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2006 was Hollyoaks's twelfth year of production.


Producer David Hanson oversaw the first five months of the programme before his successor Bryan Kirkwood began to take over. Hanson's final months saw the conclusion of the date rape storyline, as Andy Holt was brutally killed in post-watershed mini-series Hollyoaks: Back from the Dead, and Sam Owen was sent to prison for his crimes. Hanson's final episodes also saw Tony and Mandy Hutchinson lose their baby Grace to SIDS, as Sarah Dunn had decided to leave the programme.

Upon joining the show in January 2006, Kirkwood was asked to revamp the programme, with these changes appearing on-screen in May. Kirkwood felt that the serial had become too reliant on special episodes and spin-offs, with Daran Little's Hollyoaks: In The City being the only spin-off transmitted during the start of Kirkwood's era.

As part of the revamp, major cast changes occurred within the show. Character "Michaela Jones" was renamed to Michaela McQueen, and her family was introduced to the programme in June. The character of Clare Devine was recasted to Gemma Bissix and re-written to be a gold digger after Max Cunningham's money. Long-term character Warren Fox was introduced later in June, the Valentine family was introduced in July, and students Zoe Carpenter, Kris Fisher and Will Hackett were introduced in September, joined by the return of Zak Ramsey (renamed from "Barnes" due to the Barnes family).

An explosion at The Dog in the Pond was devised as a way for most of the axed characters to exit and raise publicity to pull an audience. The explosion saw the deaths of six characters and viewing figures of nearly 2,000,000.

Joining Kirkwood but in the executive producer role were ex-Coronation Street producers Carolyn Reynolds and Tony Wood - the latter having joined the programme immediately after leaving Coronation Street.


Hollyoaks events[]

The Dog in the Pond explodes.

  • 9th January - Sarah and Amy Barnes's father, Mike, arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 27th January - Dannii Carbone leaves the village after discovering Russ Owen's involvement of Andy Holt's "death" in December 2005. (Last appearance of the character until 2007)
  • 10th February - Andy Holt returns to the village.
  • 13th February - Michaela McQueen arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 14th February - Mandy Hutchinson, Clare Devine and Louise Summers are arrested for burglary.
  • 15th February - Louise Summers encounters her estranged husband, Sean Kennedy, for the first time in years. (First appearance of Sean Kennedy)
  • 16th February - Russ Owen saves Nicole Owen from being raped by Andy Holt. Mel Burton drugs Andy and ties him up but a drugged Andy escapes. In the chase, Andy is impaled on a sharp pole and is killed. (Final appearance of Andy Holt)
  • 17th February - Ste Hay arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 24th February - Sam Owen is arrested for raping four girls in England and two girls in Scotland. Darlene Taylor leaves the village to move in with her mum. (Final appearance of Darlene Taylor)
  • 1st March - Sam Owen is arrested after Mel Burton informs the police of his plans to flee to Estonia.
  • 7th March - Tony Hutchinson is arrested for disturbing the peace and attempted mugging.
  • 10th March - Jessica Harris collapses after contracting meningitis.
  • 16th March - Sam Owen, having pleaded guilty to 4 counts of rape, is sentenced to life imprisonment, being eligible for parole 25 years into his sentence.
  • 17th March - Cameron Clark leaves the village to go touring with a band. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 29th March - Jake Dean discovers that his father-in-law, Charles Hayton, has died from a heart attack.
  • 11th April - Jessica Harris, Olivia Johnson and Tony Hutchinson are arrested when Jessica and Olivia hold a naked protest at Il Gnosh.
  • 10th May - Sophie Burton falls down the stairs of Oakdale Drive during a scuffle with Mel Burton. Becca Dean discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 11th May - Grace Hutchinson dies from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome whilst being babysat by Nancy Hayton and Hannah Ashworth.
  • 12th May - Grace Hutchinson is declared dead by paramedics to the heartbreak of Mandy and Tony Hutchinson. (Final appearance of Grace Hutchinson)
  • 18th May - Max Cunningham proposes to Clare Devine, who rejects.
  • 19th May - Grace Hutchinson's funeral takes place. Clare Devine proposes to Max Cunningham, who accepts.
  • 30th May - Justin Burton is viciously attacked by Jake Dean when he discovers his affair with Becca Dean.
  • 2nd June - Joe Spencer's "funeral" takes place.
  • 8th June - Max Cunningham proposes to Clare Devine, who accepts.
  • 16th June - Mandy Hutchinson goes missing.
  • 19th June - Mercedes McQueen arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 20th June - The McQueen family move into 26 Leigh Road. (First appearance of Myra McQueen, Mercedes McQueen, Carmel McQueen, John Paul McQueen)
  • 21st June - Liz Burton moves to Colchester after her family decide to remain in the village. (Final appearance of the character)
  • 23rd June - The missing Mandy Hutchinson meets with Dom Reilly, telling him of her decision to leave the village. (Last appearance of Mandy until 2007)
  • 26th June - Warren Fox arrives and demands £100,000 off former friend Sean Kennedy since Warren spent 18 months abroad in prison because of Sean. (First appearance of Warren Fox)
  • 28th June - Sean Kennedy is left hospitalised after being attacked by Warren Fox.
  • 7th July - O.B. is arrested after Clare Devine frames him by planting drugs on him.
  • 10th July - Angela Cunningham arrives in the village for her son's wedding to Clare Devine. (First appearance of the character since 2004)
  • 11th July - Max Cunningham and Clare Devine marry. Max's mother, Angela, leaves the village after the ceremony. (Last appearance of Angela Cunningham until 2008)
  • 13th July - Sean Kennedy signs the Evissa over to Warren Fox before leaving the village. (Last appearance of the character until 2007)
  • 17th July - Mel and Sophie Burton meet the new owners of their home, the Valentine family. (First appearances of Calvin, Sonny and Sasha Valentine)
  • 20th July - Diane Valentine is killed after being struck by a van by Jake Dean. Jake panics and flees the scene. Foz arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 25th July - Jake Dean confesses to the hit-and-run on Diane Valentine. He is charged with causing death by dangerous driving, attempting to pervert the course of justice, failing to stop at an accident and failing to report an accident.
  • 26th July - The Dog in the Pond is burgled. Frankie Osborne is injured in the robbery.
  • 28th July - Diane Valentine's funeral takes place, which her ex-husband (and father of her three children) Leo Valentine arrives for. (First appearance of the character)
  • 31st July - Frankie Osborne discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 1st August - Sam Owen is left hospitalised after being attacked in prison.
  • 3rd August - Sam Owen breaks out of hospital after taking his sister, Nicole, hostage, and goes on the run.
  • 8th August - Frankie Osborne suffers a miscarriage.
  • 29th August - Jake Dean is sentenced to three months imprisonment for failing to stop and failing to report an accident, and attempting to pervert the course of justice, with his sentence being suspended for two years.
  • 30th August - Zak Ramsey returns to the village. (First appearance of the character since 2005)
  • 1st September - The new Hollyoaks Community College students, Zoe Carpenter, Kris Fisher and Will Hackett, arrive in the village. (First appearance of the characters)
  • 4th September - Russ Owen, Nicole Owen, Sophie Burton and Mel Burton are watched by an unknown stalker. Kay Price's body is discovered. Fred suffers a heart attack.
  • 5th September - Zak Ramsey collapses after suffering from alcohol poisoning from poor quality vodka purchased by Clare Cunningham.
  • 6th September - John Paul McQueen arrives in the village. (First appearance of the character)
  • 7th September - The mystery stalker is revealed to be Sam Owen, who holds his sister, Nicole, hostage in the flat.
  • 8th September - Sam Owen sets The Dog in the Pond alight after throwing petrol over the pub, and dropping the lighter upon having a glass smashed on his head by Calvin Valentine, causing an explosion. Sam hits O.B. in the head with a plank of wood to stop him from saving Sophie Burton. O.B. is later saved whilst Sam is killed after being crushed by rubble when the ceiling caves in, having been left to die by his brother, Russ. Joe Spencer and Olivia Johnson are killed in a second explosion, Mel Burton dies of her injuries in the fire, and Sophie later dies of smoke inhalation in Russ's arms. (Final appearances of Sam, Joe, Olivia, Mel & Sophie)
  • 14th September - Amy Barnes discovers that she is pregnant.
  • 18th September - Sam Owen and Mel and Sophie Burton's funerals take place.
  • 25th September - Carrie, Rob and Nicole Owen leave the village. Ben Davies is arrested on the suspicion of the murder of Kay Price. (Final appearances of Carrie and Rob, last appearance of Nicole until 2007)
  • 26th September - Jacqui McQueen surprises her family when she arrives in the village suddenly, having been released from prison a week early. (First appearance of the character)
  • 28th September - Justin Burton viciously attacks Kris Fisher, and is arrested.
  • 2nd October - Justin Burton proposes to Becca Dean, who accepts.
  • 9th October - Mickey Price is shot dead by Thommo. Ben Davies and Tank Top burn down a warehouse and find Mickey's body inside.
  • 18th October - Becca Dean is arrested for engaging in sexual activity with a minor when Justin Burton lies that he was of age fifteen when the sexual activity took place.
  • 30th October - Ste Hay causes a car accident whilst joyriding with Amy Barnes, Michaela McQueen, Josh Ashworth and Jamie Fletcher. Adam Tyler proposes to Millie Andrews, which she accepts.
  • 31st October - Josh Ashworth, Fletch and Michaela McQueen are arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle.
  • 1st November - Amy Barnes wakes from her coma.
  • 2nd November - Ste Hay is arrested on suspicion of taking a motor vehicle.
  • 3rd November - Josh Ashworth, Fletch, Amy Barnes and Michaela McQueen are sentenced to three month referral orders for taking a motor vehicle.
  • 10th November - Debbie Dean arrives as the mystery guest for the grand re-opening of The Dog in the Pond. (First appearance of the character since 2005)
  • 13th November - Debbie Dean leaves the village. (Final appearance of the character). Lisa Hunter takes an accidental drug overdose.
  • 21st November - Jacqui McQueen is arrested for breaking curfew.
  • 27th November - Max Cunningham suffers a heart attack after taking drugs. Adam Tyler is arrested for public indecency.
  • 4th December - Adam Tyler and Millie Andrews marry as do Precious and Troy.
  • 11th December - Adam Tyler is arrested on suspicion of having a relationship with underage Josh Jones.
  • 13th December - Justin Burton is beaten unconscious and kidnapped by an unknown attacker.
  • 15th December - Justin Burton's kidnapper is revealed to be Jake Dean.
  • 18th December - Debbie Clarke discovers she and Polly Clarke are not related as she meets her biological mother. Lisa Hunter is kidnapped. Troy is disowned by his family. Burton Phillips is viciously attacked by Troy. Polly Clarke commits suicide by overdosing. Ben Davies is shot by Lisa Hunter and dies from his injuries.
  • 20th December - Becca Dean is found guilty of engaging in sexual activity with a minor and is sentenced to up to two years imprisonment. She goes into labour after the sentencing.
  • 21st December - Becca Dean gives birth to her and Justin Burton's son. (First appearance of Charlie Dean)
  • 27th December - Clare Cunningham tricks Max Cunningham into believing that Tom Cunningham has fallen into a lake. Max, weakened after having his medication tampered by Clare, begins drowning as Clare watches on. O.B. arrives suddenly and floors Clare with a punch before getting Max out of the lake. Clare is later arrested for attempted murder.

Real life events[]

Cast changes[]


See also: Category:2006 debuts.

Number Character Actor Debut date
Mike Barnes Tony Hirst 9th January 2006
Michaela McQueen Hollie-Jay Bowes 13th February 2006
Sean Kennedy Matthew Jay Lewis 15th February 2006
Ste Hay Kieron Richardson 17th February 2006
Mercedes McQueen Jennifer Metcalfe 19th June 2006
Carmel McQueen Gemma Merna 20th June 2006
Myra McQueen Nicole Barber-Lane 20th June 2006
Tina McQueen Leah Hackett 20th June 2006
Warren Fox Jamie Lomas 26th June 2006
Calvin Valentine Ricky Whittle 17th July 2006
Sasha Valentine Nathalie Emmanuel 17th July 2006
Sonny Valentine Devon Anderson 17th July 2006
Foz Benjamin Hart 20th July 2006
Leo Valentine Brian Bovell 28th July 2006
Zoe Carpenter Zoë Lister 1st September 2006
Kris Fisher Gerard McCarthy 1st September 2006
Will Hackett Oliver Farnworth 1st September 2006
John Paul McQueen James Sutton 6th September 2006
Jacqui McQueen Claire Cooper 26th September 2006
Charlie Dean Joshua McConville 21st December 2006


See also: Category:2006 returns.

Number Character Actor Return date
Angela Cunningham Liz Stooke 10th July 2006
Ben Davies Marcus Patric 14th August 2006
Lisa Hunter Gemma Atkinson 14th August 2006
Zak Ramsey Kent Riley 30th August 2006
Debbie Dean Jodi Albert 10th November 2006


See also: Category:2006 departures.

Number Character Actor Departure date
Dannii Carbone Christina Baily 27th January 2006
Andy Holt Warren Brown 16th February 2006
Darlene Taylor Sarah Lawrence 24th February 2006
Cameron Clark Ben Gerrard 17th March 2006
Mark Jury Ash Newman March 2006
Grace Hutchinson Unknown 12th May 2006
Liz Burton Andrée Bernard 21st June 2006
Mandy Richardson Sarah Jayne Dunn 23rd June 2006
Jeremy Peterson Simon Cole July 2006
Angela Cunningham Liz Stooke 11th July 2006
Sean Kennedy Matthew Jay Lewis 13th July 2006
Mel Burton Cassie Powney 8th September 2006
Sophie Burton Connie Powney 8th September 2006
Olivia Johnson Rochelle Gadd 8th September 2006
Sam Owen Louis Tamone 8th September 2006
Joe Spencer Matt Milburn 8th September 2006
Carrie Owen Jaq Croft 25th September 2006
Nicole Owen Ciara Janson 25th September 2006
Rob Owen Dave Prosho 25th September 2006
Debbie Dean Jodi Albert 13th November 2006
Ben Davies Marcus Patric 13th December 2006
Lisa Hunter Gemma Atkinson 13th December 2006


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#1681 2nd January 2006
#1682 3rd January 2006
#1683 4th January 2006
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#1702 31st January 2006 Emma Ko Alan Grint
#1703 1st February 2006 Emma Ko Alan Grint
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#1711 13th February 2006 Maurice Bessman Daikin Marsh
Back From the Dead #01[1] 13th February 2006 Angela Corner Eddy Marshall
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Back From the Dead #02[1] 14th February 2006 Steven Fay Eddy Marshall
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Back From the Dead #03[1] 15th February 2006 Chris Gill Eddy Marshall
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#1721 27th February 2006 Nick West Craig Lines
#1722 28th February 2006 Anna Clements Craig Lines
#1723 1st March 2006 Darren Fairhurst Craig Lines
#1724 2nd March 2006 Josie Burke Jeff Naylor
#1725 3rd March 2006
#1726 6th March 2006 Simon Crowther Nicholas Ferguson
#1727 7th March 2006 Allan Swift Nicholas Ferguson
#1728 8th March 2006 Lucy Gough Nicholas Ferguson
#1729 9th March 2006 Maurice Bessman Sarah Walker
#1730 10th March 2006 Maurice Bessman Sarah Walker
#1731 13th March 2006
#1732 14th March 2006
#1733 15th March 2006
#1734 16th March 2006 Richard Burke Kate Robinson
#1735 17th March 2006 Steven Fay Kate Robinson
#1736 20th March 2006
#1737 21st March 2006
#1738 22nd March 2006
#1739 23rd March 2006
#1740 24th March 2006 Josie Burke David Richardson
#1741 27th March 2006 Emma Ko Alex Kirby
#1742 28th March 2006 Lucy Gough Alex Kirby
#1743 29th March 2006 Anna Clements Alex Kirby
#1744 30th March 2006 Nick Saltrese Alister Hallum
#1745 31st March 2006 Richard Burke Alister Hallum
#1746 3rd April 2006 Ian D. Fleming
#1747 4th April 2006 Darren Fairhurst Ian D. Fleming
#1748 5th April 2006 Steve Lawson Ian D. Fleming
#1749 6th April 2006 Chris Gill Tris Burns
#1750 7th April 2006 Steven Fay Tris Burns
#1751 10th April 2006 Maurice Bessman Daikin Marsh
#1752 11th April 2006 Anna Clements Daikin Marsh
#1753 12th April 2006 Arthur Ellison Daikin Marsh
#1754 13th April 2006 Angela Corner Craig Lines
#1755 14th April 2006 Craig Lines
#1756 17th April 2006 Adrian Vitoria
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#1758 19th April 2006 Barry Woodward Adrian Vitoria
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#1760 21st April 2006 Richard Burke Sarah Walker
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#1769 4th May 2006
#1770 5th May 2006
#1771 8th May 2006
#1772 9th May 2006
#1773 10th May 2006 Steven Fay Paul Murphy
#1774 11th May 2006 Angela Corner Nigel Keen
#1775 12th May 2006 Angela Corner Nigel Keen
#1776 15th May 2006 Emma Ko Pip Short
#1777 16th May 2006
#1778 17th May 2006
#1779 18th May 2006
#1780 19th May 2006 Darren Fairhurst Eddy Marshall
#1781 22nd May 2006
#1782 23rd May 2006
#1783 24th May 2006 Jane Marlow Alister Hallum
#1784 25th May 2006 Steven Fay Ian D Fleming
#1785 26th May 2006 Jessica Lea Ian D Fleming
#1786 29th May 2006 Simon Crowther Alan Grint
#1787 30th May 2006 Simon Crowther Alan Grint
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#1801 19th June 2006 Richard Burke Dušan Lazarević
#1802 20th June 2006
#1803 21st June 2006 Simon Crowther Dušan Lazarević
#1804 22nd June 2006
#1805 23rd June 2006
#1806 26th June 2006 Steven Fay Nicholas Ferguson
#1807 27th June 2006
#1808 28th June 2006
#1809 29th June 2006 Maurice Bessman Eddy Marshall
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#1813 5th July 2006
#1814 6th July 2006 Tracy Brabin Candida Scott Knight
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#1816 10th July 2006
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#1818 12th July 2006 Steve Lawson Ian D. Fleming
#1819 13th July 2006 Anna Clements Bruce Webb
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#1821 17th July 2006 Josie Burke Alister Hallum
#1822 18th July 2006
#1823 19th July 2006 Josie Burke Alister Hallum
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#1856 4th September 2006 Ian Pike Paul Murphy
#1857 5th September 2006 Angela Corner Paul Murphy
#1858 6th September 2006 Richard Burke Paul Murphy
#1859 7th September 2006
#1860 8th September 2006 Chris Gill Alan Grint
#1861 8th September 2006 Chris Gill Alan Grint
#1862 11th September 2006
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#1864 13th September 2006
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#1871 22nd September 2006
#1872 25th September 2006
#1873 26th September 2006
#1874 27th September 2006
#1875 28th September 2006
#1876 29th September 2006
#1877 2nd October 2006 Angela Corner David Richardson
#1878 3rd October 2006 Nick Saltrese David Richardson
#1879 4th October 2006 Tony Green David Richardson
#1880 5th October 2006 Jane Marlow David Richardson
#1881 6th October 2006 Nick West Tim Hopewell
#1882 9th October 2006 Richard Burke Tim Hopewell
#1883 10th October 2006 Anna Clements Tim Hopewell
#1884 11th October 2006 Simon Crowther Tim Hopewell
#1885 12th October 2006 Perrie Balthazar Tim Hopewell
#1886 13th October 2006 Marc Starbuck Penny Shales
#1887 16th October 2006
#1888 17th October 2006 Steven Fay Penny Shales
#1889 18th October 2006 Steven Fay Penny Shales
#1890 19th October 2006 Barry Woodward Penny Shales
#1891 20th October 2006 Anna Clements Ali Turnbull
#1892 23rd October 2006 Maurice Bessman Ali Turnbull
#1893 24th October 2006 Marc Starbuck Ali Turnbull
#1894 25th October 2006 Lyn Papadopoulos Ali Turnbull
#1895 26th October 2006 Steven Fay Ali Turnbull
#1896 27th October 2006 Angela Corner Eddy Marshall
#1897 30th October 2006 Barry Woodward David Kester
#1898 31st October 2006 Jane Marlow David Kester
#1899 1st November 2006 Mariam Vossough David Kester
#1900 2nd November 2006 Tracy Brabin David Kester
#1901 3rd November 2006 Mark Bickerton David Kester
#1902 6th November 2006 Richard Burke Alister Hallum
#1903 7th November 2006 Nick West Alister Hallum
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#1905 9th November 2006 Ian Pike Alister Hallum
#1906 10th November 2006 Steve Lawson Alister Hallum
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#1914 22nd November 2006 Mariam Vossough Damien Goodwin
#1915 23rd November 2006 Mark P. Holloway David Holroyd
#1916 24th November 2006 Chris Gill David Holroyd
#1917 27th November 2006 Chris Gill Dušan Lazarević
#1918 28th November 2006 Kim Millar Dušan Lazarević
#1919 29th November 2006
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#1921 1st December 2006
#1922 4th December 2006
#1923 5th December 2006
#1924 6th December 2006
#1925 7th December 2006
#1926 8th December 2006
#1927 11th December 2006
#1928 12th December 2006
#1929 13th December 2006
#1930 14th December 2006
#1931 15th December 2006
#1932 18th December 2006
#1933 19th December 2006
#1934 20th December 2006
#1935 21st December 2006
#1936 22nd December 2006 Chris Gill Michael Buffong
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#1938 27th December 2006 Paul Coates Scott Mann
#1939 28th December 2006 Mark Bickerton Scott Mann
#1940 28th December 2006 Angela Corner Scott Mann
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