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2020 is Hollyoaks's twenty-sixth year of production. This year saw a one-off episode of Hollyoaks Later broadcast in January 2020 for the demise of Breda McQueen, which achieved viewing figures higher than all episodes since season 2.


Hollyoaks eventsEdit

  • 2nd January - John Paul McQueen brings his son, Matthew-Jesus McQueen, back to Hollyoaks from Singapore. (First appearance of Matthew-Jesus since 2017)
  • 6th January - Mercedes McQueen is arrested for the murders of Carl Costello, Russ Owen, Glenn Donovan, Louis Loveday and Harry Thompson.
  • 7th January - Edward Hutchinson's daughter, Verity arrives in the village. John Paul McQueen collapses after being poisoned by Breda McQueen. Tony Hutchinson is stabbed with a pitchfork after trying to attack Breda in an attempt to escape. Sylver McQueen tries to strangle Breda after he and Goldie McQueen realise that she is the killer, but is stopped by Goldie. Sylver is later shot with a bolt gun by Breda. Breda sets fire to Stone Mount Farm in an attempt to kill herself, Sylver, Mercedes and Tony. Mercedes and Breda fight, with Breda trying to stab Mercedes with a shard of glass, after being released by Goldie, which ends with Breda being stabbed through the skull with knitting needles by Sylver. The farm later explodes with only Breda's body inside. (First appearance of Verity and final appearance of Breda)
  • 8th January - Tony Hutchinson suffers a cardiac arrest whilst in hospital but is revived by his father, Edward Hutchinson.
  • 9th January - Warren Fox returns to the village with his twin children, Sophie and Sebastian Blake. (First appearance of the characters since 2019)
  • 10th January - Liberty Savage collapses due to low blood sugar. Brody Hudson is kidnapped by Warren Fox.
  • 14th January - Sienna Blake discovers that her son, Sebastian, has leukemia.
  • 16th January - Donna-Marie Quinn returns to the village after being exonerated for the murder of Mac Nightingale. (First appearance of the character since 2019)
  • 20th January - Jesse Donovan and Courtney Campbell marry.
  • 21st January - Jesse Donovan collapses from alcohol poisoning caused by binge drinking.
  • 22nd January - Jesse Donovan is found unconscious by Martine Deveraux. Despite Mitchell Deveraux and the paramedics' attempts to revive Jesse, he dies from alcohol poisoning. (Final appearance of Jesse Donovan)
  • 27th January - Donna-Marie Quinn takes an overdose of drugs, and is left to die by James Nightingale.
  • 28th January - Donna-Marie Quinn leaves the village alone for London after Juliet Quinn discovers that Donna-Marie was planning on leaving her behind. (Final appearance of Donna-Marie)
  • 29th January - Nancy Osborne is stabbed by drug dealer Mason during a fight between Mason and Imran Maalik.
  • 30th January - P.C. George Kiss arrives at Hollyoaks High School to investigate the stabbing of Nancy Osborne. (First appearance of the character)
  • 31st January - Nancy Osborne suffers a miscarriage.
  • 4th February - Mitchell Deveraux is arrested for committing a hate crime.
  • 6th February - Azim Desai leaves for London alone after Scott Drinkwell changes his mind about leaving at the last moment. (Final appearance of Azim Desai)
  • 13th February - Warren Fox is arrested for the false imprisonment of Sienna Blake in November 2017.
  • 19th February - Brooke Hathaway goes into labour.
  • 20th February - Brooke Hathaway gives birth to a son.
  • 25th February - Jesse Donovan's funeral takes place.
  • 26th February - Sylver McQueen unintentionally proposes to Grace Black, who accepts.
  • 27th February - Romeo Quinn is attacked by an unknown attacker, later revealed to be either by or by an associate of Jordan Price.
  • 9th March - Warren Fox is arrested for assault after Liam Donovan goads him into attacking him.
  • 10th March - Martine Deveraux discovers that her long-lost son is Toby Faroe.
  • 11th March - Through a series of flashbacks, it is revealed that Toby and Celeste Faroe were adopted by Doctor Ramsey Ley for an experiment. It is implied that Doctor Ley was killed in a house fire started by Celeste. Martine Deveraux reveals to Mitchell Deveraux that she actually gave birth to triplets, the third child being Celeste.
  • 13th March - Juliet Nightingale is arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply.
  • 23rd March - Warren Fox is viciously attacked on the orders of Liam Donovan, leaving him seriously injured.
  • 25th March - John Paul and Sylver McQueen are kidnapped by Liam Donovan. Liam later holds Mercedes McQueen, Grace Black, James Nightingale and Maxine Kinsella hostage inside The Dog in the Pond.
  • 26th March - The siege comes to an end when Warren Fox manages to sneak into The Dog in the Pond and tackles Liam Donovan, giving the hostages a chance to escape. Liam grabs Mercedes McQueen and is about to throw her down a flight of stairs when Grace Black shoves him off her. She manages to grab Liam's tie, but decides to let Liam go, who has a fatal fall. (Final appearance of Liam Donovan)
  • 30th March - Felix Westwood arrives in the village, meeting his triplets and Martine Deveraux for the first time in 26 years. (First appearance of the character)
  • 14th April - Sid Sumner is attacked and nearly stabbed by Danny, but is rescued by Imran Maalik and Ollie Morgan.
  • 27th April - Felix Westwood is beaten unconscious with a pipe by Toby Faroe.
  • 28th April - Toby Faroe attempts to kill Felix Westwood by tampering with his medical equipment, but is interrupted by Mitchell Deveraux. Mitchell is later arrested for malicious wounding with intent to cause grevious bodily harm.
  • 5th May - Mitchell Deveraux proposes to Scott Drinkwell, who accepts. Tony Hutchinson collapses after his drink is spiked by Edward Hutchinson.
  • 11th May - Tony Hutchinson is diagnosed with a brain tumour.
  • 12th May - Tony Hutchinson is revealed to have been falsely diagnosed with a brain tumour after Edward Hutchinson switches his CT scan results with another patient.
  • 26th May - Whilst high on drugs, Kyle Kelly crashes his van into Jordan Price's car, leaving Jordan injured.
  • 1st June - Cher Winters arrives in the village, watching Sylver McQueen, Warren Fox and Mercedes McQueen from a distance. (First appearance of the character)
  • 2nd June - At Mercedes and Sylver McQueen's vow renewal, Cher Winters reveals that Sylver is her father.
  • 9th June - After giving Nancy Osborne the best day ever, Kyle Kelly takes his own life. Darren Osborne finds him, but is too late. (Final appearance of Kyle Kelly)
  • 16th June - Jordan Price's boss, Victor Brothers, arrives in the village, issuing Jordan his final warning for the lack of drug sales in the village. (First appearance of Victor)

Real life eventsEdit

Major storylinesEdit

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Cast changesEdit


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Number Character Actor Debut date
Verity HutchinsonEva O'Hara7th January 2020
George KissCallum Kerr30th January 2020
Felix WestwoodRichard Blackwood30th March 2020
Cher WintersBethannie Hare1st June 2020
Victor BrothersBenjamin O'Mahony16th June 2020


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Number Character Actor Return date
Matthew-Jesus McQueenMatthew Clohessy2nd January 2020
Warren FoxJamie Lomas9th January 2020
Sebastian BlakeUnknown9th January 2020
Sophie BlakeUnknown9th January 2020
Donna-Marie QuinnLucy-Jo Hudson16th January 2020


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Number Character Actor Departure date
Breda McQueenMoyà Brady7th January 2020
Jesse DonovanLuke Jerdy22nd January 2020
Donna-Marie QuinnLucy-Jo Hudson28th January 2020
Azim DesaiNav Sidhu6th February 2020
Liam DonovanJude Monk McGowan26th March 2020
Kyle KellyAdam Rickitt9th June 2020


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