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2016 was Hollyoaks's twenty-second year of production.

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Major storylines Edit

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Cast changes Edit

Debuts Edit

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Number Character Actor Debut date
James NightingaleGregory Finnegan12th January 2016
Marnie NightingaleLysette Anthony1st February 2016
Liam DonovanMaxim Baldry28th March 2016
Adam DonovanJimmy Essex6th April 2016
Jesse DonovanLuke Jerdy6th April 2016
Lisa LovedayRachel Adedeji29th April 2016
Lexi RoscoeUnknown18th May 2016
Gavin ArmstrongAndrew Hayden-Smith15th June 2016
Ryan KnightDuncan James12th August 2016
Courtney CampbellAmy Conachan29th August 2016
Eva FalcoKerry Bennett21st September 2016
Nick SavageBen-Ryan Davies21st September 2016
Goldie McQueenChelsee Healey16th November 2016
Hunter McQueenTheo Graham17th November 2016
Prince McQueenMalique Thompson-Dwyer17th November 2016
Daniel LomaxKyzo-Drè Murphy22nd December 2016

Returns Edit

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Number Character Actor Return date
Silas BlissettJeff Rawle20th January 2016
Amy BarnesAshley Slanina-Davies27th April 2016
Warren Fox Jamie Lomas 27th May 2016
Mike BarnesTony Hirst11th August 2016
Jude CunninghamDavinia Taylor7th October 2016
Nana McQueenDiane Langton24th October 2016
O.B.Darren Jeffries17th November 2016

Departures Edit

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Number Character Actor Departure date
Lockie CampbellNick Rhys19th January 2016
Kathleen-Angel McQueenNieve Grandison11th March 2016
Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueenUnknown11th March 2016
Theresa McQueenJorgie Porter11th March 2016
Jason RoscoeAlfie Browne-Sykes28th March 2016
Robbie RoscoeCharlie Wernham28th March 2016
Rachel HardyJennifer Brooke29th March 2016
Lindsey RoscoeSophie Austin18th May 2016
Silas BlissettJeff Rawle18th May 2016
Trevor RoyleGreg Wood25th May 2016
Ben BradleyBen Richards27th May 2016
Pete BuchananKai Owen29th June 2016
Reenie McQueenZöe Lucker30th June 2016
Patrick BlakeJeremy Sheffield9th September 2016
Sonia AlbrightKiza Deen27th October 2016
Nico BlakePersephone Swales-Dawson1st November 2016
Joe RoscoeAyden Callaghan2nd November 2016
Jude CunninghamDavinia Taylor3rd November 2016
JJ RoscoeJax & Danny Beswick29th November 2016
Joanne CardsleyRachel Leskovac5th December 2016
Celine McQueenSarah George5th December 2016

Episodes Edit

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