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2020 is Hollyoaks's twenty-sixth year of production. This year saw a one-off episode of Hollyoaks Later broadcast in January 2020 for the demise of Breda McQueen.


Bryan Kirkwood remained in the role of executive producer for a ninth year, with Josie Day joining the programme as series producer in January. January also saw the airing of a late night special, advertised as a one-off episode of Hollyoaks Later, to see the demise of Breda McQueen. The special achieved viewing figures higher than all episodes since season 2.

Production of the programme was suspended in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This caused a schedule change, and subsequently disfigured the timeline. This also resulted in the show going off-air in July 2020. When the show returned in September 2020, extra scenes were filmed, with scenes filmed pre-halting serving as "flashback scenes" - ultimately making the timeline match the transmission date of episodes. The pandemic also caused several story re-writes, such as the Anniversary Week in October, and the death of Edward Hutchinson.

This year saw the permanent returns of John Paul McQueen, Warren Fox and Theresa McQueen. Ste Hay and Cleo McQueen returned after production suspension meant that return scenes had to be postponed, whilst Silas Blissett and Seth Costello returned for guest stints. Jeremy Edwards also reprised the role of Kurt Benson, but decided against extending his contract. This year also saw the arrivals of Tony Hutchinson's sister Verity, police officer George Kiss, Mitchell Deveraux's father Felix Westwood, Sylver McQueen's daughter Cher Winters, drug dealer Victor Brothers, Cormac Ranger's daughter Summer, and the first ever non-binary character in a soap opera - Ripley Lennox.

Regular characters departing this year (excluding characters with long gaps in appearances due to COVID) included Breda McQueen, Jesse Donovan, Azim Desai, Liam Donovan, Kyle Kelly, Lisa Loveday, Mitchell Deveraux, Edward Hutchinson and Jordan Price.


Hollyoaks events[]

Breda McQueen is killed by her son, Sylver.

  • 2nd January - John Paul McQueen brings his son, Matthew-Jesus McQueen, back to Hollyoaks from Singapore. (First appearance of Matthew-Jesus since 2017)
  • 3rd January - Darren Osborne is stabbed with a knife inside The Hutch by Breda McQueen.
  • 6th January - Mercedes McQueen is arrested for the murders of Carl Costello, Russ Owen, Glenn Donovan, Louis Loveday and Harry Thompson.
  • 7th January - Edward Hutchinson's daughter, Verity arrives in the village. John Paul McQueen collapses after being poisoned by Breda McQueen. Tony Hutchinson is stabbed with a pitchfork after trying to attack Breda in an attempt to escape. Sylver McQueen tries to strangle Breda after he and Goldie McQueen realise that she is the killer, but is stopped by Goldie. Sylver is later shot with a bolt gun by Breda. Breda sets fire to Stone Mount Farm in an attempt to kill herself, Sylver, Mercedes and Tony. Mercedes and Breda fight, with Breda trying to stab Mercedes with a shard of glass, after being released by Goldie, which ends with Breda being stabbed through the skull with knitting needles by Sylver. The farm later explodes with only Breda's body inside. (First appearance of Verity and final appearance of Breda)
  • 8th January - Tony Hutchinson suffers a cardiac arrest whilst in hospital but is revived by his father, Edward Hutchinson.
  • 9th January - Warren Fox returns to the village with his twin children, Sophie and Sebastian Blake. (First appearance of the characters since 2019)
  • 10th January - Liberty Savage collapses due to low blood sugar. Brody Hudson is kidnapped by Warren Fox.
  • 14th January - Sienna Blake discovers that her son, Sebastian, has leukemia.
  • 16th January - Donna-Marie Quinn returns to the village after being exonerated for the murder of Mac Nightingale. (First appearance of the character since 2019)
  • 20th January - Jesse Donovan and Courtney Campbell marry.
  • 21st January - Jesse Donovan collapses from alcohol poisoning caused by binge drinking.
  • 22nd January - Jesse Donovan is found unconscious by Martine Deveraux. Despite Mitchell Deveraux and the paramedics' attempts to revive Jesse, he dies from alcohol poisoning. (Final appearance of Jesse Donovan)
  • 27th January - Donna-Marie Quinn takes an overdose of drugs, and is left to die by James Nightingale.
  • 28th January - Donna-Marie Quinn leaves the village alone for London after Juliet Quinn discovers that Donna-Marie was planning on leaving her behind. (Last appearance until 2021)
  • 29th January - Nancy Osborne is stabbed by drug dealer Mason during a fight between Mason and Imran Maalik.
  • 30th January - P.C. George Kiss arrives at Hollyoaks High School to investigate the stabbing of Nancy Osborne. (First appearance of the character)
  • 31st January - Nancy Osborne suffers a miscarriage.
  • 4th February - Mitchell Deveraux is arrested for committing a hate crime.
  • 13th February - Warren Fox is arrested for the false imprisonment of Sienna Blake in November 2017.
  • 19th February - Brooke Hathaway goes into labour.
  • 20th February - Brooke Hathaway gives birth to a son.
  • 25th February - Jesse Donovan's funeral takes place.
  • 26th February - Sylver McQueen unintentionally proposes to Grace Black, who accepts.
  • 27th February - Romeo Quinn is attacked by an unknown attacker, later revealed to be either by or by an associate of Jordan Price.
  • 9th March - Warren Fox is arrested for assault after Liam Donovan goads him into attacking him.
  • 10th March - Martine Deveraux discovers that her long-lost son is Toby Faroe.
  • 11th March - Through a series of flashbacks, it is revealed that Toby and Celeste Faroe were adopted by Doctor Ramsey Ley for an experiment. It is implied that Doctor Ley was killed in a house fire started by Celeste. Martine Deveraux reveals to Mitchell Deveraux that she actually gave birth to triplets, the third child being Celeste.
  • 13th March - Juliet Nightingale is arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply.
  • 23rd March - Warren Fox is viciously attacked on the orders of Liam Donovan, leaving him seriously injured.
  • 25th March - John Paul and Sylver McQueen are kidnapped by Liam Donovan. Liam later holds Mercedes McQueen, Grace Black, James Nightingale and Maxine Kinsella hostage inside The Dog in the Pond.
  • 26th March - The siege comes to an end when Warren Fox manages to sneak into The Dog in the Pond and tackles Liam Donovan, giving the hostages a chance to escape. Liam grabs Mercedes McQueen and is about to throw her down a flight of stairs when Grace Black shoves him off her. She manages to grab Liam's tie, but decides to let Liam go, who has a fatal fall. (Final appearance of Liam Donovan)
  • 30th March - Felix Westwood arrives in the village, meeting his triplets and Martine Deveraux for the first time in 26 years. (First appearance of the character)
  • 14th April - Sid Sumner is attacked and nearly stabbed by Danny, but is rescued by Imran Maalik and Ollie Morgan. Darren Osborne attempts suicide, but is talked out of it by Kyle Kelly.
  • 27th April - Felix Westwood is beaten unconscious with a pipe by Toby Faroe.
  • 28th April - Toby Faroe attempts to kill Felix Westwood by tampering with his medical equipment, but is interrupted by Mitchell Deveraux. Mitchell is later arrested for malicious wounding with intent to cause grevious bodily harm.
  • 5th May - Mitchell Deveraux proposes to Scott Drinkwell, who accepts. Tony Hutchinson collapses after his drink is spiked by Edward Hutchinson.
  • 11th May - Tony Hutchinson is diagnosed with a brain tumour.
  • 12th May - Tony Hutchinson is revealed to have been falsely diagnosed with a brain tumour after Edward Hutchinson switches his CT scan results with another patient.
  • 26th May - Whilst high on drugs, Kyle Kelly crashes his van into Jordan Price's car, leaving Jordan injured.
  • 1st June - Cher Winters arrives in the village, watching Sylver McQueen, Warren Fox and Mercedes McQueen from a distance. (First appearance of the character)
  • 2nd June - At Mercedes and Sylver McQueen's vow renewal, Cher Winters reveals that Sylver is her father.
  • 9th June - After giving Nancy Osborne the best day ever, Kyle Kelly takes his own life. Darren Osborne finds him, but is too late. (Final appearance of Kyle Kelly)
  • 16th June - Jordan Price's boss, Victor Brothers, arrives in the village, issuing Jordan his final warning for the lack of drug sales in the village. (First appearance of Victor)
  • 13th July - Kyle Kelly's funeral takes place.
  • 20th July - Tom Cunningham introduces Yasmine Maalik to Sweater Thunberg stallholder Ripley Lennox. (First appearance of the character)
  • 8th September - Scott Drinkwell and Mitchell Deveraux marry. After the ceremony, Toby Faroe murders the person in Scott and Mitchell's hotel room with a fireplace poker, believing them to be Mitchell.
  • 9th September - Toby Faroe discovers that he has murdered Lisa Loveday - not Mitchell Deveraux who he intended to kill. He and Celeste Faroe attempt to cover up her murder. (Final appearance of Lisa)
  • 22nd September - Brody Hudson visits his abuser, Buster Smith, in prison. He later takes Ollie Morgan, but Buster reacts poorly towards the pair. Afterwards, Ollie runs away from home. (First appearance of Buster since 2019, and final appearance until 2021)
  • 23rd September - Liberty Savage goes into labour in Cunningham's Grande Bazaar.
  • 24th September - Liberty Savage gives birth to a baby girl in The Hutch, delivered by Misbah Maalik.
  • 29th September - Liberty Savage begins hearing the voice of Nico Blake, envisioning her as a nurse. (First (voice) appearance of Nico since 2018)
  • 5th October - Jordan Price and Victor Brothers attempt a robbery on Salon de The de Marnie, with Misbah Maalik & Marnie Nightingale inside, only to discover that Marnie Nightingale has not been accepting cash.
  • 6th October - Jordan Price and Leela Lomax are arrested for possession with intent to supply illegal drugs.
  • 12th October - Brody Hudson punches Cormac Ranger. When Cormac picks up a spanner to hit Brody, Warren Fox attacks Cormac and beats him unconscious, leaving him comatose.
  • 15th October - Theresa McQueen returns to the village. (First appearance of the character since 2016)
  • 20th October - Sylver McQueen is arrested for the murder of Breda McQueen.
  • 21st October - Cher Winters reveals to her father, Sylver McQueen, that she killed her younger sister, Liza.
  • 22nd October - Kurt Benson is revealed to be alive much to the surprise of Tony Hutchinson, Mercedes McQueen reveals that she is pregnant, Yasmine Maalik proposes to Tom Cunningham & Silas Blissett is revealed to be the person stalking the McQueen family. (First appearance of Kurt since 2013 & the first appearance of Silas since 2016).
  • 29th October - Whilst attempting to flee the village with Faith, Liberty Savage accidentally hits Brody Hudson with her car.
  • 3rd November - Tom Cunningham proposes to Yasmine Maalik with a ring, and she delightfully accepts. Ste Hay returns to the village and witnesses the engagement, to Yasmine's shock. (First appearance of Ste since 2019)
  • 12th November - Sid Sumner suffers temporary paralysis in the legs from getting high on ketamine. His leg is run over by Peri Lomax, distracted on her phone whilst driving.
  • 16th November - Sid Sumner is informed that his right leg is unable to be saved after being run over by Peri Lomax, and undergoes an operation to amputate it.
  • 17th November - Cleo McQueen returns to the village. (First appearance of the character since 2019)
  • 19th November - Mitchell Drinkwell-Deveraux discovers the body of Lisa Loveday.
  • 24th November - Kurt Benson proposes to Verity Hutchinson, but she rejects. After being threatened with murder or imprisonment by Toby and Celeste Faroe after discovering Lisa Loveday's body, Mitchell Drinkwell-Deveraux leaves the village. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 25th November - Faith goes missing. Brody Hudson meets Summer Ranger, the daughter of Cormac. (First appearance of Summer)
  • 1st December - Oliver Morgan overdoses on ketamine supplied by Juliet Nightingale.
  • 2nd December - After discovering that Silas Blissett is the McQueens' blackmailer, Mercedes McQueen falls down the City Wall stairs. In hospital, Mercedes is informed that she has suffered a miscarriage.
  • 8th December - After she confronts him over all of his villainous acts, Edward Hutchinson hits his daughter-in-law Diane over the head with a briefcase, leaving her comatose. Tony Hutchinson, who is framed for the crime, is arrested for assault.
  • 10th December - After his scam is exposed, Kurt Benson flees the village on his motorbike. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 15th December - After being convinced by Sienna Blake to receive treatment for her post-partum psychosis, Liberty Savage stops seeing the ghost of Nico Blake. (Final appearance of Nico)
  • 21st December - Silas Blissett is revealed to be working with his grandson, Seth Costello. Seth's girlfriend is revealed to be Theresa McQueen, who is unaware of Silas's involvement in the blackmail. (First appearance of Seth since 2011)
  • 23rd December - Edward Hutchinson attempts to kill his son, Tony, by poisoning a mince pie. However, Tom Cunningham accidentally switches the pies and Edward consumes the poisoned one. He later dies of a brain haemorrhage. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 29th December - Jordan Price is fatally stabbed by Charlie Dean during a misunderstanding about Ella Richardson role in county lines drug dealing. Tom Cunningham and Yasmine Maalik marry.
  • 30th December - Ella Richardson is revealed to have killed Jordan Price: Charlie Dean stabbed Jordan, but Ella stole a knife from The Hutch kitchen and caused the fatal stab wound. However, Charlie covers up the crime scene and makes a false confession to the police. He is arrested. (Final appearance of Jordan Price)

Real life events[]



Ranking Character Played by Episode count Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Diane Hutchinson Alex Fletcher 76 661 8
1 Tony Hutchinson Nick Pickard 76 7
3 Mercedes McQueen Jennifer Metcalfe 72 1
3 Liberty Savage Jessamy Stoddart 72 297 12
5 Brody Hudson Adam Woodward 71 275 10
6 Juliet Quinn/Nightingale Niamh Blackshaw 68 170 14
7 Damon Kinsella Jacob Roberts 65 248 33
8 Sienna Blake Anna Passey 64 749 3
8 John Paul McQueen James Sutton 64 82
10 Warren Fox Jamie Lomas 63 87
10 Sid Sumner Billy Price 63 91 55
12 James Nightingale Gregory Finnegan 62 421 8
12 Darren Osborne Ashley Taylor Dawson 62 15
14 Edward Hutchinson Joe McGann 60 84 59
14 Goldie McQueen Chelsee Healey 60 288 6
14 Jordan Price Connor Calland 60 61 87
17 Martine Deveraux Kelle Bryan 57 127 40
17 Mitchell Deveraux/Drinkwell-Deveraux Imran Adams 57 138 20
19 Marnie Nightingale Lysette Anthony 55 366 25
20 Grace Black Tamara Wall 54 643 15
20 Scott Drinkwell/Drinkwell-Deveraux Ross Adams 54 356 11
20 Nancy Osborne Jessica Fox 54 19
23 Mandy Morgan Sarah Jayne Dunn 53 28
24 Toby Faroe Bobby Gordon 52 61 72
24 Sylver McQueen David Tag 52 226 2
26 Celeste Faroe Andrea Ali 51 59 75
26 Romeo Quinn/Nightingale Owen Warner 51 176 18
28 Courtney Campbell Amy Conachan 50 221 51
28 Peri Lomax Ruby O'Donnell 50 422 27
30 Tom Cunningham Ellis Hollins 47 39
31 Cindy Cunningham Stephanie Waring 46 23
31 Verity Hutchinson Eva O'Hara 46 46 -
31 Imran Maalik Ijaz Rana 46 206 23
31 Oliver Morgan Aedan Duckworth/Gabriel Clark 46 207 12
35 Leela Lomax Kirsty-Leigh Porter 45 530 42
35 Maxine Minniver Nikki Sanderson 45 584 32
35 Luke Morgan Gary Lucy 45 46
35 Felix Westwood Richard Blackwood 45 45 -
39 Walter Deveraux Trevor A. Toussaint 44 101 42
40 George Kiss Callum Kerr 42 42 -
41 Misbah Maalik Harvey Virdi 40 210 33
42 Lisa Loveday Rachel Adedeji 38 222 48
42 Yasmine Maalik Haiesha Mistry 38 228 22
44 Brooke Hathaway Talia Vanessa Grant 35 132 33
45 Sami Maalik Rishi Nair 33 181 30
45 Sally St. Claire Annie Wallace 33 268 37
45 Cher Winters Bethannie Hare 33 33 -
48 Liam Donovan Jude Monk McGowan 31 249 5
49 Joel Dexter Rory Douglas-Speed 30 343 30
50 Jack Osborne James McKenna 29 41
51 Charlie Dean Charlie Behan 28 57
52 Victor Brothers Benjamin O'Mahony 27 27 -
52 Kyle Kelly Adam Rickitt 27 134 48
54 Theresa McQueen Jorgie Porter 24 657 -
55 Nana McQueen Diane Langton 21 33
56 Ella Richardson Erin Palmer 20 72
57 Kurt Benson Jeremy Edwards 17 -
57 Anthony Hutchinson Caelan Cobbledick-Manning 17 62
57 Ripley Lennox Ki Griffin 17 17 -
60 Dee Dee Hutchinson Lacey Findlow 15 66
61 Nico Blake Persephone Swales-Dawson 14 252 -
62 Sophie Fox Daisy P 13 22 79
62 Rose Lomax Isla Pritchard 13 69
64 Jesse Donovan Luke Jerdy 12 249 44
65 Ste Hay Kieron Richardson 11 15
65 Oscar Osborne Noah Holdsworth 11 68
67 Sebastian Fox Elliott P 8 48 79
67 Cleo McQueen Nadine Mulkerrin 8 369 26
67 Minnie Minniver Eva Lorente 8 62
70 Leah Barnes Elá-May Demircan 6 62
70 Silas Blissett Jeff Rawle 6 98 -
70 Bobby Costello Jayden Fox 6 45
70 Matthew-Jesus McQueen Matthew Clohessy 6 -
74 Breda McQueen Moyà Brady 5 158 4
74 Donna-Marie Quinn Lucy-Jo Hudson 5 42 69
74 Summer Ranger Rhiannon Clements 5 5 -
77 Seth Costello Miles Higson 2 121 -
77 Hilton Cunningham Blake Wood 2 71
77 Curtis Royle Charlie Hughes 2 76
80 Steph Cunningham-Lomax Isabella Hibbert 1 87
80 Daniel Lomax Kyzo-Drè Murphy 1 76
80 Buster Smith Nathan Sussex 1 60 79


See also: Category:2020 debuts.

Number Character Actor Debut date
Verity Hutchinson Eva O'Hara 7th January 2020
George Kiss Callum Kerr 30th January 2020
Felix Westwood Richard Blackwood 30th March 2020
Cher Winters Bethannie Hare 1st June 2020
Victor Brothers Benjamin O'Mahony 16th June 2020
Ripley Lennox Ki Griffin 20th July 2020
Summer Ranger Rhiannon Clements 25th November 2020


See also: Category:2020 returns.

Number Character Actor Return date
Matthew-Jesus McQueen Matthew Clohessy 2nd January 2020
Warren Fox Jamie Lomas 9th January 2020
Sebastian Blake Elliott P 9th January 2020
Sophie Blake Daisy P 9th January 2020
Donna-Marie Quinn Lucy-Jo Hudson 16th January 2020
Buster Smith Nathan Sussex 22nd September 2020
Nico Blake Persephone Swales-Dawson 29th September 2020 (voice)
29th October 2020 (visual)
Theresa McQueen Jorgie Porter 15th October 2020
Kurt Benson Jeremy Edwards 22nd October 2020
Silas Blissett Jeff Rawle 22nd October 2020
Ste Hay Kieron Richardson 3rd November 2020
Cleo McQueen Nadine Mulkerrin 17th November 2020
Seth Costello Miles Higson 21st December 2020


See also: Category:2020 departures.

Number Character Actor Departure date
Breda McQueen Moyà Brady 7th January 2020
Daniel Lomax Kyzo-Drè Murphy 8th January 2020
Jesse Donovan Luke Jerdy 22nd January 2020
Donna-Marie Quinn Lucy-Jo Hudson 28th January 2020
Hilton Cunningham Blake Wood 20th March 2020
Liam Donovan Jude Monk McGowan 26th March 2020
Curtis Royle Charlie Hughes 27th April 2020
Leah Barnes Elá-May Demircan 26th May 2020
Bobby Costello Jayden Fox 2nd June 2020
Kyle Kelly Adam Rickitt 9th June 2020
Oscar Osborne Noah Holdsworth 6th July 2020
Minnie Minniver Eva Lorente 23rd June 2020
Sebastian Fox Elliott P 7th July 2020
Sophie Fox Daisy P 7th July 2020
Lisa Loveday Rachel Adedeji 9th September 2020
Anthony Hutchinson Caelan Cobbledick-Manning 15th September 2020
Dee Dee Hutchinson Lacey Findlow 15th September 2020
Rose Lomax Isla Pritchard 15th September 2020
Buster Smith Nathan Sussex 22nd September 2020
Mitchell Deveraux Imran Adams 24th November 2020
Kurt Benson Jeremy Edwards 10th December 2020
Nico Blake Persephone Swales-Dawson 15th December 2020
Edward Hutchinson Joe McGann 23rd December 2020
Leela Lomax Kirsty-Leigh Porter 30th December 2020
Jordan Price Connor Calland 30th December 2020


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Episode Number Original Air Date Writer(s) Director(s)
#5332 2nd January 2020 Jayshree Patel Miguel Guerreiro
#5333 3rd January 2020 Richard Burke Miguel Guerreiro
#5334 6th January 2020 Jonathan Boam Miguel Guerreiro
#5335 7th January 2020 Rebecca Ramsden Miguel Guerreiro
#5336/#5337 "Later"[1] 7th January 2020 Heather Robson Neil J Wilkinson
#5338 8th January 2020 Steve Hughes Neil J Wilkinson
#5339 9th January 2020 Jonathan Larkin Neil J Wilkinson
#5340 10th January 2020 Alanna Hallum Neil J Wilkinson
#5341 13th January 2020 Shaun Kitchener Dirk Campbell
#5342 14th January 2020 Colin O'Donnell Dirk Campbell
#5343 15th January 2020 Alan Flanagan Dirk Campbell
#5344 16th January 2020 Darren Fairhurst Dirk Campbell
#5345 17th January 2020 Rachel Hall Dirk Campbell
#5346 20th January 2020 Lyn Papadopoulos George C. Siougas
#5347 21st January 2020 Jane Wainwright George C. Siougas
#5348 22nd January 2020 Jane Wainwright George C. Siougas
#5349 23rd January 2020 Jonathan Boam George C. Siougas
#5350 24th January 2020 Steve Hughes George C. Siougas
#5351 27th January 2020 Richard Burke Suzanne Readwin
#5352 28th January 2020 Richard Burke Suzanne Readwin
#5353 29th January 2020 Sarah Brown Suzanne Readwin
#5354 30th January 2020 Jayshree Patel Suzanne Readwin
#5355 31st January 2020 Alan Flanagan Suzanne Readwin
#5356 3rd February 2020 Tom Melia Sean Glynn
#5357 4th February 2020 Tom Melia Sean Glynn
#5358 5th February 2020 Gareth Lemon Sean Glynn
#5359 6th February 2020 Shaun Kitchener Sean Glynn
#5360 7th February 2020 Rachel Hall Sean Glynn
#5361 10th February 2020 Kevin Rundle Daikin Marsh
#5362 11th February 2020 Kevin Rundle Daikin Marsh
#5363 12th February 2020 James Coleman Daikin Marsh
#5364 13th February 2020 Alanna Hallum Daikin Marsh
#5365 14th February 2020 Emma Morgan Daikin Marsh
#5366 17th February 2020 Matt Anderson Nigel Keen
#5367 18th February 2020 Rebecca Ramsden Nigel Keen
#5368 19th February 2020 Jonathan Larkin Nigel Keen
#5369 20th February 2020 Alan Flanagan Nigel Keen
#5370 21st February 2020 Gareth Lemon Nigel Keen
#5371 24th February 2020 Sarah Brown Vito Bruno
#5372 25th February 2020 Shaun Kitchener Vito Bruno
#5373 26th February 2020 Johnathon Hughes Vito Bruno
#5374 27th February 2020 Richard Burke Vito Bruno
#5375 28th February 2020 Rachel Hall Vito Bruno
#5376 2nd March 2020 Kevin Rundle Adrian Bean
#5377 3rd March 2020 Kevin Rundle Adrian Bean
#5378 4th March 2020 Lyn Papadopoulos Adrian Bean
#5379 5th March 2020 Heather Robson Adrian Bean
#5380 6th March 2020 Colin O'Donnell Adrian Bean
#5381 9th March 2020 Jonathan Boam Miguel Guerreiro
#5382 10th March 2020 Darren Fairhurst Miguel Guerreiro
#5383 11th March 2020 Steve Hughes Miguel Guerreiro
#5384 12th March 2020 Jayshree Patel Miguel Guerreiro
#5385 13th March 2020 Alanna Hallum Miguel Guerreiro
#5386 16th March 2020 Lyn Papadopoulos George C. Siougas
#5387 17th March 2020 Shaun Kitchener George C. Siougas
#5388 18th March 2020 Daniel Moulson George C. Siougas
#5389 19th March 2020 Rachel Hall George C. Siougas
#5390 20th March 2020 Gareth Lemon George C. Siougas
#5391 23rd March 2020 Steve Hughes Graeme Harper
#5392 24th March 2020 Darren Fairhurst Graeme Harper
#5393 25th March 2020 Kevin Rundle Graeme Harper
#5394 26th March 2020 Kevin Rundle Graeme Harper
#5395 27th March 2020 Rebecca Ramsden Graeme Harper
#5396 30th March 2020 Heather Robson Sean Healy
#5397 31st March 2020 Heather Robson Sean Healy
#5398 1st April 2020 Matt Anderson Sean Healy
#5399 6th April 2020 Jane Wainwright Sean Healy
#5400 7th April 2020 Jane Wainwright Sean Healy
#5401 13th April 2020 Richard Burke Sean Glynn
#5402[2] 14th April 2020 Jayshree Patel
Kevin Rundle
Sean Glynn
#5403 20th April 2020 James Coleman Sean Glynn
#5404 21st April 2020 Alan Flanagan Sean Glynn
#5405 27th April 2020 Alan Flanagan Sean Glynn
#5406 28th April 2020 Emma Morgan Amy Coop
#5407 4th May 2020 Sarah Brown Amy Coop
#5408 5th May 2020 Colin O'Donnell Amy Coop
#5409 11th May 2020 Alanna Hallum Amy Coop
#5410 12th May 2020 Alanna Hallum Amy Coop
#5411 18th May 2020 Jonathan Larkin Daikin Marsh
#5412 19th May 2020 Sarah Brown Daikin Marsh
#5413 25th May 2020 Jayshree Patel Daikin Marsh
#5414 26th May 2020 Kevin Rundle Daikin Marsh
#5415 1st June 2020 Kevin Rundle Daikin Marsh
#5416 2nd June 2020 Darren Fairhurst Nigel Keen
#5417 8th June 2020 Steve Hughes Nigel Keen
#5418 9th June 2020 Colin O'Donnell Nigel Keen
#5419 15th June 2020 Daniel Moulson Nigel Keen
#5420 16th June 2020 Daniel Moulson Nigel Keen
#5421 22nd June 2020 Gareth Lemon Suzanne Readwin
#5422 23rd June 2020 Shaun Kitchener Suzanne Readwin
#5423 29th June 2020 Shaun Kitchener Suzanne Readwin
#5424 30th June 2020 Karla Marie Sweet Suzanne Readwin
#5425 6th July 2020 Lyn Papadopoulos Suzanne Readwin
#5426 7th July 2020 Tom Melia Dirk Campbell
#5427 13th July 2020 Tom Melia Dirk Campbell
#5428 14th July 2020 Jonathan Boam Dirk Campbell
#5429 20th July 2020 Rebecca Ramsden Dirk Campbell
#5430 21st July 2020 Rachel Hall Dirk Campbell
#5431 7th September 2020 Alan Flanagan Neil J Wilkinson
#5432 8th September 2020 Alan Flanagan Neil J Wilkinson
#5433 9th September 2020 Emma Morgan Neil J Wilkinson
#5434 10th September 2020 Richard Burke Neil J Wilkinson
#5435 14th September 2020 Heather Robson Neil J Wilkinson
#5436 15th September 2020 Darren Fairhurst Will Brenton
#5437 16th September 2020 Steve Hughes Will Brenton
#5438 17th September 2020 Jayshree Patel Will Brenton
#5439 21st September 2020 Richard Burke Will Brenton
#5440 22nd September 2020 Shaun Kitchener Will Brenton
#5441 23rd September 2020 Jane Wainwright Paul Riordan
Tim O'Mara
#5442 24th September 2020 Jane Wainwright Paul Riordan
Tim O'Mara
#5443 28th September 2020 Rachel Hall Paul Riordan
Tim O'Mara
#5444 29th September 2020 Sarah Brown Paul Riordan
Tim O'Mara
#5445 30th September 2020 Alan Flanagan Paul Riordan
Tim O'Mara
#5446 1st October 2020 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Suzanne Readwin
#5447 5th October 2020 Gareth Lemon Suzanne Readwin
#5448 6th October 2020 Colin O'Donnell Suzanne Readwin
#5449 7th October 2020 Kevin Rundle Suzanne Readwin
#5450 8th October 2020 Kevin Rundle Suzanne Readwin
#5451 12th October 2020 Jonathan Boam Miguel Guerreiro
#5452 13th October 2020 Heather Robson Miguel Guerreiro
#5453 14th October 2020 Daniel Rusteau Miguel Guerreiro
#5454 15th October 2020 Alanna Hallum Miguel Guerreiro
#5455 19th October 2020 Alan Flanagan Sean Glynn
#5456 20th October 2020 Alan Flanagan Sean Glynn
#5457 21st October 2020 Luke Delaney Sean Glynn
#5458 22nd October 2020 Richard Burke Sean Glynn
#5459 26th October 2020 Rachel Hall Amy Coop
#5460 27th October 2020 Sarah Brown Amy Coop
#5461 28th October 2020 Daniel Rusteau Amy Coop
#5462 29th October 2020 Rebecca Ramsden Amy Coop
#5463 2nd November 2020 Shaun Kitchener Tracey Rooney
#5464 3rd November 2020 Heather Robson Tracey Rooney
#5465 4th November 2020 Colin O'Donnell Tracey Rooney
#5466 5th November 2020 Darren Fairhurst Tracey Rooney
#5467 9th November 2020 Steve Hughes Isher Sahota
#5468 10th November 2020 James Coleman Isher Sahota
#5469 11th November 2020 Jayshree Patel Isher Sahota
#5470 12th November 2020 Tom Melia Isher Sahota
#5471 16th November 2020 Daniel Moulson Will Brenton
#5472 17th November 2020 Karissa Hamilton-Bannis Will Brenton
#5473 18th November 2020 Lyn Papadopoulos Will Brenton
#5474 19th November 2020 Luke Delaney Will Brenton
#5475 23rd November 2020 Shaun Kitchener Paul Riordan
#5476 24th November 2020 James Coleman Paul Riordan
#5477 25th November 2020 Sarah Brown Paul Riordan
#5478 26th November 2020 Jayshree Patel Paul Riordan
#5479 30th November 2020 Steve Hughes Daikin Marsh
#5480 1st December 2020 Gareth Lemon Daikin Marsh
#5481 2nd December 2020 Alanna Hallum Daikin Marsh
#5482 3rd December 2020 James Coleman Daikin Marsh
#5483 7th December 2020 Colin O'Donnell Leon Lopez
#5484 8th December 2020 Jonathan Boam Leon Lopez
#5485 9th December 2020 Emma Morgan Leon Lopez
#5486 10th December 2020 Daniel Moulson Leon Lopez
#5487 14th December 2020 Jane Wainwright Miguel Guerreiro
#5488 15th December 2020 Tom Melia Miguel Guerreiro
#5489 16th December 2020 Darren Fairhurst Miguel Guerreiro
#5490 17th December 2020 Karla Marie Sweet Miguel Guerreiro
#5491 21st December 2020 Luke Delaney Suzanne Readwin
#5492 22nd December 2020 Lyn Papadopoulos Suzanne Readwin
#5493/#5494[3] 23rd December 2020 Gareth Lemon
Alanna Hallum
Suzanne Readwin
#5495 28th December 2020 Shaun Kitchener Sean Glynn
#5496/#5497[3] 29th December 2020 Colin O'Donnell
James Coleman
Sean Glynn
#5498 30th December 2020 Jayshree Patel Sean Glynn
  1. Special episode.
  2. Extended episode.
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