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2015 was Hollyoaks's twenty-first year of production.


Hollyoaks events[]

Lindsey Roscoe is revealed to be The Gloved Hand Killer.

Real life events[]

Cast changes[]


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Number Character Actor Debut date
Dylan Royle James Fletcher 6th January 2015
Cleo McQueen Nadine Mulkerrin 26th January 2015
Simone Loveday Jacqueline Boatswain 20th February 2015
Zack Loveday Duayne Boachie 24th February 2015
Louis Loveday Karl Collins 3rd March 2015
Reenie McQueen Zöe Lucker 16th April 2015
Scott Drinkwell Ross Adams 27th April 2015
Mac Nightingale David Easter 13th May 2015
Hannah Hay-O'Connor Uncredited 21st May 2015
Ben Bradley Ben Richards 26th May 2015
Pete Buchanan Kai Owen 2nd June 2015
Sonia Albright Kiza Deen 30th June 2015
Jade Albright Kassius Nelson 15th September 2015
Joanne Cardsley Rachel Leskovac 17th September 2015
Ellie Nightingale Sophie Porley 23rd October 2015
Nathan Nightingale Jared Garfield 23rd October 2015
Rachel Hardy Jennifer Brooke 26th October 2015
Alfie Nightingale Richard Linnell 26th October 2015
Neeta Kaur Amrit Maghera 27th October 2015
Sally St. Claire Annie Wallace 29th October 2015
Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz Juan Pablo Yepez 16th November 2015


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Number Character Actor Return date
Harry Thompson Parry Glasspool 10th February 2015
Finn O'Connor Keith Rice 11th February 2015
Mercedes McQueen Jennifer Metcalfe 18th February 2015
Finn James Redmond 23rd October 2015


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Number Character Actor Departure date
Rick Spencer Victor Gardener 2nd January 2015
Sandy Roscoe Gillian Taylforth 13th January 2015
Dodger Savage Danny Mac 20th January 2015
Will Savage James Atherton 4th February 2015
Finn O'Connor Keith Rice 18th February 2015
Phoebe McQueen Mandip Gill 16th June 2015
Dylan Royle James Fletcher 26th August 2015
Sinead O'Connor Stephanie Davis 18th September 2015
Hannah Hay-O'Connor Unknown 18th September 2015
Charles S'Avage Andrew Greenough 20th October 2015
Finn James Redmond 23rd October 2015
Nana McQueen Diane Langton 19th November 2015
Porsche McQueen Twinnie-Lee Moore 24th December 2015
Ziggy Roscoe Fabrizio Santino 24th December 2015


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