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2018 was Hollyoaks's twenty-fourth year of production.

Events Edit

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Major storylines Edit

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Cast changes Edit

Debuts Edit

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Number Character Actor Debut date
Oliver MorganAedan Duckworth22nd January 2018
Buster SmithNathan Sussex29th January 2018
Harley FraterMollie Lambert16th April 2018
Breda McQueenMoyà Brady26th June 2018
Sylver McQueenDavid Tag28th June 2018
Donna-Marie QuinnLucy-Jo Hudson2nd July 2018
Romeo QuinnOwen Warner2nd July 2018
Brooke HathawayTalia Vanessa Grant10th July 2018
Martine DeverauxKelle Bryan8th October 2018
Laurie ShelbyKyle Pryor7th November 2018
Juliet QuinnNiamh Blackshaw21st November 2018
Jonny BaxterRay Quinn26th November 2018
Walter DeverauxTrevor A. Toussaint31st December 2018

Returns Edit

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Number Character Actor Return date
Ruby ButtonAnna Shaffer27th April 2018
Nico BlakePersephone Swales-Dawson15th May 2018
Warren FoxJamie Lomas22nd May 2018
Liberty SavageJessamy Stoddart5th June 2018
Bobby CostelloJayden Fox9th July 2018
Mercedes McQueenJennifer Metcalfe9th July 2018
Carl CostelloPaul Opacic10th July 2018
Liam DonovanJude Monk McGowan13th August 2018
Russ OwenStuart Manning13th August 2018
Dennis SavageJoe Tracini15th August 2018
Mac NightingaleDavid Easter11th September 2018
Julie MatthewsJulie Buckfield19th September 2018
Pete BuchananKai Owen12th October 2018
Hannah Hay-O'ConnorMaddison Allen23rd October 2018
Sinead ShelbyStephanie Davis23rd October 2018

Departures Edit

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Number Character Actor Departure date
Rory FinniganJames Redmond5th March 2018
Geoff ThorpeJames Bradshaw27th March 2018
Shane SweeneyMichael Salami30th March 2018
Darcy WildeAisling Jarrett-Gavin26th April 2018
Esther BloomJazmine Franks30th April 2018
Ruby ButtonAnna Shaffer30th April 2018
Ryan KnightDuncan James7th May 2018
Sebastian BlakeUnknown22nd May 2018
Warren FoxJamie Lomas22nd May 2018
Adam DonovanJimmy Essex23rd May 2018
Nico BlakePersephone Swales-Dawson21st June 2018
Carl CostelloPaul Opacic11th July 2018
Dirk SavageDavid Kennedy25th July 2018
Dennis SavageJoe Tracini20th August 2018
Milo EntwistleNathan Morris31st August 2018
Holly CunninghamAmanda Clapham14th September 2018
Ellie NightingaleSophie Porley14th September 2018
Julie MatthewsJulie Buckfield20th September 2018
Luke MorganGary Lucy26th September 2018
Hunter McQueenTheo Graham3rd October 2018
Pete BuchananKai Owen12th October 2018
Glenn DonovanBob Cryer17th October 2018
Kim ButterfieldDaisy Wood-Davis18th October 2018
Tegan LomaxJessica Ellis25th October 2018
Russ OwenStuart Manning16th November 2018

Episodes Edit

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