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2017 was Hollyoaks's twenty-third year of production.


Hollyoaks events[]

Hollyoaks High School explodes.

  • 2nd January - Diane Hutchinson is devastated to discover her sister has died. Sam O'Brien leaves the village. (Final appearance of the character).
  • 4th January - Joel Dexter realises that Sienna Blake was planning to have him killed by Warren Fox and confronts her. As he calls the police, she hits him over the head with his motorcycle helmet, knocking him out. She moves him into the garage and accidentally knocks over a petrol canister and a light, causing a fire. Warren arrives and realises Joel is in the garage, but as he goes in to save Joel, it explodes.
  • 5th January - Whilst trying to save Joel Dexter from the garage fire, a burning beam falls on Warren Fox. Freddie Roscoe rescues Warren and Warren rescues Joel. The blood found in Myra McQueen's shack turns out to be Celine McQueen's.
  • 6th January - Lily Drinkwell arrives in the village to stay with her family following her mother's death. (First appearance of the character)
  • 9th January - Jesse Donovan is arrested for the abduction of Celine McQueen.
  • 13th January - Esther Bloom awakens from her coma.
  • 17th January - Eva Falco is fatally shot by Grace Black. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 23rd January - The body of Celine McQueen is discovered by Tegan Lomax.
  • 24th January - In pursuit of Leela and Peri Lomax who have escaped his clutches, Cameron Campbell is struck by a van driven by Mac Nightingale and left for dead.
  • 26th January - Cameron Campbell is arrested on several counts of murder. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 30th January - Prince and Hunter McQueen's father, Shane Sweeney, arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 1st February - Shane Sweeney blackmails Joel Dexter with mobile footage that proves he and Bart McQueen were responsible for the death of Katy Fox. (First appearance of Bart since 2013, first appearance Katy since 2008 and final appearance of the character. The pair both appear in phone footage)
  • 9th February - Diane Hutchinson visits step-son Finn O'Connor in prison. (First appearance of the character since 2015 and last appearance until 2019)
  • 13th February - Bart McQueen returns to the village for the funeral of his cousin, Celine McQueen.
  • 14th February - Nathan Nightingale is inadvertently pushed out of the window and off the scaffolding of 1 Stockton Lane by his father, Mac Nightingale, during a scuffle.
  • 15th February - Nathan Nightingale dies of his injuries sustained after falling from scaffolding. Myra McQueen gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Carmina. (Final appearance of Nathan, first appearance of Carmina)
  • 27th February - Nathan Nightingale's funeral takes place. After the funeral, Marnie Nightingale finds out about Mac Nightingale's affair with Nathan's fiancée Lisa Loveday and their role in Nathan's death
  • 28th February - Alfie Nightingale is visited by the ghost of Jade Albright, who comforts him over her death. (Final appearance of Jade)
  • 8th March - Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz leaves the village after Myra McQueen dumps him, having discovered his affair with Frankie Osborne. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 9th March - John Paul McQueen moves to Singapore with his son, Matthew-Jesus McQueen, following his split from James Nightingale. (Last appearance of John Paul and Matthew-Jesus until 2019)
  • 10th March - Cleo McQueen suffers a drug overdose.
  • 13th March - Maxine Minniver manages to track down Adam Donovan's ex-girlfriend, presumed dead, Darcy Wilde. (First appearance of the character)
  • 27th March - Ryan Knight and Amy Barnes marry.
  • 29th March - Ryan Knight finds his wife, Amy Barnes, dead on the floor of the flat.
  • 4th April - Peri Lomax meets new Hollyoaks High School student, Yasmine Maalik. (First appearance of the character)
  • 10th April - At a multiple sclerosis support group, Nancy Osborne encounters ex-boyfriend Kyle Kelly. (First appearance of the character)
  • 11th April - Liam Donovan leaves the village after Grace Black gives him £50,000 in exchange for Esther Bloom's (whom Liam has kidnapped) release. (Last appearance of Liam until 2018)
  • 13th April - Bart McQueen is beaten to death by Warren Fox for his involvement in the death of Katy Fox.
  • 24th April - Kathy Barnes and Zoe Carpenter return to the village for Amy Barnes's funeral. Freddie Roscoe goes on the run with daughter Lexi to avoid a prison sentence for his attack on Nick Savage. (First appearance of Kathy since 2008 and Zoe since 2010 and final appearances of Freddie and Lexi)
  • 25th April - Amy Barnes's funeral takes place. Zoe Carpenter leaves the village afterwards. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 2nd May - Sally St. Claire goes on a date with Roberta Shaw. However, whilst going to the bathrooms, Roberta suffers a fatal heart attack.
  • 5th May - Kim Butterfield is hospitalised after falling from a high wall.
  • 10th May - Maxine Blake and Adam Donovan marry.
  • 15th May - In his guilt over his involvement in Bart McQueen's death, Joel Dexter sees the ghost of Bart. (Final appearance of Bart)
  • 22nd May - Whilst rushing Yasmine Maalik to hospital, Prince McQueen swerves to avoid Joel Dexter and Cleo McQueen on Joel's bike. Joel is left injured after falling off the bike whilst Cleo is left unconscious after falling down a hill. Prince crashes the car into a pile of logs, which are thrown through the windshield and narrowly miss decapitating Lily Drinkwell.
  • 23rd May - After discovering that she has been in an accident, Yasmine Maalik's mother, Misbah, arrives at the hospital. (First appearance of Misbah)
  • 6th June - Misbah Maalik's other daughter, Farrah Maalik, arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 12th June - Scott Drinkwell is rushed to hospital after being found unconscious by Tony Hutchinson and Harry Thompson, having attempted suicide.
  • 20th June - Zack Loveday is pushed down the city steps by a mystery person, later revealed to be D.S. Armstrong. Zack later goes into cardiac arrest after Tegan Lomax unknowingly injects him with a large dose of adrenaline.
  • 27th June - Milo Entwistle arrives in the village for his interview as Cindy and Dirk Savage's new lodger. (First appearance of the character)
  • 29th June - Nick Savage is sentenced to seven years imprisonment for the rapes of Ellie Nightingale and Holly Cunningham. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 30th June - Goldie McQueen confesses to a robbery committed by her son, Prince McQueen, and is arrested.
  • 4th July - Goldie McQueen goes on the run to avoid going to prison, accompanied by Mercedes McQueen. (Last appearance of Goldie and Mercedes until 2018)
  • 7th July - Toby Wilde collapses and is rushed to hospital.
  • 13th July - Adam Donovan finds out through a DNA test that he is Toby Wilde's father.
  • 17th July - Whilst attempting to contact his biological mother, Scott Drinkwell meets his half-brother, Damon Kinsella. (First appearance of the character)
  • 18th July - D.S. Armstrong is arrested for stalking Leela Lomax.
  • 24th July - Sienna Blake is diagnosed with cervical cancer. Darren Osborne encounters old friend Luke Morgan out in a bar in Chester (First appearance of Luke since 2002)
  • 25th July - Ellie Nightingale and Holly Cunningham meet Brody Hudson whilst in Ibiza, who flirts with the pair (First appearance of the character). Joel Dexter finds out about Warren Fox's affair with Grace Black.
  • 26th July - Mandy Richardson returns to the village, revealing that she has gotten back together with ex-boyfriend, Luke Morgan. (First appearance of the character since 2013)
  • 3rd August - Harry Thompson proposes to Ste Hay, who accepts.
  • 11th August - Darcy Wilde proposes to Jesse Donovan, who accepts. Adam and Jesse get into a fight and are arrested.
  • 15th August - Adam, Liam and Jesse Donovan's father, Glenn, arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 22nd August - Shane Sweeney holds Joel Dexter and Cleo McQueen hostage.
  • 23rd August - Darren Osborne saves Joel Dexter and Cleo McQueen from Shane Sweeney. During a chase, Shane catches Cleo. Joel charges at Shane to save Cleo and they both tumble down a sand dune and are left lying unconscious.
  • 24th August - Joel Dexter and Cleo McQueen lead the police to where they left Shane Sweeney lying unconscious, but find him gone.
  • 25th August - Darren Osborne confesses to drug dealing, and is arrested.
  • 4th September - Ste Hay's trial for the murder of Amy Barnes begins, but is abruptly adjourned when Ste fakes chest pains after realising that his lawyer, James Nightingale, is trying to get him found guilty.
  • 8th September - Ste Hay is found not guilty of the murder of Amy Barnes. After the trial, Ste Hay is shot by Kathy Barnes. Kathy Barnes is arrested for the attempted murder of Ste Hay. Mike Barnes also leaves the village afterwards. (Final appearances of Kathy and Mike)
  • 13th September - Zack Loveday is arrested on suspicion of assaulting Daniel Lomax.
  • 15th September - Warren Fox is stabbed on his wedding day to Sienna Blake by Grace Black. Darren Osborne is sentenced to 6 months in prison for dealing drugs.
  • 21st September - Tracey Donovan is found dead by Grace Black and Lisa Loveday.
  • 25th September - Imran Maalik arrives in the village to help his family move into a house on Christleton Terrace (First appearance of the character)
  • 26th September - Hunter McQueen is viciously attacked up by Mac Nightingale.
  • 27th September - 14 Weirside View is broken into by an unknown person. The person is later revealed to be Misbah Maalik's step-son, Sami Maalik. (First appearance of the character)
  • 29th September - Cleo McQueen discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 2nd October - In a flashback to February 2004, Milo Entwistle is revealed to be the driver who caused the crash that killed Gordon and Helen Cunningham.
  • 4th October - In a flashback to September 2017, Darcy Wilde is revealed to have pushed Tracey Donovan off Lisa's Loveboat during an argument and left her to drown to stop her revealing to Adam Donovan that he isn't the biological father of Toby Wilde.
  • 10th October - In a flashback to March 2017, Amy Barnes's killer is revealed to be Ryan Knight. (Final appearance of Amy)
  • 11th October - Bart McQueen's body is discovered.
  • 12th October - Joel Dexter is arrested on suspicion of the murder of Bart McQueen.
  • 13th October - Warren Fox is arrested on suspicion of the murder of Bart McQueen, but is released after Joel Dexter gives him a false alibi.
  • 16th October - Warren Fox holds Sienna Blake captive. Cleo McQueen aborts her and Joel Dexter's baby.
  • 20th October - Daniel Lomax is diagnosed with Bernard-Soulier syndrome.
  • 24th October - Glenn Donovan discovers that he is the biological father of Toby Wilde.
  • 26th October - Frankie Osborne's ex-husband, Johnno Dean returns to the village. (First appearance of the character since 2005)
  • 27th October - Neeta Kaur is arrested for her affair with Hunter McQueen.
  • 30th October - Mac Nightingale causes an explosion at Hollyoaks High School after smashing the boiler and burning Hunter McQueen's drawing for Neeta Kaur. Johnno Dean leaves the village after his ex-wife, Frankie Osborne, declines his invitiation to go travelling with him. (Final appearance of Johnno)
  • 31st October - Whilst waiting for emergency services, the floor collapses beneath Neeta Kaur, and Mac Nightingale grabs her in the nick of time. However, after realising that Neeta has chosen Hunter McQueen over him, he lets her go, causing Neeta to fall to her death.
  • 1st November - Believing that her husband, Jack, has died in the explosion, Frankie Osborne suffers a fatal stroke. After Neeta Kaur's organs are donated (including her heart, which is given to Yasmine Maalik), Neeta is taken off life support. (Final appearance of Neeta)
  • 3rd November - Sienna Blake goes into labour.
  • 7th November - Sienna Blake gives birth to twins Sophie and Sebastian Blake (First appearance of the characters)
  • 8th November - Warren Fox kidnaps his and Sienna Blake's daughter, Sophie, and flees the village. (Last appearance of Warren until 2018 and Sophie until 2019)
  • 10th November - Cindy Cunningham and Dirk Savage re-marry.
  • 17th November - Sienna Blake kidnaps Daniel Lomax.
  • 23rd November - Ruby Button returns to the village for Frankie Osborne's funeral. (First appearance of Ruby since 2014)
  • 24th November - Mac Nightingale viciously attacks Jack Osborne and leaves him for dead after he finds out that Mac caused the Hollyoaks High explosion. Ruby Button leaves the village following Frankie Osborne's funeral. (Last appearance of the character until 2018)
  • 27th November - Jack Osborne sees the ghost of his late wife, Frankie, who encourages him to fight for his life. (Final appearance of Frankie)
  • 28th November - Mac Nightingale is arrested at Neeta Kaur's memorial for the attempted murder of Jack Osborne and for causing Hollyoaks High explosion.
  • 30th November - Mac Nightingale attacks his son, James Nightingale. Ellie Nightingale, walks in during the attack and turns on Mac, pushing him through the window of 1 Stockton Lane.
  • 1st December - Mac Nightingale regains consciousness but is left with locked-in syndrome - complete paralysis of the body. Lisa Loveday leaves the village to live in Kent. (Last appearance of Lisa until 2018)
  • 4th December - Mac Nightingale's family visit him one last time (Last appearance of Mac until 2018)
  • 14th December - Finn returns to the village to see old friend, Tony Hutchinson. (First appearance of the character since 2015)
  • 15th December - Luke Morgan confronts his rapist, Mark Gibbs. He reveals that Mark served a prison sentence for rape, not GBH as his wife, Jenna Gibbs, had believed. She leaves Mark as a result.
  • 18th December - Mandy Richardson proposes to Luke Morgan, who rejects.
  • 19th December - Luke Morgan proposes to Mandy Richardson, who accepts.
  • 22nd December - Courtney Campbell gives birth to a baby girl. Gavin Armstrong is fatally electrocuted by Milo Entwistle. (First appearance of Iona, final appearance of Gavin)
  • 29th December - Luke Morgan is beaten up a group of thugs to protect Darren Osborne.

Real life events[]

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Cast changes[]


See also: Category:2017 debuts.

Number Character Actor Debut date
Lily Drinkwell Lauren McQueen 6th January 2017
Shane Sweeney Lanre Malaolu 30th January 2017
Carmina McQueen Harlow Jones 15th February 2017
Darcy Wilde Aisling Jarrett-Gavin 13th March 2017
Yasmine Maalik Haiesha Mistry 4th April 2017
Toby Wilde Lucas Haywood 6th April 2017
Kyle Kelly Adam Rickitt 10th April 2017
Misbah Maalik Harvey Virdi 23rd May 2017
Farrah Maalik Krupa Pattani 6th June 2017
Milo Entwistle Nathan Morris 27th June 2017
Damon Kinsella Jacob Roberts 17th July 2017
Brody Hudson Adam Woodward 25th July 2017
Glenn Donovan Neil Roberts 15th August 2017
Imran Maalik Ijaz Rana 25th September 2017
Sami Maalik Rishi Nair 27th September 2017
Sebastian Blake Oakley & Ocean 7th November 2017
Sophie Blake Lottie & Laylie 7th November 2017
Iona Campbell Isla Jordan 22nd December 2017


See also: Category:2017 returns.

Number Character Actor Return date
Katy Fox Hannah Tointon 1st February 2017
Bart McQueen Jonny Clarke 1st February 2017
Finn O'Connor Keith Rice 9th February 2017
Lexi Roscoe Uncredited 13th April 2017
Kathy Barnes Sarah Jane Buckley 24th April 2017
Zoe Carpenter Zoë Lister 24th April 2017
Luke Morgan Gary Lucy 24th July 2017
Mandy Richardson Sarah Jayne Dunn 26th July 2017
Ella Richardson Erin Palmer 4th August 2017
Johnno Dean Colin Wells 26th October 2017
Ruby Button Anna Shaffer 23rd November 2017
Finn James Redmond 14th December 2017


See also: Category:2017 departures.

Number Character Actor Departure date
O.B. Darren Jeffries 2nd January 2017
Eva Falco Kerry Bennett 17th January 2017
Cameron Campbell Cameron Moore 26th January 2017
Katy Fox Hannah Tointon 1st February 2017
Nathan Nightingale Jared Garfield 15th February 2017
Finn O'Connor Keith Rice 21st February 2017
Jade Albright Kassius Nelson 28th February 2017
Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz Juan Pablo Yepez 8th March 2017
John Paul McQueen James Sutton 9th March 2017
Matthew-Jesus McQueen Malachy & Connor Birchall 9th March 2017
Liam Donovan Maxim Baldry 11th April 2017
Freddie Roscoe Charlie Clapham 24th April 2017
Lexi Roscoe Uncredited 24th April 2017
Zoe Carpenter Zoë Lister 25th April 2017
Bart McQueen Jonny Clarke 15th May 2017
Nick Savage Ben-Ryan Davies 29th June 2017
Goldie McQueen Chelsee Healey 4th July 2017
Mercedes McQueen Jennifer Metcalfe 4th July 2017
Kathy Barnes Sarah Jane Buckley 8th September 2017
Mike Barnes Tony Hirst 8th September 2017
Amy Barnes Ashley Slanina-Davies 10th October 2017
Johnno Dean Colin Wells 31st October 2017
Neeta Kaur Amrit Maghera 1st November 2017
Sophie Blake Lottie & Laylie 8th November 2017
Warren Fox Jamie Lomas 8th November 2017
Ruby Button Anna Shaffer 24th November 2017
Frankie Osborne Helen Pearson 27th November 2017
Lisa Loveday Rachel Adedeji 1st December 2017
Mac Nightingale David Easter 4th December 2017
Gavin Armstrong Andrew Hayden-Smith 22nd December 2017


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