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2006 was Hollyoaks's twelfth year of production. This year, Hollyoaks aired its fourth mini-series, Hollyoaks: Back from the Dead, as well as its third series, Hollyoaks: In The City.


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Cast changesEdit


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Number Character Actor Debut date
Mike BarnesTony Hirst9th January 2006
Michaela McQueenHollie-Jay Bowes13th February 2006
Sean KennedyMatthew Jay Lewis15th February 2006
Ste HayKieron Richardson17th February 2006
Mercedes McQueenJennifer Metcalfe19th June 2006
Carmel McQueenGemma Merna20th June 2006
Myra McQueenNicole Barber-Lane20th June 2006
Tina McQueenLeah Hackett20th June 2006
Warren FoxJamie Lomas26th June 2006
Calvin ValentineRicky Whittle17th July 2006
Sasha ValentineNathalie Emmanuel17th July 2006
Sonny ValentineDevon Anderson17th July 2006
FozBenjamin Hart20th July 2006
Leo ValentineBrian Bovell10th August 2006
Zoe CarpenterZoë Lister1st September 2006
Kris FisherGerard McCarthy1st September 2006
Will HackettOliver Farnworth1st September 2006
John Paul McQueenJames Sutton6th September 2006
Jacqui McQueenClaire Cooper26th September 2006
Charlie DeanJoshua McConville21st December 2006


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Number Character Actor Return date
Angela CunninghamLiz Stooke10th July 2006
Ben DaviesMarcus Patric14th August 2006
Lisa HunterGemma Atkinson14th August 2006
Zak RamseyKent Riley30th August 2006
Debbie DeanJodi Albert10th November 2006


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Number Character Actor Departure date
Dannii CarboneChristina Baily27th January 2006
Andy HoltWarren Brown16th February 2006
Darlene TaylorSarah Lawrence24th February 2006
Mark JuryAsh Newman24th March 2006
Cameron ClarkBen Gerrard6th April 2006
Grace HutchinsonUnknown12th May 2006
Liz BurtonAndrée Bernard2nd June 2006
Mandy RichardsonSarah Jayne Dunn23rd June 2006
Jeremy PetersonSimon Cole7th July 2006
Angela CunninghamLiz Stooke11th July 2006
Sean KennedyMatthew Jay Lewis13th July 2006
Mel BurtonCassie Powney8th September 2006
Sophie BurtonConnie Powney8th September 2006
Olivia JohnsonRochelle Gadd8th September 2006
Sam OwenLouis Tamone8th September 2006
Joe SpencerMatt Milburn8th September 2006
Carrie OwenJaq Croft25th September 2006
Nicole OwenCiara Janson25th September 2006
Rob OwenDave Prosho25th September 2006
Debbie DeanJodi Albert13th November 2006
Ben DaviesMarcus Patric13th December 2006
Lisa HunterGemma Atkinson13th December 2006


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