when she was aiming for Brody Hudson.
  • 18th June - Sally St. Claire is arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting the murder of George Kiss.
  • 22nd June - Diane Hutchinson gives birth to a baby girl, whom she names Eva. Cher McQueen is left badly burned after using skin bleaching cream. (First appearance of Eva Hutchinson)
  • 23rd June - Eva is kidnapped by Cher McQueen, however Peri Lomax finds her.
  • 29th June - Pete Buchanan is arrested after breaching the terms of his parole. (Final appearance of Pete)
  • 30th June - Courtney Campbell leaves the village after getting offered a job position in Scotland. Grace Black is arrested on suspicion of theft, vandalism and attempted assault. (Final appearance of Courtney)
  • 6th July - Becky Quentin introduces herself & her newborn son Henry to Diane Hutchinson. Sally St. Claire is attacked in prison. Sue Morgan passes away from heart failure. (First appearance of Becky, and final appearance of Sue)
  • 12th July - Donna-Marie Quinn is arrested for burglary & criminal damage.
  • 15th July - Liberty Savage collapses from hypothermia after accidentally locking herself in a fridge.
  • 19th July - At Summer Ranger and Brody Hudson's wedding, Summer refuses to marry Brody, leading to her revealing her affair with Sienna Blake.
  • 20th July - Buster Smith contacts Brody Hudson under Summer Ranger's orders, who later has him arrested for the disappearance of Liberty Savage. (First appearance of Buster since 2020 and final appearance of the character)
  • 21st July - Liberty Savage attempts to escape from Summer Ranger. She hits whom she believes to be Summer with a stick, but discovers that she has beaten Leah Barnes unconscious.
  • 29th July - Walter Deveraux is injured during a robbery at Price Slice, committed by Warren Fox.
  • 5th August - Zara Morgan returns to the village after finding out about Sue's funeral online. (First appearance of Zara since 2005)
  • 6th August - Sue Morgan's funeral takes place. Luke Morgan proposes to Cindy Cunningham, who accepts. Ella Richardson is convicted of manslaughter and receives a youth rehabilitation order.
  • 17th August - Damon Kinsella is kidnapped by Summer Ranger
  • 19th August - Brody Hudson is arrested for the murder of Liberty Savage, but escapes from the police. Summer Ranger kidnaps Sienna Blake, intending to shoot her, but is struck with a petrol canister by Liberty Savage (who, along with Damon Kinsella, had been freed by Cindy Cunningham). Summer attempted to beat Liberty with a wrench, but was shot by Liberty. Summer later went missing.
  • 23rd August - Fergus Collins proposes to Trish Minniver, who accepts.
  • 24th August - Warren Fox is arrested for criminal damage.
  • 25th August - Mercedes McQueen attempts to spike Donna-Marie Quinn. However, she changes her mind last minute.
  • 26th August - Sylver McQueen attacks Romeo Nightingale after discovering that he slept with Mercedes McQueen, and later collapses after drinking a cocktail poisoned by Cher McQueen.
  • 27th August - Sylver McQueen suffers a cardiac arrest in hospital after drinking a poisoned cocktail, and is left comatose.
  • 31st August - Luke Morgan is arrested on suspicion of breaking and entering as part of an insurance scam to save The Hutch.
  • 3rd September - Hospital consultant (and Shaq Qureshi's biological father) Ali Shahzad arrives in the village, accepting a job at Dee Valley University Hospital. (First appearance of the character)
  • 7th September - Nate Denby arrives in the village to view 3 Oakdale Drive as a potential roommate. (First appearance of the character).
  • 8th September - Prince McQueen returns to the village. (First appearance of Prince since 2019).
  • 9th September - Prince's fiancée, Olivia Bradshaw arrives in the village. (First appearance of Olivia).
  • 10th September - Pearl Anderson shows up to join in the celebrations at Walter's birthday party. DeMarcus Westwood, Felix's son, also makes an appearance, having tracked his father using his phone. Later, on the lake, Felix is knocked unconscious and into the water by his boat's mast when DeMarcus's boat collides with his. Martine saves Felix and Walter revives him with CPR. (First appearance of Pearl and DeMarcus)
  • 16th September - Brody Hudson and Sienna Blake are taken hostage by Summer Ranger, but the pair manage to escape. Brody is later hit by a car driven by Warren Fox (who flees the scene) and dies in Sienna's arms. (Final appearance of Brody)
  • 22nd September - Cher McQueen attempts suicide by walking into the pond. She is rescued by her father, Sylver McQueen.
  • 27th September - Juliet Nightingale is pushed down the Oakdale Drive stairs by Timmy Simons and left for dead.
  • 28th September - Timmy Simons prepares to smother Juliet Nightingale with a pillow, but is interrupted by Peri Lomax.
  • 6th October - Brody Hudson's funeral takes place.
  • 13th October - Timmy Simons is shot dead by Fergus Collins for nearly exposing "Operation Bluebird" to Peri Lomax.
  • 18th October - Felix Westwood proposes to Martine Deveraux, who rejects.
  • 19th October - Warren Fox kidnaps Felix Westwood and prepares to shoot him on the orders of Fergus Collins, but the gun is deflected by Joel Dexter.
  • 20th October - Felix Westwood proposes to Martine Deveraux, who accepts.
  • 27th October - Sienna Blake visits Summer Ranger in prison after finding out that the murder charge for Brody Hudson's death has been dropped. (Final appearance of Summer)
  • 28th October - Leela Lomax returns to the village. (First appearance of Leela since 2020).
  • 2nd November - Brooke Hathaway is arrested for breaking and entering.
  • 4th November - Misbah Maalik's family learn that she was raped by Ali Shahzad whilst she was at university. James Nightingale is arrested on suspicion of common assault.
  • 8th November - Darren Osborne is kidnapped by an unknown kidnapper. Nancy Osborne discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 11th November - Maxine Minniver is kidnapped under the orders of Fergus Collins, who sold her for £1,000,000.
  • 12th November - Having been framed by Fergus Collins, Warren Fox is arrested on suspicion of attempted trafficking and making and distributing indecent images of women without consent.
  • 23rd November - Fergus Collins prepares to kill Trish Minniver after discovering her plan to record a confession from him, but is interrupted by Maxine Minniver who strikes him with a bottle. Fergus hits his head on the counter and is killed.
  • 24th November - After Maxine Minniver informs D.S. Cohen of Fergus Collins's death, his body is removed from The Loft. (Final appearance of Fergus)
  • 25th November - Martine Deveraux and Felix Westwood marry.

Real life events[]

Cast changes[]


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Number Character Actor Debut date
Shaq Qureshi Omar Malik 8th March 2021
Fergus Collins Robert Beck 17th March 2021
Eva Hutchinson Unknown 22nd June 2021
Becky Quentin Katie McGlynn 6th July 2021
Ali Shahzad Raji James 3rd September 2021
Nate Denby Chris Charles 7th September 2021
Olivia Bradshaw Emily Burnett 9th September 2021
Pearl Anderson Dawn Hope 10th September 2021
DeMarcus Westwood Tomi Ade 10th September 2021


See also: Category:2021 returns.

Number Character Actor Return date
Bobby Costello Jayden Fox 6th January 2021
Trish Minniver Denise Welch (recasted from Paula Wolfenden) 20th January 2021
Leah Barnes Elá-May Demircan 24th March 2021
Pete Buchanan Kai Owen 6th April 2021
Sue Morgan Marian McLoughlin (recasted from Eve White) 4th May 2021
Kathleen-Angel McQueen Kiara Mellor (recasted from Nieve Grandison) 20th May 2021
Donna-Marie Quinn Lucy-Jo Hudson 10th June 2021
Buster Smith Nathan Sussex 20th July 2021
Zara Morgan Kelly Condron 5th August 2021
Lucas Hay William Hall 10th August 2021
Prince McQueen Malique Thompson-Dwyer 8th September 2021
Leela Lomax Kirsty-Leigh Porter 28th October 2021


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Number Character Actor Departure date
Silas Blissett Jeff Rawle 7th January 2021
Seth Costello Miles Higson 2nd February 2021
Victor Brothers Benjamin O'Mahony 19th March 2021
George Kiss Callum Kerr 20th May 2021
Pete Buchanan Kai Owen 29th June 2021
Courtney Campbell Amy Conachan 30th June 2021
Sue Morgan Marian McLoughlin 6th July 2021
Buster Smith Nathan Sussex 20th July 2021
Brody Hudson Adam Woodward 16th September 2021
Summer Ranger Rhiannon Clements 27th October 2021
Fergus Collins Robert Beck 24th November 2021


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Episode Number Original Air Date Writer(s) Director(s)
#5499 4th January 2021 Steve Hughes Paulette Randall
#5500 5th January 2021 Darren Fairhurst Paulette Randall
#5501 6th January 2021 Karla Marie Sweet Paulette Randall
#5502 7th January 2021 Richard Burke Paulette Randall
#5503 11th January 2021 Alan Flanagan Gary Williams
#5504 12th January 2021 Jonathan Larkin Gary Williams
#5505 13th January 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Gary Williams
#5505A 14th January 2021 Jane Wainwright Gary Williams
#5506 18th January 2021 Richard Burke Griff Rowland
#5507 19th January 2021 Rachel Hall Griff Rowland
#5508 20th January 2021 Heather Robson Griff Rowland
#5509 21st January 2021 Luke Delaney Griff Rowland
#5510 22nd January 2021 Alan Flanagan Griff Rowland
#5511 25th January 2021 Sachin Kureishi Dirk Campbell
#5512 26th January 2021 Tom Melia Dirk Campbell
#5513 27th January 2021 Rebecca Ramsden Dirk Campbell
#5514 28th January 2021 Sarah Brown Dirk Campbell
#5515 29th January 2021 Alanna Hallum Dirk Campbell
#5516 1st February 2021 Johnathon Hughes Daniel Jerome Gill
#5517 2nd February 2021 Jayshree Patel Daniel Jerome Gill
#5518 3rd February 2021 Jonathan Boam Daniel Jerome Gill
#5519 4th February 2021 Emma Morgan Daniel Jerome Gill
#5520 5th February 2021 James Coleman Daniel Jerome Gill
#5521 8th February 2021 Steve Hughes Will Brenton
#5522 9th February 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Will Brenton
#5523 10th February 2021 Colin O'Donnell Will Brenton
#5524 11th February 2021 Daniel Moulson Will Brenton
#5525 12th February 2021 Zoë Lister Will Brenton
#5526 15th February 2021 Alan Flanagan Miguel Guerreiro
#5527 16th February 2021 Zoë Lister Miguel Guerreiro
#5528 17th February 2021 Jayshree Patel Miguel Guerreiro
#5529 18th February 2021 Steve Hughes Miguel Guerreiro
#5530 19th February 2021 Darren Fairhurst Miguel Guerreiro
#5531 22nd February 2021 Jane Wainwright Mustapha Kseibati
#5532 23rd February 2021 Sarah Brown Mustapha Kseibati
#5533 24th February 2021 Richard Burke Mustapha Kseibati
#5534 25th February 2021 Jonathan Larkin Mustapha Kseibati
#5535 26th February 2021 Shaun Kitchener Mustapha Kseibati
#5536 1st March 2021 Emma Morgan Suzanne Readwin
#5537 2nd March 2021 Luke Delaney Suzanne Readwin
#5538 3rd March 2021 Colin O'Donnell Suzanne Readwin
#5539 4th March 2021 James Coleman Suzanne Readwin
#5540 5th March 2021 Lyn Papadopoulos Suzanne Readwin
#5541 8th March 2021 Rachel Hall Ian Curtis
#5542 9th March 2021 Jonathan Boam Ian Curtis
#5543 10th March 2021 Karla Marie Sweet Ian Curtis
#5544 11th March 2021 Gareth Lemon Ian Curtis
#5545 12th March 2021 Alanna Hallum Ian Curtis
#5546 15th March 2021 Rebecca Ramsden Sean Healy
#5547 16th March 2021 Heather Robson Sean Healy
#5548 17th March 2021 Tom Melia Sean Healy
#5549 18th March 2021 Daniel Moulson Sean Healy
#5550 19th March 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Sean Healy
#5551 22nd March 2021 Jayshree Patel George C Siougas
#5552 23rd March 2021 Shaun Kitchener George C Siougas
#5553 24th March 2021 Emma Morgan George C Siougas
#5554 25th March 2021 Gareth Lemon George C Siougas
#5555 26th March 2021 Lyn Papadopoulos George C Siougas
#5556 29th March 2021 James Coleman Leon Lopez
#5557 30th March 2021 Jane Wainwright Leon Lopez
#5558 31st March 2021 Darren Fairhurst Leon Lopez
#5559 1st April 2021 Steve Hughes Leon Lopez
#5560 2nd April 2021 Luke Delaney Leon Lopez
#5561 5th April 2021 Rebecca Ramsden Miguel Guerreiro
#5562 6th April 2021 Alan Flanagan Miguel Guerreiro
#5563 7th April 2021 Alan Flanagan Miguel Guerreiro
#5564 8th April 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Miguel Guerreiro
#5565 9th April 2021 Sarah Brown Miguel Guerreiro
#5566 12th April 2021 Alanna Hallum Edem Kelman
#5567 13th April 2021 Richard Burke Edem Kelman
#5568 14th April 2021 Jonathan Boam Edem Kelman
#5569 15th April 2021 Karla Marie Sweet Edem Kelman
#5570 16th April 2021 Thabo Mhlatshwa Edem Kelman
#5571 19th April 2021 Colin O'Donnell Griff Rowland
#5572 20th April 2021 Sachin Kureishi Griff Rowland
#5573 21st April 2021 Jonathan Larkin Griff Rowland
#5574 22nd April 2021 Johnathon Hughes Griff Rowland
#5575 23rd April 2021 Heather Robson Griff Rowland
#5576 26th April 2021 Richard Burke Isher Sahota
#5577 27th April 2021 Rachel Hall Isher Sahota
#5578 28th April 2021 Jayshree Patel Isher Sahota
#5579 29th April 2021 Jane Wainwright Isher Sahota
#5580 30th April 2021 Shaun Kitchener Isher Sahota
#5581 3rd May 2021 Daniel Moulson Tracey Rooney
#5582 4th May 2021 Steve Hughes Tracey Rooney
#5583 5th May 2021 Jessy Keely Tracey Rooney
#5584 6th May 2021 James Coleman Tracey Rooney
#5585 7th May 2021 Luke Delaney Tracey Rooney
#5586 10th May 2021 Colin O'Donnell Tim Hopewell
#5587 11th May 2021 Jonathan Boam Tim Hopewell
#5588 12th May 2021 Tom Melia Tim Hopewell
#5589 13th May 2021 Rebecca Ramsden Tim Hopewell
#5590 14th May 2021 Katrina Smith-Jackson Tim Hopewell
#5591 17th May 2021 Alanna Hallum Mickey Jones
#5592 18th May 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Mickey Jones
#5593 19th May 2021 Gareth Lemon Mickey Jones
#5594 20th May 2021 Lyn Papadopoulos Mickey Jones
#5595 21st May 2021 Alan Flanagan Mickey Jones
#5596 24th May 2021 Thabo Mhlatshwa Ian Curtis
#5597 25th May 2021 Jonathan Larkin Ian Curtis
#5598 26th May 2021 Zoë Lister Ian Curtis
#5599 27th May 2021 Heather Robson Ian Curtis
#5600 28th May 2021 Sarah Brown Ian Curtis
#5601 31st May 2021 Alanna Hallum Duncan Foster
#5602 1st June 2021 Jane Wainwright Duncan Foster
#5603 2nd June 2021 Johnathon Hughes Duncan Foster
#5604 3rd June 2021 Zoë Lister Duncan Foster
#5605 4th June 2021 Luke Delaney Duncan Foster
#5606 7th June 2021 Richard Burke Miguel Guerreiro
#5607 8th June 2021 Emma Morgan Miguel Guerreiro
#5608 9th June 2021 Thabo Mhlatshwa Miguel Guerreiro
#5609 10th June 2021 Steve Hughes Miguel Guerreiro
#5610 11th June 2021 Darren Fairhurst Miguel Guerreiro
#5611 14th June 2021 Jonathan Boam Mustapha Kseibati
#5612 15th June 2021 James Coleman Mustapha Kseibati
#5613 16th June 2021 Sarah Brown Mustapha Kseibati
#5614 17th June 2021 Sachin Kureishi Mustapha Kseibati
#5615 18th June 2021 Jayshree Patel Mustapha Kseibati
#5616 21st June 2021 Alan Flanagan Neil J Wilkinson
#5617 22nd June 2021 Jessy Keely Neil J Wilkinson
#5618 23rd June 2021 Heather Robson Neil J Wilkinson
#5619 24th June 2021 Lyn Papadopoulos Neil J Wilkinson
#5620 25th June 2021 Katrina Smith-Jackson Neil J Wilkinson
#5621 28th June 2021 Shaun Kitchener Griff Rowland
#5622 29th June 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Griff Rowland
#5623 30th June 2021 Gareth Lemon Griff Rowland
#5624 1st July 2021 Colin O'Donnell Griff Rowland
#5625 2nd July 2021 Rachel Hall Griff Rowland
#5626 5th July 2021 Daniel Moulson Miranda Howard-Williams
#5627 6th July 2021 Richard Burke Miranda Howard-Williams
#5628 7th July 2021 Jonathan Larkin Miranda Howard-Williams
#5629 8th July 2021 Emma Morgan Miranda Howard-Williams
#5630 9th July 2021 Luke Delaney Miranda Howard-Williams
#5631 12th July 2021 Shaun Kitchener David Crowley
#5632 13th July 2021 Jane Wainwright David Crowley
#5633 14th July 2021 Jayshree Patel David Crowley
#5634 15th July 2021 Karla Marie Sweet David Crowley
#5635 15th July 2021 Alan Flanagan David Crowley
#5636 19th July 2021 Colin O'Donnell Will Brenton
#5637 20th July 2021 James Coleman Will Brenton
#5638 21st July 2021 Katrina Smith-Jackson Will Brenton
#5639 22nd July 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Will Brenton
#5640 23rd July 2021 Steve Hughes Will Brenton
#5641 26th July 2021 Jonathan Boam Suzanne Readwin
#5642 27th July 2021 Katie Lythgow Suzanne Readwin
#5643 28th July 2021 Alanna Hallum Suzanne Readwin
#5644 29th July 2021 Zoë Lister Suzanne Readwin
#5645 30th July 2021 Thabo Mhlatshwa Suzanne Readwin
#5646 2nd August 2021 Sachin Kureishi Daikin Marsh
#5647 3rd August 2021 Lyn Papadopoulos Daikin Marsh
#5648 4th August 2021 Tom Melia Daikin Marsh
#5649 5th August 2021 Alanna Hallum Daikin Marsh
#5650 6th August 2021 Gareth Lemon Daikin Marsh
#5651 9th August 2021 Richard Burke Duncan Foster
#5652 10th August 2021 Jayshree Patel Duncan Foster
#5653 11th August 2021 Johnathon Hughes Duncan Foster
#5654 12th August 2021 Steve Hughes Duncan Foster
#5655 13th August 2021 Colin O'Donnell Duncan Foster
#5656 16th August 2021 Sarah Brown Tim Hopewell
#5657 17th August 2021 Daniel Moulson Tim Hopewell
#5658 18th August 2021 Alan Flanagan Tim Hopewell
#5659 19th August 2021 James Coleman Tim Hopewell
#5660 20th August 2021 Karla Marie Sweet Tim Hopewell
#5661 23rd August 2021 Rebecca Ramsden Kodjo Tsakpo
#5662 24th August 2021 Darren Fairhurst Kodjo Tsakpo
#5663 25th August 2021 Heather Robson Kodjo Tsakpo
#5664 26th August 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Kodjo Tsakpo
#5665 27th August 2021 Rachel Hall Kodjo Tsakpo
#5666 30th August 2021 Jonathan Larkin Sean Glynn
#5667 31st August 2021 Alan Flanagan Sean Glynn
#5668 1st September 2021 Jessy Keely Sean Glynn
#5669 2nd September 2021 Richard Burke Sean Glynn
#5670 3rd September 2021 Jayshree Patel Sean Glynn
#5671 6th September 2021 Katie Lythgow Paulette Randall
#5672 7th September 2021 Jane Wainwright Paulette Randall
#5673 8th September 2021 Luke Delaney Paulette Randall
#5674 9th September 2021 Shaun Kitchener Paulette Randall
#5675[1] 10th September 2021 Thabo Mhlatshwa Patrick Robinson
#5676 13th September 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Eddy Marshall
#5677 14th September 2021 Rebecca Ramsden Eddy Marshall
#5678 15th September 2021 James Coleman Eddy Marshall
#5679 16th September 2021 Alanna Hallum Eddy Marshall
#5680 17th September 2021 Zoë Lister Eddy Marshall
#5681 20th September 2021 Jonathan Boam Jamie Annett
#5682 21st September 2021 Emma Morgan Jamie Annett
#5683 22nd September 2021 Steve Hughes Jamie Annett
#5684 23rd September 2021 Heather Robson Jamie Annett
#5685 24th September 2021 Gareth Lemon Jamie Annett
#5686 27th September 2021 Shaun Kitchener Daikin Marsh
#5687 28th September 2021 Sarah Brown Daikin Marsh
#5688 29th September 2021 Darren Fairhurst Daikin Marsh
#5689 30th September 2021 Jayshree Patel Daikin Marsh
#5690 1st October 2021 Zoë Lister Daikin Marsh
#5691 4th October 2021 Daniel Moulson Vicky Thomas
#5692 5th October 2021 Sachin Kureishi Vicky Thomas
#5693 6th October 2021 Jane Wainwright Vicky Thomas
#5694 7th October 2021 Richard Burke Vicky Thomas
#5695 8th October 2021 Steve Hughes Vicky Thomas
#5696 11th October 2021 Lyn Papadopoulos Vicki Kisner
#5697 12th October 2021 Luke Delaney Vicki Kisner
#5698 13th October 2021 Alan Flanagan Vicki Kisner
#5699 14th October 2021 Tom Melia Vicki Kisner
#5700 15th October 2021 Johnathon Hughes Vicki Kisner
#5701 18th October 2021 James Coleman Griff Rowland
#5702 19th October 2021 Colin O'Donnell Griff Rowland
#5703 20th October 2021 Heather Robson Griff Rowland
#5704 21st October 2021 Rachel Hall Griff Rowland
#5705 22nd October 2021 Alanna Hallum Griff Rowland
#5706 25th October 2021 Richard Burke Adam Batchelor
#5707 26th October 2021 Jonathan Larkin Adam Batchelor
#5708 27th October 2021 Luke Delaney Adam Batchelor
#5709 28th October 2021 Gareth Lemon Julius Amedume
#5710 29th October 2021 Jessy Keely Julius Amedume
#5711 1st November 2021 Jayshree Patel Neil J. Wilkinson
#5712 2nd November 2021 Jonathan Boam Neil J. Wilkinson
#5713 3rd November 2021 Zoë Lister Neil J. Wilkinson
#5714 4th November 2021 Alan Flanagan Neil J. Wilkinson
#5715 5th November 2021 Rebecca Ramsden Neil J. Wilkinson
#5716 8th November 2021 Katie Lythgow Suzanne Readwin
#5717 9th November 2021 Daniel Moulson Suzanne Readwin
#5718 10th November 2021 Thabo Mhlatshwa Suzanne Readwin
#5719 11th November 2021 Colin O'Donnell Suzanne Readwin
#5720 12th November 2021 James Coleman Suzanne Readwin
#5721 15th November 2021 Alanna Hallum Paulette Randall
#5722 16th November 2021 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Paulette Randall
#5723 17th November 2021 Shaun Kitchener Paulette Randall
#5724 18th November 2021 Emma Morgan Paulette Randall
#5725 19th November 2021 Jane Wainwright Paulette Randall
  1. Extended episode.

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