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2018 was Hollyoaks's twenty-fourth year of production.


Hollyoaks events[]

Storm Belinda hits Hollyoaks.

  • 3rd January - Prince McQueen proposes to Lily Drinkwell, who accepts.
  • 9th January - Diane Hutchinson is accidentally run over by Misbah Maalik, who ends up crashing into another car.
  • 10th January - As a lorry approaches their car, Misbah Maalik is forced to choose which one of her children to save. She saves Yasmine, however Imran manages to escape and subsequently falls out with his mother over her choice. Harry Thompson surrenders to the police and is arrested for the murder of Amy Barnes.
  • 12th January - After she realises the truth about the murder of Amy Barnes, Ryan Knight tries to kill Tegan Lomax by suffocating her and places her in the bath. However, Tegan survives the attack but is left comatose.
  • 16th January - Jesse Donovan is arrested on suspicion for importing Class A drugs.
  • 17th January - Glenn Donovan is beaten unconscious with a metal bar by Trigger.
  • 22nd January - Oliver Morgan arrives in the village to find his father Luke. Luke and Mandy Richardson marry, however this is bigamous as Luke has not yet divorced Scarlett Morgan. (First appearance of the character)
  • 23rd January - Maggie Kinsella is rushed to hospital after contracting pneumonia.
  • 26th January - Maggie Kinsella dies from pneumonia caused by cancer.
  • 29th January - Damon Kinsella's father Buster Smith arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 2nd February - Kim Butterfield is kidnapped by Ryan Knight, and held hostage in the construction site of Hollyoaks High School.
  • 5th February - Goldie McQueen returns to the village. (First appearance of the character since 2017)
  • 6th February - Goldie McQueen is arrested for fleeing the country before being tried for robbery in June 2017.
  • 7th February - After her pregnancy lie is exposed, Leela Lomax evicts her daughter Peri. Peri goes missing as she faces a future on the streets.
  • 8th February - James Nightingale is viciously assaulted by a mystery attacker, later revealed to be Sami Maalik.
  • 13th February - Sinead O'Connor and Laurie Shelby marry off-screen.
  • 14th February - In flashforward scenes to May 2018, Sienna Blake's funeral takes place, Alfie Nightingale prepares for a wedding and Glenn Donovan orders his son Adam to murder a target.
  • 19th February - Jack Osborne suffers a heart attack.
  • 20th February - Glenn Donovan proposes to Grace Black, who accepts.
  • 27th February - Marnie Nightingale is sentenced to 100 hours community service for pushing her ex-husband Mac Nightingale through a second-storey window.
  • 5th March - Finn leaves the village for Margate after taking the blame for Cindy Cunningham stealing £10,000 from her brother, Tom. (Final appearance of Finn)
  • 6th March - Prince McQueen and Lily Drinkwell marry.
  • 8th March - Trigger is fatally shot by Glenn Donovan.
  • 12th March - Marnie Nightingale is arrested for breaking curfew. Sienna Blake is stalked by an unknown stalker.
  • 13th March - Whilst meeting up with her stalker, Sienna Blake is hit by the stalker's car when they make a getaway due to the sudden arrivals of Joel Dexter and Cleo McQueen.
  • 15th March - Luke Morgan proposes (legal) marriage to Mandy Richardson, who accepts.
  • 20th March - Maggie Kinsella's funeral takes place. Luke Morgan and Mandy Richardson marry in Florida, which is livestreamed in The Dog in the Pond. Darcy Wilde fakes a proposal from Jack Osborne, which she accepts.
  • 21st March - Damon Kinsella proposes to Holly Cunningham, but she rejects.
  • 27th March - Ryan Knight murders Geoff Thorpe by strangling him after Geoff discovers the truth behind the murder of Amy Barnes. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 28th March - Adam Donovan sets fire to 26 Leigh Road on the orders of his father, Glenn.
  • 29th March - Adam Donovan rescues his brother, Jesse Donovan, from the fire at 26 Leigh Road after discovering that Jesse and Goldie McQueen were inside the house. The bedroom explodes just as Adam and Jesse make it out of the house.
  • 30th March - Shane Sweeney says goodbye to his son Prince McQueen, after confessing to the murders of Trigger and D.S. Thorpe (despite being innocent). Tegan Lomax wakes from her coma. (Final appearance of Shane)
  • 6th April - Tegan Lomax suffers a seizure.
  • 9th April - After discovering that he killed Amy Barnes, Ste Hay beats Ryan Knight with a torch.
  • 10th April - Ryan Knight attacks Ste Hay and tries to strangle him to death, but is interrupted by Leela Lomax and Tony Hutchinson. Ryan manages to escape, but is arrested for the murder of Amy Barnes. Dee Dee Hutchinson collapses.
  • 16th April - Leela Lomax is visited by Harley Frater, a girl whom Leela's daughter Peri has met whilst living on the streets. (First appearance of the character)
  • 19th April - Peri Lomax finds her homeless friend, Dean, dead from hypothermia.
  • 25th April - Darcy Wilde and Jack Osborne marry.
  • 26th April - Darcy Wilde goes on the run with her son, Toby, after Esther Bloom collapses having drunk Jack Osborne's drink, which Darcy had spiked. (Final appearance of Darcy)
  • 27th April - Ruby Button returns to visit her friend, Esther Bloom. (First appearance of Ruby since 2017)
  • 30th April - Esther Bloom leaves the village with friend Ruby Button for a new life in Spain. (Final appearances of the characters)
  • 4th May - Ryan Knight attacks Farrah Maalik after discovering that she is working with the police, and escapes. Kim Butterfield collapses after developing an infection in the cut on her hand.
  • 7th May - During a struggle with Harry Thompson, Ryan Knight falls into the river. He begs Harry to help him out but Harry leaves him and Ryan drowns. The missing Kim Butterfield is found. (Final appearance of Ryan)
  • 9th May - Misbah Maalik collapses from a head injury after being hit with a door by her son, Imran.
  • 11th May - James Nightingale visits his father, Mac, with his boyfriend Kyle Kelly. (First appearance of Mac since 2017)
  • 14th May - Joel Dexter proposes to Cleo McQueen, who accepts.
  • 15th May - Sienna Blake's stalker is revealed to be her supposedly deceased daughter, Nico. (First appearance of Nico since 2016)
  • 16th May - Sienna Blake is stabbed by her daughter Nico, and she supposedly dies in hospital.
  • 17th May - Alfie Nightingale proposes to Janine Harrington, who rejects.
  • 21st May - Sienna Blake's funeral takes place. After the ceremony, Nico Blake kidnaps Sebastian Blake but is confronted on the hospital roof by Sienna, who is revealed to be alive.
  • 22nd May - Warren Fox returns to the village, kidnapping Sebastian Blake before fleeing. (First appearance of Warren since 2017 and final appearance until 2019)
  • 23rd May - Glenn Donovan shoots dead his son, Adam, after discovering that Adam reported his criminal antics to the police.
  • 5th June - Liberty Savage returns to the village. Hunter McQueen collapses. (First appearance of Liberty since 2013)
  • 7th June - Suffering from schizoaffective disorder, Alfie Nightingale theorises that gravity is not a constant and that he will need evidence to prevent the government from kidnapping him, which he attempts to "obtain" by jumping from The Archway. Ellie Nightingale attempts to talk him down but their brother, James, pulls Alfie away from the edge until the ambulance arrives. Alfie is taken to hospital and sectioned.
  • 8th June - Milo Entwistle is arrested for theft. Harry Thompson is arrested for prostitution.
  • 11th June - Kyle Kelly accidentally shoves James Nightingale through a glass table, knocking him unconscious. Sami Maalik uses the incident to convince Kyle to fake his death, frame James for murder (as originally planned) and go on the run.
  • 12th June - James Nightingale is arrested for the murder of Kyle Kelly.
  • 15th June - Adam Donovan's funeral takes place. Maxine Minniver is arrested for trashing The Loft, so she can confront D.S. Roxy Cassidy over her affair with Adam.
  • 20th June - Nico Blake kidnaps and holds hostage Peri Lomax and Harley Frater. She later goes into labour and gives birth to a daughter.
  • 21st June - Harley Frater collapses due to a head injury caused by being hit over the head with an object by Nico Blake. Harley and Peri Lomax are later rescued by Damon Kinsella, Dirk Savage, Leela Lomax and Louis Loveday. Leela, going to confront Nico, walks in on a fight between Nico and Sienna Blake and shoves Nico, causing her to hit her head on the coffee table. Nico wakes and grabs a vase, but Sienna fatally strikes her with a door wedge.
  • 22nd June - Holly Cunningham accidentally proposes to Damon Kinsella, who accepts. Sienna Blake is arrested after confessing to the murder of Nico Blake. Nico's body is removed from Sienna's flat. (Last appearance of Nico until 2020)
  • 25th June - Harley Frater goes missing.
  • 26th June - Goldie McQueen's mother, Breda, arrives in the village to inform Goldie of her brother, Sylver's release from prison. (First appearance of Breda)
  • 28th June - Sylver McQueen arrives in the village after being released from prison. (First appearance of the character)
  • 2nd July - Romeo Nightingale arrives in the village, searching for his father, James Nightingale. In flashback scenes, it is revealed that James embezzled money out of the law firm and blamed Kashif Maalik for the crime - the cause for Sami Maalik's desperation for revenge. It is also revealed that Mac Nightingale paid prostitute Donna-Marie Quinn to sleep with James to "convert" him from being gay. Marnie Nightingale, discovering that she fell pregnant, paid Donna-Marie to leave and never return. (First appearances of Donna-Marie and Romeo Quinn)
  • 3rd July - Sami Maalik reveals to James Nightingale that Kyle Kelly is still alive. James attacks Sami upon the revelation.
  • 4th July - Ellie Nightingale discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 9th July - Glenn Donovan collapses, caused by a brain aneurysm. Mercedes McQueen returns to the village from America, having kidnapped her son, Bobby Costello. (First appearance of Mercedes since 2017 and Bobby since 2013)
  • 10th July - Nancy Osborne meets the daughter of Fran Hathaway, Brooke. Carl Costello returns to the village, kidnapping Goldie McQueen in retaliation for Mercedes McQueen kidnapping Bobby Costello. (First appearance of Brooke and first appearance of Carl since 2013)
  • 11th July - Carl Costello is murdered by an unknown assailant, who beats him to death with a rock. (Final appearance of Carl)
  • 12th July - After Nancy Osborne forgives her for the murder of her sister, Becca Hayton, Fran Hathaway suffers a cardiac arrest and is unable to be resuscitated.
  • 18th July - A drunken Luke Morgan nearly runs over Simone Loveday in his car, but she is rescued by Sylver McQueen. Luke flees the scene of the accident.
  • 19th July - Luke Morgan is arrested for driving whilst intoxicated. Fearing the death of his daughter Dee Dee Hutchinson, Tony Hutchinson has flashbacks to the death of his infant daughter Grace, and runs away from home.
  • 24th July - On the day of her wedding to Damon Kinsella, Holly Cunningham discovers that Damon slept with her mother, Cindy.
  • 25th July - Holly Cunningham jilts Damon Kinsella at the altar after discovering his affair with her mother, Cindy. Milo Entwistle and Dirk Savage later have an argument about Dirk knowing about the affair, which results in Milo pushing Dirk into a swimming pool. He turns on the pool lights to be able to see Dirk, unaware that they were faulty, causing Dirk to be electrocuted to death. (Final appearance of Dirk Savage)
  • 31st July - Kim Butterfield is shot by Glenn Donovan.
  • 1st August - Glenn Donovan is arrested on suspicion of the attempted murder of Kim Butterfield.
  • 3rd August - Ellie Nightingale discovers that she has suffered a miscarriage.
  • 9th August - The missing Harley Frater returns to the village.
  • 13th August - Whilst in Ibiza, Courtney Campbell meets Liam Donovan whilst drug-running for Liam's father, Glenn. At her hen party in Magaluf, Mercedes McQueen's fiancé is revealed to be Russ Owen. (First appearance of Liam since 2017 and Russ and Max Owen since 2009)
  • 14th August - Russ Owen proposes to Mercedes McQueen, but they are interrupted by D.S. Roxy Cassidy, who arrests Mercedes for the murder of and concealing the body of Carl Costello.
  • 15th August - Dennis Savage returns for the funeral of his father, Dirk. (First appearance of the character since 2014)
  • 16th August - Dirk Savage's funeral takes place.
  • 17th August - After Cindy Cunningham discovers his involvement in the deaths of Gordon and Helen Cunningham, Milo Entwistle kidnaps her and traps her in his storage unit of memorabilia.
  • 20th August - Dennis Savage leaves after the funeral of his father, Dirk. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 21st August - Jesse Donovan proposes to Courtney Campbell, who accepts.
  • 28th August - Sami Maalik is arrested for framing James Nightingale for the murder of Kyle Kelly.
  • 30th August - Milo Entwistle takes Cindy Cunningham hostage and traps her in the car in which her father was driving when Milo crashed into it in February 2004. With the help of her family, she was able to escape as Milo had lifted the car with a crane. When the cable snapped, Milo pushed Tom Cunningham out of the way of the car and was subsequently crushed himself.
  • 31st August - Cindy and Tom Cunningham visit Milo Entwistle in a hospital in Birmingham, and Milo promises that they will never see him again. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 4th September - Under the belief that he has been abusing Ollie Morgan, Luke Morgan violently attacks Scott Drinkwell.
  • 6th September - Buster Smith is arrested for sexually abusing Ollie Morgan and Brody Hudson.
  • 10th September - Glenn Donovan prepares to murder Maxine Minniver by bludgeoning her with an ornament, but he collapses due to a brain aneurysm.
  • 11th September - Disguised as a nurse, Kim Butterfield attempts to kill Glenn Donovan by giving him an injection of potassium chloride, but is stopped by Farrah Maalik.
  • 13th September - Ellie Nightingale is arrested for the attempted murder of Mac Nightingale.
  • 14th September - Holly Cunningham and Ellie Nightingale leave the village to go travelling together. (Last appearance of Holly until 2019 and final appearance of Ellie)
  • 19th September - The missing Tony Hutchinson is revealed to be staying with his ex-fiancée, Julie Matthews. (First appearance of the character since 2007)
  • 20th September - Tony Hutchinson says goodbye to Julie Matthews as he decides to return home to his wife, Diane Hutchinson. (Final appearance of Julie)
  • 26th September - Luke Morgan receives a custodial sentence for assaulting Scott Drinkwell.
  • 1st October - Darren Osborne is arrested for common assault after punching Kyle Kelly.
  • 3rd October - Hunter McQueen leaves to move to Brighton with Asha Kaur. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 4th October - Sylver McQueen is arrested on suspicion of the murder of Carl Costello.
  • 8th October - Martine Deveraux arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 10th October - Joel Dexter and Cleo McQueen are due to marry, but Cleo suffers a heart attack at the altar caused by a bulimia relapse.
  • 12th October - Joel Dexter visits Pete Buchanan in prison, informing him of Cleo McQueen's heart attack. (First appearance of Pete since 2016 and final appearance of the character)
  • 15th October - After a robbery, Jay Johnson turns on his accomplice, Glenn Donovan. However, before he is able to shoot Glenn, he is fatally shot by Liam Donovan.
  • 17th October - Glenn Donovan collapses and dies from poisoning, supposedly caused by Simone Loveday, Grace Black, Maxine Donovan, Courtney Campbell and Kim Butterfield all spiking his beer. (Final appearance of Glenn)
  • 18th October - Kim Butterfield goes on the run for the murder of Glenn Donovan after confessing. At the bus stop, she meets Rick Astley before leaving. (Final appearance of Kim)
  • 23rd October - Ste Hay and Harry Thompson marry. Sinead O'Connor is horrified when Diane Hutchinson informs her of the wedding. (First appearance of the character since 2015)
  • 24th October - Tegan Lomax is crushed by a falling tree branch. Lily McQueen is trapped when the footbridge collapses.
  • 25th October - Tegan Lomax dies of a cardiac arrest. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 7th November - Liam Donovan is arrested on suspicion of the murder of Glenn Donovan.
  • 8th November - Sinead Shelby's husband, Laurie Shelby, arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 12th November - Goldie McQueen discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 13th November - Lisa Loveday returns to the village. (First appearance of the character since 2017)
  • 15th November - Goldie McQueen has an abortion after discovering that Russ Owen does not want the baby.
  • 16th November - Mercedes McQueen and Russ Owen marry. Afterwards, Russ is murdered by Breda McQueen after her daughter Goldie's abortion is made public. (Final appearance of Russ)
  • 20th November - Goldie McQueen is arrested for the murder of Russ Owen.
  • 21st November - Romeo Quinn's half-sister, Juliet Quinn, arrives in the village. Donna-Marie Quinn collapses after taking an overdose of drugs. (First appearance of Juliet)
  • 26th November - Tegan Lomax's funeral takes place. Leela Lomax proposes to Louis Loveday and he accepts. Jonny Baxter arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 27th November - Ste Hay is beaten up by Imran Maalik. Ste's food truck catches alight and explodes.
  • 28th December - Leela Lomax jilts Louis Loveday at the altar upon discovering that he has been having an affair with both Martine Deveraux and Simone Loveday. Breda McQueen later purposefully pushes a shelf onto Louis, and kidnaps him when he is knocked unconscious.
  • 29th November - Imran Maalik is arrested after confessing to attacking Ste Hay.
  • 31st December - Walter Deveraux arrives in the village to visit his daughters, Simone Loveday and Martine Deveraux. (First appearance of the character)

Real life events[]

Cast changes[]


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Number Character Actor Debut date
Oliver Morgan Aedan Duckworth 22nd January 2018
Buster Smith Nathan Sussex 29th January 2018
Harley Frater Mollie Lambert 16th April 2018
Breda McQueen Moyà Brady 26th June 2018
Sylver McQueen David Tag 28th June 2018
Donna-Marie Quinn Lucy-Jo Hudson 2nd July 2018
Romeo Quinn Owen Warner 2nd July 2018
Brooke Hathaway Talia Vanessa Grant 10th July 2018
Martine Deveraux Kelle Bryan 8th October 2018
Laurie Shelby Kyle Pryor 8th November 2018
Juliet Quinn Niamh Blackshaw 21st November 2018
Jonny Baxter Ray Quinn 26th November 2018
Walter Deveraux Trevor A. Toussaint 31st December 2018


See also: Category:2018 returns.

Number Character Actor Return date
Goldie McQueen Chelsee Healey 5th February 2018
Ruby Button Anna Shaffer 27th April 2018
Mac Nightingale David Easter 11th May 2018
Nico Blake Persephone Swales-Dawson 15th May 2018
Warren Fox Jamie Lomas 22nd May 2018
Liberty Savage Jessamy Stoddart (recasted from Abi Phillips) 5th June 2018
Bobby Costello Jayden Fox 9th July 2018
Mercedes McQueen Jennifer Metcalfe 9th July 2018
Carl Costello Paul Opacic 10th July 2018
Liam Donovan Jude Monk McGowan (recasted from Maxim Baldry) 13th August 2018
Max Owen Gabriel Lawrence (recasted from Brayden Haynes-Mawdsley) 13th August 2018
Russ Owen Stuart Manning 13th August 2018
Dennis Savage Joe Tracini 15th August 2018
Julie Matthews Julie Buckfield 19th September 2018
Pete Buchanan Kai Owen 12th October 2018
Hannah Hay-O'Connor Maddison Allen (recasted from unknown) 23rd October 2018
Sinead Shelby Stephanie Davis 23rd October 2018
Lisa Loveday Rachel Adedeji 13th November 2018


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Number Character Actor Departure date
Rory Finnigan James Redmond 5th March 2018
Geoff Thorpe James Bradshaw 27th March 2018
Shane Sweeney Michael Salami 30th March 2018
Darcy Wilde Aisling Jarrett-Gavin 26th April 2018
Toby Wilde Lucas Haywood 26th April 2018
Esther Bloom Jazmine Franks 30th April 2018
Ruby Button Anna Shaffer 30th April 2018
Ryan Knight Duncan James 7th May 2018
Sebastian Blake Unknown 22nd May 2018
Warren Fox Jamie Lomas 22nd May 2018
Adam Donovan Jimmy Essex 23rd May 2018
Nico Blake Persephone Swales-Dawson 22nd June 2018
Carl Costello Paul Opacic 11th July 2018
Dirk Savage David Kennedy 25th July 2018
Dennis Savage Joe Tracini 20th August 2018
Milo Entwistle Nathan Morris 31st August 2018
Holly Cunningham Amanda Clapham 14th September 2018
Ellie Nightingale Sophie Porley 14th September 2018
Julie Matthews Julie Buckfield 20th September 2018
Hunter McQueen Theo Graham 3rd October 2018
Pete Buchanan Kai Owen 12th October 2018
Glenn Donovan Bob Cryer 17th October 2018
Kim Butterfield Daisy Wood-Davis 18th October 2018
6th November 2018 (video)
Tegan Lomax Jessica Ellis 25th October 2018
Russ Owen Stuart Manning 16th November 2018


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