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2010 was Hollyoaks's sixteenth year of production.


Hollyoaks events[]

Steph Roach dies in the Il Gnosh blaze.

  • 1st January - Fernando Fernandez proposes to Steph Cunningham, who accepts. Gilly Roach unintentionally proposes to Cheryl Brady, who accepts. Lydia Hart confesses to the murder of Sarah Barnes and is charged. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 8th January - Leila Roy leaves to start a new life and new job in Paris. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 13th January - Hayley Ramsey discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 18th January - Zoe Carpenter discovers that Lydia Hart has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Sarah Barnes. Gilly Roach proposes to Cheryl Brady for a second time, who accepts.
  • 22nd January - Fernando Fernandez leaves the village after splitting from Steph Cunningham. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 27th January - Zoe Carpenter and Mike Barnes leave the village to go travelling. (Final appearance of Mike until 2016 and Zoe until 2017)
  • 28th January - Sasha Valentine is seriously assaulted by an unknown attacker.
  • 2nd February - Jamie is beaten up by Rhys Ashworth.
  • 4th February - Jamie is kidnapped by Rhys Ashworth and Darren Osborne, before being beaten and left for dead in a forest.
  • 10th February - Blue is stabbed by Jamie with a paper knife.
  • 11th February - Darren Osborne is stabbed by Jamie whilst trying to save Hannah Ashworth. Jamie is then arrested.
  • 12th February - Hannah Ashworth decides to leave the village, turning down husband Darren Osborne's offer of going with her, taking Jamie's money but leaving Darren £5,000. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 17th February - Josh Ashworth, Sasha Valentine, Dave Colburn and India Longford are involved in a car accident when Josh, who had his drink spiked by Rhys Ashworth, causes the car to spin out into the path of another oncoming car, which crashes into them. The group manage to escape before the car explodes. Josh is arrested for driving under the influence.
  • 23rd February - Holly Cunningham goes missing.
  • 1st March - Holly Cunningham is found by Darren Osborne, but she manages to flee from him.
  • 5th March - After breaking up with boyfriend Elliot Bevan, Sheila Buxton leaves the village. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 8th March - Gilly Roach returns from Thailand with a girlfriend, Jem Costello, whom he proposes to and she accepts. (First appearance of Jem)
  • 10th March - After pleading guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol, Josh Ashworth receives a suspended sentence, has his licence revoked, and is forced to attend AA meetings for six months.
  • 23rd March - Jake Dean spots Holly Cunningham, who runs but falls over, sustaining serious head injuries. Jake rushes her to hospital but is arrested on suspicion of abducting her.
  • 30th March - Caroline takes Jake Dean hostage after knocking him unconscious by smashing a vase over his head.
  • 2nd April - Caroline prepares to kill Holly Cunningham with a lethal injection, but ends up encountering Loretta Jones whom she attempts to kill. Jake Dean saves her by shoving Caroline, who falls onto the needle.
  • 6th April - Spencer Gray is arrested on suspicion of abducting Holly Cunningham.
  • 7th April - Carmel McQueen proposes to Calvin Valentine, who accepts. Holly Cunningham awakens from her coma.
  • 9th April - Anita Roy is attacked by Lauren Valentine.
  • 12th April - Zak Ramsey discovers that his brother has died.
  • 13th April - Zak Ramsey proposes to Michaela McQueen, but she is unable to give him an answer.
  • 16th April - Martin Campbell is left seriously injured during a confrontation with Kris Fisher.
  • 23rd April - Eva Strong arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 27th April - Zak Ramsey proposes to Michaela McQueen but she rejects, revealing that she knows of his one night stand with Laura.
  • 29th April - Josh Ashworth is arrested after punching his father, Neville.
  • 4th May - Tariq Mistry is attacked by Zak Ramsey.
  • 7th May - Calvin Valentine is attacked by Kyle Ryder and his gang whilst attempting to arrest them for drug dealing. Gaz Bennett is arrested for assaulting Sasha Valentine.
  • 12th May - Theresa McQueen discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 14th May - Gaz Bennett is arrested for assaulting Calvin Valentine after Calvin goads Gaz into attacking him.
  • 18th May - Calvin Valentine and Carmel McQueen re-marry. Texas Longford arrives for her sister, India's 20th birthday party. (First appearance of the character)
  • 19th May - Josh Ashworth is left seriously injured after crashing Olly Larkin's car whilst intoxicated.
  • 21st May - During his wedding reception, Calvin Valentine is shot by Theresa McQueen after Theresa reveals to her sister, Mercedes, that Calvin is the father of her unborn baby.
  • 24th May - Calvin Valentine dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Theresa McQueen. (Last appearance of Calvin until 2011)
  • 26th May - Gaz Bennett is arrested on the suspicion of murdering Calvin Valentine.
  • 27th May - Elliot Bevan accidentally overdoses on drugs supplied to him by Archie Carpenter.
  • 28th May - Archie Carpenter leaves the village after being ostracised by his friends. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 2nd June - Steph Cunningham is diagnosed with cervical cancer.
  • 4th June - Olly Larkin attempts to rape Amy Barnes, but she manages to escape. Olly is later arrested for attempted rape. Josh Ashworth receives a custodial sentence for driving under the influence.
  • 16th June - Steph Cunningham has a hysterectomy.
  • 17th June - Zak Ramsey is arrested on suspicion of assaulting Tariq Mistry.
  • 18th June - Rae Wilson is nearly robbed at Relish, but Newt alerts the police and the gang are arrested. Tony Hutchinson meets Gabby Sharpe, whom he witnesses get struck by a car. (First appearance of Gabby Sharpe)
  • 21st June - Neville Ashworth is injured after falling from a ladder. After rushing Gabby Sharpe to hospital, Tony Hutchinson meets her two children, Amber and Taylor Sharpe. (First appearances of the characters)
  • 25th June - Newt accepts an offer from his mother to move in with her and his brother, Jensen, and leaves the village. (Final appearance of Newt)
  • 2nd July - Gaz Bennett kidnaps Anita Roy but is arrested on the suspicion of the murder of Calvin Valentine after being found with the gun used to shoot Calvin.
  • 14th July - Lauren Valentine falls down the stairs of The Loft during an argument with her sister, Sasha Valentine. Neville and Suzanne Ashworth prepare to leave the village for Spain with their son Rhys, but when Rhys reveals that he was responsible for his brother Josh's car accident, they leave with Josh instead. (Last appearance of Suzanne until 2011, last appearance of Josh until 2012 and final appearance of Neville)
  • 16th July - Calvin Valentine's funeral takes place, but during the service, Lauren Valentine collapses from a blood clot on her brain. Kyle Ryder is arrested on suspicion of Calvin's murder.
  • 19th July - Carl Costello arrives in the village. Valerie Holden returns to the village. (First appearance of Carl, and first appearance of Valerie since 2008)
  • 20th July - Carl Costello's wife, Heidi, arrives in the village with their sons, Riley and Seth. (First appearances of the characters)
  • 23rd July - Mitzeee Minniver arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 26th July - Nancy Hayton is attacked and kidnapped by Loretta Jones.
  • 27th July - Loretta Jones leaves the village to admit herself into a psychiatric hospital after being convinced to do so by Jake Dean and Nancy Hayton. (Final appearance of Loretta Jones)
  • 29th July - Gilly Roach proposes to Steph Cunningham, but she is unable to give him an answer.
  • 1st August - Joan McQueen dies.
  • 2nd August - Des Townsend proposes to Jacqui McQueen, but she refuses to give an answer. Jasmine Costello arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 4th August - Joan McQueen's funeral takes place, where Myra McQueen meets her cousin's son, Bart McQueen. (First appearance of the character)
  • 5th August - Brendan Brady arrives in the village to the delight of his sister, Cheryl. (First appearance of the character)
  • 6th August - Des Townsend proposes to Jacqui McQueen, but she rejects. Des, along with his sister Rose, are arrested for the criminal damage to Relish. Jake Dean and Zak Ramsey leave the village with Kris Fisher to live with Zoe Carpenter in London. (Final appearances of Des Townsend, Jake Dean & Zak Ramsey)
  • 10th August - Trish Minniver arrives in the village to see her family on her birthday. (First appearance of the character)
  • 11th August - Lynsey Nolan arrives in the village after being invited to the grand opening of Chez Chez by friend Cheryl Brady. (First appearance of the character since 2008)
  • 13th August - The Valentine family leave the village to move to Spain, whilst Valerie Holden leaves for France. (Final appearances of Valerie, Lauren, Leo, Sasha Valentine and Spencer Gray)
  • 23rd August - Michaela McQueen leaves the village for London to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend, Zak Ramsey. (Last appearance of Michaela until 2011)
  • 26th August - Lee Hunter returns to the village, accompanied by his new girlfriend Leanne Holiday and friend Jamil Fadel - all of whom are planning to study at Hollyoaks Community College. (First appearance of Lee since 2005, and first appearances of Leanne and Jamil)
  • 27th August - Lee Hunter video-calls his friend, Bombhead. Charlotte Lau, Dave Colburn and Jamil Fadel meet Doug Carter. (First appearance of Bombhead since 2005, and first appearance of Doug)
  • 30th August - Alistair Longford proposes to Cindy Hutchinson, who accepts. Steph Cunningham discovers that her cancer is terminal.
  • 1st September - The O'Connor family arrive in the village. Alistair Longford suffers a heart attack. (First appearances of Diane, Finn & Sinead O'Connor)
  • 10th September - Lee Hunter proposes to Leanne Holiday, who accepts. Dave Colburn leaves to go travelling around the world. Lee Hunter video-calls Bombhead one final time. (Last appearance of Bombhead until 2011 and final appearance of Dave)
  • 14th September - Doug Carter is attacked by an unknown attacker.
  • 16th September - Charlotte Lau, high on drugs, is seriously injured when she falls from the Archway.
  • 17th September - Lee Hunter proposes to Leanne Holiday, who accepts. Doug Carter suffers a seizure after taking an overdose of cocaine. Later, he discovers that Carl Costello is his attacker, and decides to leave the village. Charlotte Lau also decides to leave the village. (Last appearance of Doug until 2011 and final appearance of Charlotte)
  • 23rd September - On the day of her wedding to Gilly Roach, Steph Cunningham is admitted to hospital after collapsing. Darren Osborne proposes to Cindy Hutchinson but she rejects.
  • 24th September - Gilly Roach and Steph Cunningham marry, as do Alistair Longford and Cindy Hutchinson. Alistair and Cindy leave the village for their honeymoon in Switzerland with Cindy's daughter Holly following the ceremony. (Last appearance of Cindy until 2011, and Holly until 2012)
  • 29th September - Brendan Brady accidentally knocks Cheryl Brady unconscious believing her to be Eileen Brady.
  • 6th October - On the day of Lanika and Jamil Fadel's arranged wedding, the pair end up changing their minds after agreeing that they don't really want to marry each other.
  • 12th October - Taylor Sharpe discovers that his new friend, Arlo Davenport, is actually his brother and that his father, Phil Sharpe, has been living a double life.
  • 26th October - Liam McAllister attempts to murder Seth Costello by getting him intoxicated before drowning him in a spa pool. He is discovered by Mitzeee Minniver. Phil Sharpe is arrested for drink driving. Mandy Richardson returns to the village. (First appearance of the character since 2007)
  • 28th October - Bart McQueen is stabbed by Fern ; Nancy Osborne is nearly raped, however Mitzeee Minniver & Chanterelle save her.
  • 29th October - Warren Fox returns, revealing that he survived The Loft fire last year. (First appearance of the character since 2009).
  • 5th November - Il Gnosh is set alight by an unknown arsonist.
  • 8th November - Il Gnosh explodes after being purposefully set alight by an unknown arsonist. Malachy Fisher sustains serious head injuries in the explosion.
  • 9th November - Amber Sharpe discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 10th November - Steph Roach rescues Leah Barnes, Lucas Hay and Amy Barnes from the Il Gnosh fire. However, Steph decides to remain inside the building, choosing to take her own life to the heartbreak of husband Gilly. (Last appearance of Steph until 2011)
  • 15th November - Elliot Bevan leaves the village for the United States, accepting a job offer at NASA.
  • 16th November - Malachy Fisher is placed on life support, unable to breathe unassisted caused by irreparable injuries sustained in the Il Gnosh explosion.
  • 17th November - Tony Hutchinson is arrested on suspicion of arson.
  • 18th November - Malachy Fisher dies of his injuries sustained in the Gnosh fire after his wife, Mercedes Fisher, and friends, Cheryl Brady and Lynsey Nolan, decide to switch off his life support. Malachy's brother, Kris, leaves the village following Malachy's death. (Final appearance of Malachy and Kris Fisher)
  • 23rd November - Dom Reilly is revealed as the Il Gnosh arsonist. Ravi Roy decides to move to Middlesbrough. (Final appearance of Ravi Roy)
  • 24th November - Dom Reilly confesses to the Il Gnosh fire and is arrested. (Last appearance of Dom Reilly until 2013)
  • 30th November - Jem Costello leaves the village. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 1st December - The truth about how Warren Fox survived the fire back in 2009 is revealed in a special flash back episode. It is revealed that Warren met Dale Greer who he stabbed and killed and planted his body in the wreckage of The Loft.
  • 2nd December - Malachy Fisher's funeral takes place.
  • 3rd December - Steph Roach's funeral takes place.
  • 8th December - Warren Fox is arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud by new detective Ethan Scott. (First appearance of Ethan Scott)
  • 10th December - Ethan Scott's fiancée, Liberty Savage, arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 16th December - Fern is arrested for stabbing Bart McQueen and blackmailing Jasmine Costello.
  • 17th December - Amber, Taylor and Gabby Sharpe leave the village after Finn O'Connor is revealed as the father of Amber's unborn baby. (Last appearance of Amber until 2014 and final appearance of Gabby)
  • 23rd December - India Longford goes in the place of her sister, Texas Longford, to meet her online date, Cameron, who turns out to be Silas Blissett. Silas brutally strangles India to death. (First appearance of Silas and last appearance of India until 2011).
  • 27th December - Warren Fox and Brendan Brady team up to make Danny Houston sign his half of the Loft to Warren, Danny does but threatens Brendan his going to kill Ste Hay, Brendan flips and batters Danny to death with a hammer.

India Longford's body is found.

Real life events[]

Cast changes[]


See also: Category:2010 debuts.

Number Character Actor Debut date
Jem Costello Helen Russell-Clark 8th March 2010
Eva Strong Sheree Murphy 23rd April 2010
Texas Longford Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove 18th May 2010
Gabby Sharpe Phina Oruche 18th June 2010
Amber Sharpe Lydia Lloyd-Henry 21st June 2010
Taylor Sharpe Shaun Blackstock 21st June 2010
Carl Costello Paul Opacic 19th July 2010
Heidi Costello Kim Tiddy 20th July 2010
Riley Costello Rob Norbury 20th July 2010
Seth Costello Miles Higson 20th July 2010
Mitzeee Minniver Rachel Shenton 23rd July 2010
Jason Costello Victoria Atkin 2nd August 2010
Bart McQueen Jonny Clarke 4th August 2010
Brendan Brady Emmett J. Scanlan 5th August 2010
Trish Minniver Paula Wolfenden 10th August 2010
Jamil Fadel Sikander Malik 26th August 2010
Leanne Holiday Jessica Forrest 26th August 2010
Doug Carter PJ Brennan 27th August 2010
Diane O'Connor Alex Fletcher 1st September 2010
Finn O'Connor Connor Wilkinson 1st September 2010
Sinead O'Connor Stephanie Davis 1st September 2010
Kathleen-Angel McQueen Unknown 29th October 2010
Ethan Scott Craig Vye 8th December 2010
Liberty Savage Abi Phillips 10th December 2010
Silas Blissett Jeff Rawle 23rd December 2010


See also: Category:2010 returns.

Number Character Actor Return date
Valerie Holden Samantha Giles 19th July 2010
Lynsey Nolan Karen Hassan 11th August 2010
Lee Hunter Alex Carter 26th August 2010
Bombhead Lee Otway 27th August 2010
Mandy Richardson Sarah Jayne Dunn 26th October 2010
Warren Fox Jamie Lomas 29th October 2010


See also: Category:2010 departures.

Number Character Actor Departure date
Lydia Hart Lydia Kelly 1st January 2010
Leila Roy Lena Kaur 8th January 2010
Fernando Fernandez Jeronimo Best 22nd January 2010
Mike Barnes Tony Hirst 27th January 2010
Zoe Carpenter Zoë Lister 27th January 2010
Hayley Ramsey Kelly-Marie Stewart 29th January 2010
Hannah Ashworth Emma Rigby 12th February 2010
Sheila Buxton Jessica Hall 5th March 2010
Calvin Valentine Ricky Whittle 24th May 2010
Archie Carpenter Stephen Beard 28th May 2010
Barry Newton Nico Mirallegro 25th June 2010
Josh Ashworth Sonny Flood 14th July 2010
Neville Ashworth Jim Millea 14th July 2010
Suzanne Ashworth Suzanne Hall 14th July 2010
Loretta Jones Melissa Walton 27th July 2010
Jake Dean Kevin Sacre 6th August 2010
Zak Ramsey Kent Riley 6th August 2010
Des Townsend Kris Deedigan 6th August 2010
Valerie Holden Samantha Giles 13th August 2010
Lauren Valentine Dominique Jackson 13th August 2010
Leo Valentine Brian Bovell 13th August 2010
Sasha Valentine Nathalie Emmanuel 13th August 2010
Spencer Gray Darren John Langford 13th August 2010
Michaela McQueen Hollie-Jay Bowes 23rd August 2010
Dave Colburn Elliot James Langridge 10th September 2010
Bombhead David Burke 10th September 2010
Charlotte Lau Amy Yamazaki 17th September 2010
Doug Carter PJ Brennan 17th September 2010
Cindy Hutchinson Stephanie Waring 24th September 2010
Holly Cunningham Lydia Waters 24th September 2010
Steph Roach Carley Stenson 10th November 2010
Elliot Bevan Garnon Davies 15th November 2010
Kris Fisher Gerard McCarthy 18th November 2010
Malachy Fisher Glen Wallace 18th November 2010
Ravi Roy Stephen Uppal 23rd November 2010
Dominic Reilly John Pickard 24th November 2010
Jem Costello Helen Russell-Clark 30th November 2010
Taylor Sharpe Shaun Blackstock 14th December 2010
Amber Sharpe Lydia Lloyd-Henry 17th December 2010
Gabby Sharpe Phina Oruche 17th December 2010
India Longford Beth Kingston 23rd December 2010


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